These are notes on the sermon, The Cure to a Dissatisfied Life, preached by Pastor Joseph Prince on Sunday, 26 June 2023, at The Star Performing Arts Centre, Singapore. We hope these sermon notes will be an encouragement to you!

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  1. Trying to earn God’s blessings can cause bitterness and resentment in our lives
  2. When you complain, you remain. But when you praise, you arise from your troubles!
  3. Thankfulness unlocks God’s grace in all areas of our lives
  4. What you honor and give thanks for, you cause to increase
  5. Transform your life with a grateful heart

Trying to earn God’s blessings can cause bitterness and resentment in our lives

God desires for us to be beneficiaries of His blessings. His heart is to provide for us. Rather than us feeling the need to strive to provide for ourselves, God wants to be the one to bless and provide for us. Just as He placed Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden to enjoy a finished creation (Gen. 2:15–17), God’s desire is for us to enjoy the blessings He has already prepared for us. Our part is just to freely receive them.

We get to enjoy these blessings not because we deserve them through our own works or merits but because of the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through Him, we have received grace and mercy and “all spiritual blessings” (Rom. 5:17, Eph. 1:3).

However, the enemy is trying to deceive us into thinking that we need to work and earn these blessings. Back in the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve fell because they believed the lie from the serpent that they were lacking and had to be something they were not. Today, the enemy is using the same tactics, blinding us to our true identities as sons and daughters of God. As a result, we find many believers striving to keep the law, trying to earn their righteousness and work for their blessings that have already been provided for them through our Lord Jesus’ finished work at the cross.

When we continually strive to earn God’s blessings in our lives, we end up perceiving these blessings as entitlements we deserve. This could manifest in our relationships where we take our loved ones for granted or even place certain demands on them because we think it’s a right we deserve. And instead of appreciating them for what they do for us, we end up finding fault with them and complaining. We might also find ourselves dissatisfied with our lives because we keep comparing our lives with others, feeling that we deserve better or more than what we actually have.

Pastor Prince cautions against this spirit of entitlement as it can result in resentment, bitterness, and anger. Instead, he encourages us to cultivate a spirit of grace by having a heart of thanksgiving and practicing gratitude in our daily lives.

When you complain, you remain. But when you praise, you arise from your troubles!

As we go through life and experience challenges or difficult circumstances, our natural tendency can be to complain. Many of us think that complaining is a “small” thing or a “natural” response to the hiccups we face in life. But the Bible warns us of the dangers of complaining:

“Nor complain, as some of them also complained, and were destroyed by the destroyer.
—1 Corinthians 10:10 NKJV

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.
—1 Peter 5:8 NKJV

Notice how 1 Peter 5:8 says that the enemy goes around seeking whom he may devour. He isn’t able to just devour any of us. But when we complain, we become susceptible to the attacks of the enemy!

Complaining also causes us to remain in trouble. The Hebrew translation for the word “complain” is “lûn,” which also means to “spend the night.” This means that when we complain, it is akin to us spending all night or abiding in our troubles.

Because complaining has such adverse effects on our lives, it griefs God when we complain. We see an example of this in Numbers 21. Even though the children of Israel had experienced God’s miracles and provision all through their exodus journey out of Egypt, they soon forgot His faithfulness and kept murmuring, even speaking against God. Their complaints and lack of faith in God’s heart for them not only grieved Him so much, but also allowed fiery serpents to come in amongst the Israelites. And we know that many of them were bitten and eventually died.

Instead of complaining, we can choose to give thanks for what God has already done for us. For example, even if we are going through a health situation, we can still give thanks for the rest of our bodies that are still healthy. And when we choose to praise, we will arise victoriously!

Thankfulness unlocks God’s grace in all areas of our lives

Being thankful is not just a good or polite thing to do; there is a transformative power in thanksgiving.

Before we go into the power of thanksgiving, let’s look at the consequences when we do lose our sense of thankfulness:

“For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their reasonings, and their senseless hearts were darkened.”
—Romans 1:21 NASB

As a result of their lack of gratitude, the people’s hearts were darkened, and their reasonings, that is their thought processes, became futile. And these paved the way for more moral degradation.

