Joseph Prince - Believe Right And See Your Youth Renewed

        People have gone to great extremes to retain their youth. But as children of God, we have a better and surer way: Simply believe right, and we will see our youth renewed! Join Joseph Prince as he shares from Scripture how to walk by faith and enjoy the Lord’s promise of youth renewal in your life. Experience divine health and strength fill your body when you begin to: • Fill your heart with faith pictures of youthfulness from God’s Word. • Speak forth what God says about you instead of what you see in yourself. • Stop speaking the world’s language of death and decay. • Grow in the same spirit of faith that Caleb from the Bible had, which caused him to receive power and boldness to walk in God’s purposes for him at 85 years old. Start renewing your mind according to God’s infallible Word, and you’ll experience the same (or even greater) life and health than you had in the days of your youth! Get the full message at: -