On the other hand, as believers, we receive the power to reign over every challenge and sinful habit in our lives when we receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness that our Lord Jesus has wrought for us through His finished work at the cross (Rom. 5:17). And we honor the Lord by giving Him thanks for His sacrifice. When we freely receive His finished work for us with a spirit of thanksgiving, we unlock His grace and unmerited favor in every area of our lives.

What you honor and give thanks for, you cause to increase

Our Lord Jesus demonstrated the power of thanksgiving in the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000.

When we think of this story, most of us would remember that our Lord Jesus multiplied the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish (a boy’s lunch) and fed 5,000 men, not including women and children.

But let’s look at what the Holy Spirit sees:

“The day following, when the people which stood on the other side of the sea saw that there was none other boat there, save that one whereinto his disciples were entered, and that Jesus went not with his disciples into the boat, but that his disciples were gone away alone; (Howbeit there came other boats from Tiberias nigh unto the place where they did eat bread, after that the Lord had given thanks.)
—John 6:22–23 KJV

Even though our Lord Jesus performed such a wonderful miracle, it was His act of thanksgiving that pleased God! So much so that when recounting the same story, the Holy Spirit described the miracle as the event where Jesus fed the multitude with bread after He had given thanks! His focus was not on the miracle Jesus had done but on the Lord’s act of thanksgiving and worship.

From this passage of Scripture, we can see that:

a) God delights in our thanksgiving, and

b) we experience God’s blessings in an even greater measure when we honor and give thanks for what He has already given us. Our Lord Jesus did not despise what was given to Him. He did not see the impossible demand placed on Him to feed the multitude with a young boy’s lunch. Instead, saw the supernatural supply in His Father’s kingdom. And so He gave thanks to His Father for His provision and saw a huge multiplication!

What is it that you need today? Whether it’s a health challenge or a financial situation, don’t complain about the seeming lack you see. Give thanks for even the “little” that you have, and trust that God will cause a huge increase in your life!

Transform your life with a grateful heart

Studies have shown that gratitude can improve our mental and physical health. When we respond with thanksgiving, It can lead to reduced levels of depression, lower blood pressure, and even improved sleep quality.

More importantly, we ought to give thanks because it is the will of God for us!

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
—1 Thessalonians 5:18 NKJV

Regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in, whether good or bad times, God wants us to keep a heart of gratitude because, ultimately, it is for our benefit.

Some of us might wonder, “How can I give thanks when all I see are problems around me?” Just like how Caleb saw the giants in the promised land and called them bread (Num. 14:9), we can choose to see our problems as bread that will nourish and strengthen us. This is how we can keep a posture of thanksgiving regardless of the seasons we go through!

So my friend, make it a habit to appreciate what you have, and give thanks for the goodness that you see in your life and around you. You not only please your heavenly Father, but you also set yourself up for increase and better physical and mental health!

We hope these sermon notes blessed you! If they did, we encourage you to get the sermon and allow the Lord to speak to you personally as you watch or listen to it.

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Look at all the advertisements that you watch in between

your movies or shows or whatever you're watching

on social media or on TV.

You'll find that ever so often, you get bombarded

with this message:

"You deserve this perfume."

"You're worth this."

"You deserve this break."

then they show a vacation, "You deserve that."

then they show all kinds of dresses.

"You deserve this!"

Wow, like really slimline...

the latest technology in this car,

and cars are so expensive nowadays.

It's like everything is: "You deserve it."

"You deserve it, you deserve it."

"You deserve it, you are worth it."

"You deserve it."

See, the constant bombardment that "you deserve it"

creates a social order of people that become...

I'm not talking about Singapore alone, I'm talking about the whole world,

I'm speaking generally right now.

You know what it does when it tells you: "you deserve it"?

Then finally you feel like, "I should get what I long deserve."

And when you get it, you are not grateful.

Why should you be grateful when you deserve it?

It creates angry, resentful people.

And I'm telling you— I have lived for some time now,

I can tell you this.

Compared to what it was before around the world,

I'm speaking generally, not Singapore alone,

I'm speaking generally all over the world,

a lot of angry people!

Where did all this come from?

Angry, angry because

they feel that they're not getting what they...deserve.

At home, family breaks down and things like that,

it's because: "I'm not getting what I deserve."

"I thought when I married you, I would get this."

Do you know why?

"Because this good life is what I deserve."

We forget grace,

and interestingly, the word "grace"

is also the word in the Greek "Grace" or "Charis"

is also the word for thanks!

So we forget to say thanks.

We don't say "thank you" to our loved ones anymore, alright?

We always say it mechanically. We're not grateful deep down.

We should be grateful. I'm grateful for all of you.

I'm grateful to be in a church like this.

I'm grateful I got my pastors who are my dear friends.

I'm grateful for every one of them. I really am.

I'm grateful for my family, and they are gifts from God.

But if I feel that I deserve them,

I deserve my son, I deserve my daughter...

No, it's a gift from God!

And you know what?

You don't get to be with them forever.

You should thank God!

For your health, but you see, "I got this pain here, Pastor Prince,"

but you are 90% healthy, do you thank God for that?

Do you thank God?

There are people who can't even walk,

flat on their back.

We complain for small pain, for small aches, and so much of us.

What happens when you thank God for that 90%

of your body that is healthy?

Is there a principle that says, if you thank God for

something good, it will increase?

You all know this. I've taught about this before.

Come on, when you thank God for something good, it multiplies!

When you thank God for something good,

it's something that He has done, supplied,

and it even increases.

And one thing you need to teach your children is this:

Say "thank you," and it's okay.

The world will say, "Oh, you're manipulating your children."

"What do they have for our kids?

It's your kids. Not theirs, alright?

Just tell your kids,

"You complain, you will remain."

But if you thank God, if you appreciate

what you have, it will multiply.

Now, most of your children, they are very sad because

tomorrow school starts, right?

I know, I have a young boy too.

What he woke up to realize is that school is around the corner.

He thought there's one more week. Somehow we didn't pass the news.

The news didn't get transmitted to him until just yesterday.

He thought it was one more week.

Can you imagine not knowing until yesterday?

"There is not, you gotta get ready."

Then I walk around and say,

Father, I thank you for the privilege of school."

Father, I thank you that there are many children

in the world who cannot even go to school to learn.

Thank you, Father, that we go to school

not just to pass tests, but to learn, where so many

children want to learn.

And I say in front of him, "Thank you, Father God."

And of course, Wendy is saying, "Amen, amen."

"Father, thank you for the good canteen, Lord,

where they sell good food.

I thank you for great friends in school where we have fun together.

Lord, thank you, Father, for school. Thank you for school. Hallelujah.

And then I walk away.

You gotta model it sometimes.

Don't expect them to be the ones saying those words, right?

You have to model it.

And then I felt like he was much better.

Yeah, by nighttime, he was like looking forward,

like things were fine.

And I feel that of all the traits that we can manifest towards God,

the one that he's most pleased with,

like, imagine salvation!

Being saved from eternal torment and destruction.

It's all received by grace through faith.

Yes, but how do you express it? Thank you.

If somebody prays like this, "God, please save me."

"God, please save me. Please, please, please, please."

"I beg you. I know I'm very evil."

"I'm very so, please, please, save me." I doubt his salvation. Why?

There's no thank you. He is not receiving.

Imagine me, I gave you a ten-dollar note and I said,

"Please, please, please, please, give me." Take it.

"Please, please, please. Pastor Prince."

"Please, please," Take it!

"Please, please, please, please, please. I beg you."

"I know I'm not worthy, Pastor, but..." Please take it.

How will I know that he will take it?

What gives me joy is when he takes it and says what?

"Thank you." That gives me joy. That means I know it's been received.

And sometimes when people say,

"No, no, no, no," to your gift, right?

And finally, to say thank you, that thank you is not so real

because they feel like they're not worthy of it.

You know, like, we feel that we're not worthy of something.

We don't deserve it.

You're like husband and wife on holiday, you know?

We don't deserve this beautiful scenery,

being in this place and all that.

Then a wife turns to him and says, "Since when do we deserve anything?"

Everything is by grace through faith.

What's man's position?

But I want to focus on this.

What's man's position?




Praise, that's all God wants.

Think about it, all that Jesus did,

the beatings, scourging, crushing, pressing,

spitting, and crucifixion, all the blood and gore

and everything He went through...

can be received by a simple "thank you."

It's not received by working, it's not received by performing,

it's received by a simple "Thank you, Lord."

they shall run and not be weary they shall walk and not faint and I really believe it's not just spiritual strength yes for sure every time you spend time with the Lord You're Gonna gain spiritual strength but let's not take away that part you'll run and not be weary you're walking not faint something that even young people may not have it's something that he's saying the strength that you have will Outlast your full strength many of them get tired long before you get tired amen so there is a place in God and he wants to restore your strength even right now in Jesus name he wants to restore your strain their people right now you've grown more fatigue more tired more often than you should and you know it it's happened to your body feel like the Lord wants to address this and he wants to do it right now he wants to touch you if that's okay with you praise the Lord he wants to cause you to receive that infusion of strength amen praise the Lord you know I tell you church I've experienced that many many times and I can just go on and on and on and on I can be talking to my pastors and even after the surveys I can go on until 3am and they leave me at 3am is that true guys and this happened not just once it's happened throughout it's not as if the whole night I'm quiet I'm paying son now I'm talking all the time right that's the strength I feel I feel like a chair lying upon and I feel that strength even right now amen and I know that's for preaching as well because you can don't just preach spiritually You Preach with physical strength the anointing is first but there must be a spiritual strength with people or people can find on this Earth until Jesus comes so people he wants to heal you right now if you're suffering from that fatigue constant chronic fatigue in the name of Jesus receive that strength from the Lord in the name of the Lord Jesus and they are sunk some people with physical conditions as hindering that strength and that the infusion of strength from taking place because of that physical organic disease and I see I see a heart condition that is like impeded in its uh blood movement and it costs you some pain I think they call it angina pains and God is healing you right now some of you are feeling warmed those of you have experienced angina pains before you are feeling warm right now as I speak in the name of Jesus that's a sign your blood is Flowing right into your body your wrist your heart your heart right into your heart your heart is receiving the oxygen aren't you glad take a deep breath praise the Lord and it says in the Bible wait on the Lord and He Shall strengthen thine heart it's there in the word wait on the Lord and He Shall strengthen thine heart amen someone experience a heart attack actually this year and in the name of Jesus I speak to your heart right now I command that that blockage to be removed in the name of the Lord Jesus I speak life wholeness and health to your heart in the name of Jesus amen amen amen amen receive it now I'm pointing to this side here on the left if there's someone who experience uh you know uh this year you experience a heart condition or whatever and that there's been an episode there you may feel free to put up your hand if you want amen and receive a more specific prayer if that is you just raise your hand okay just raise your hand you had an incident this year you okay only those with the hand asking hot hot Foundation what is that again I had three arteries 100 you found out about this it was 95 off and that third one was 95 block I was walking around for six months then you didn't know it I didn't know it until this year until I went for uh another checkup for something else [Music] if you play back that video just now my hand was going inside and and I was praying and I believe that the spirit of God is singling him out is anybody else besides a brother here anybody else is there anyone else before I start praying is anyone else you've been diagnosed with that okay if not if a pastor oh sorry is in the dark I couldn't see it wave wave higher please yo okay I see you now okay so can I get a pastor to uh stand by them okay we need one more pasta over here Pastor Henry over here thank you Lord let's pray father in Jesus name I pray for this precious Brothers in the name of the Lord Jesus father you are aware of their condition Lord but if one fell swooped by the power of the Holy Spirit everything can change thank you fathers not by might not by human power but by the spirit and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I speak right now to all the blockages in their hearts to be removed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and I speak Life Health healing blood and oxygen to flow freely into their hearts no more blockage grundam Lord a brand new Young Heart even now in the name of Jesus I ask amen [Music] amen heart that a strong heart vigorous heart in Jesus name and I pray father you remove every fear of death fear of impending death in the name of Jesus from your life amen Hallelujah you will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord amen now if you are suffering from any other area whatever just put your hand in that area even it's a like a liver or whatever just put your hand over the side amen that region and in the name of Jesus right now father I mentioned liver because there are people with liver conditions and you got prom with your liver enzyme is down and I see like I see the word liver enzyme and God is healing you of that condition right now your doctor used the word liver enzyme on you whoever you are you are that person God is healing you right now again not by might not by power but by his Spirit be healed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ amen fatty liver the fat be removed in the name of the Lord Jesus I speak Life Health and wholeness to your liver in the name of the Lord Jesus I speak restoration of a liver enzyme to his to his normalcy in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and I speak Life Health to every pancreas that is Afflicted and disease in the name of the Lord Jesus I command your pancreas sisters that create the proper amount of insulin for life and health in the name of Jesus amen praise the Lord praise the Lord praise the Lord next one I want to pray for people with uh chronic forgetfulness now I say chronic because he's becoming becoming worse and worse and it seems that you forget uh things a lot more and if that's your concern right now God is just telling me he wants to heal your brain you know in naturally medically they say your brain shrinks more and more as you age all right my Father in Heaven says he will supply your needs according to his riches in glory so it won't be an Earthly means it will supply from Heaven your brain will become bigger and bigger amen let's believe God for that praise the Lord put your hand on your head amen also Lawrence put your hand spread your hand on your head now in the name of Jesus father I asked Lord that you restore our brain in all its functions father heal all our memory faculties Lord in our brain long-term memory short-term memory father grant us Lord I pray in the name of Jesus the functioning the the proper functioning Lord of our brain in all its expects and father you know the sign says we're only using 10 of our brain father let this be the generation that uses more than 10 of their brains in the name of Jesus father let our brains come alive as we dozed Lord we're advancing in their years father in the name of Jesus I pray that none of them will fall into Dementia or Alzheimer in the name of Jesus father I pray that you make them living examples a lot of people in the advanced age Lord with Perfect Memory Lord with perfect recall Lord strong Keen memory Hallelujah in Jesus name receive it amen praise the Lord hallelujah not now praise the Lord give him the glory and the praise amen believe it [Music] amen amen praise the Lord and from now on just watch what you say don't don't keep on saying I'm getting old or if you forget oh you know loudly out okay don't don't say things like that okay okay life and death isn't the power of the tongue amen and uh just one one more thing if you're having pain in your body right now there's some of these conditions you can only find after some time okay you go back to the doctor after examination or whatever they can tell that you are healed amen some of you whatever is just you just put up your hands right because you believe in prevention right but some of you are experiencing pain now and I want you to place your hand on that area okay you're gonna see in the name of Jesus a demonstration where pain leaves right now amen place your hand there if you have pain right now place your hand in the area whether it's caused by an organic trouble or whether it's forced by a demon whether it's caused by whatever it is amen place your hand there right now now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I rebuke that pain to all its root causes in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ pain be gone with the disease out of that body in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ [Music] must remember to prove my voice check your bodies now praise the Lord check your bodies now for those with pain you have pain just now if the pain is gone do a big wave okay it's a big room so do a big wave all right big yes yes all the way a few doors at the back amen my eyesight is getting better and better but it's dark so do a big way phrase a lot can you see all those hands and doors in front here you can look behind there or the camera then pen where I'm pointing look at all these precious hands there's a lot of people on the left side receiving healing I don't know why on the right side he said I know one brother is raving his hand amen the left side but Jesus put the goats on the left side in the parable I'm just teasing amen okay let's let's hear the test paper so we have a brother here he had a pain in his left knee but he has felt that the pain is gone oh how long you had that condition uh actually I uh tore my ligament so it has been quite chronic so right now I can actually bend my knees with this step aside uh where Mr Lawrence is and just move your knee there was the knee you throw it during Sports wow now you can go up and play again hallelujah praise the Lord okay anyone else any other testimony real quick for a while pastors they're getting okay over there hijun is it Yes master hi Pastor I was having some pain in my as we were doing worship and I didn't understand why but I knew that you were going to pray and Minister over it and as you utter that prayer that pain went away praise the Lord ah praise the Lord praise God yeah you see this kind of condition we can't tell whether it's you know it's organic or whatever it is but whatever it is it's gone amen some things are caused by internal disease all right and that also when the pain goes is a sign that condition is healed okay let's hear the testimony here then let's go on hi Pastor uh this lady also had the same condition as the previous person where her finger was pain and a trigger finger and now it's no pain and she can move without pain how long you had this quite a while a few months so when you do this you feel pain last time that is trigger it triggers the pain no yes now the pain is gone but 80 the trigger the one country girl this trigger finger the trigger finger oh trick wow don't mess around with her that's what I thought the finger triggered the pain the movement you got trigger finger wow don't mess around okay so the Lord has healed you praise the Lord hallelujah amen now sometimes there's rheumatoid arthritis that's a bad condition okay um but uh people's hands cannot even moving can become just like that so you might think the small thing is a finger thing but I'm telling you the lord loves okay and cares his numbers hairs on your head amen praise the Lord anybody else over here yeah go ahead go ahead just go ahead Pastor on the second level right on them okay second level right in the middle pasta like with Peter he is visiting from Bali from Bali and also friends of Pastor there is Joseph Prince all right so I've got a hnp a pinched nerve a bulging this in my C5 C6 and C7 a bulging disc this yeah and a pinch nephew yes and I always have that since 2016 and always got pain in my shoulder and my necks and uh when you when you pray about it and then when you're talking about pain and I felt that pains goes away it's not completely healed it's not completely wash away but I feel much better now and thank God that it's happened thank you Pastor Joseph Prince for praying praise the Lord praise the Lord and I believe it shall be well definitely if you find that healing has begun I believe before the day is over you had the complete healing ah man amen thank you one more time one more one more testimony yes over here right in front here okay another finger pain yeah so I I have osteoarthritis on four of my fingers the last one is the most painful I saw a hand surgeon yesterday he said there's no cure he told me to take some collagen as supplement but when you pray for a pain when I remove I'm wearing something to support that when I removed that that was still pain but by faith I just declare that I I want this this healing and now there's no pain even when I press on it there's nothing wow a specialist for that and uh four of your fingers is it four or four fingers the right thing your right hand left and right yeah yeah praise the Lord amen I thank God for that healing in Jesus name praise God so one sister shooting finger the other one Arrow all right y'all don't mess around with them okay can we have one more testimony how about that uh I have been having this pain on my finger for a past couple of weeks actually I was looking forward to see you Pastor Prince I've been listening to your messages every morning and when I heard you were on leave I was a bit disappointed okay never mind if you said because of time tell us what happened to you and uh I said You Prayed I the pain has gone praise the Lord praise the Lord thank you Jesus thanks for sharing sister I hope you're not disappointed okay I'm now here okay and uh there's one down there right yeah go ahead go ahead yes Pastor we'll give a chance our sister had a left leg pain for the last two months she couldn't walk up the steps couldn't walk down uh Can't Ban can't even turn but now she can turn and she can even ban and most of the pain is gone oh can you bend over there [Music] praise the Lord thank you Jesus let's see let's get praise and the gun amen you may be seated praise the Lord okay let's dive right into the word huh we always want to cherish the time to allow the Lord to feed to touch to cleanse and to heal all right every service we Endeavor to do that whether it is a session like that where we have the movement of the the Holy Spirit through his gifts or through the preaching of the word God's intent is always to restore to heal or to transform amen so on your part always remember that you've been hearing that sermon for the past few weeks amen the importance of hearing the word of God and really our part as humans amen and and in terms of our relationship with God God wants us so much to be the recipient the beneficiary if you would God wants to be the one doing the one working the one blessing the one giving but man in his pride and that goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden instead of accepting and receiving all a finished work that God has given to Adam and Eve in the garden that Eden God made everything for them God made them last God made them the best creation God prepared everything for them and then God gave them the whole Garden of Eden which don't think for one moment is only a small garden like you see a garden in someone's house this is the entire Earth amen and they were the beneficiaries would you call that an overwhelming Supply so that part is just this very simple enjoy receive enjoy what God has given but man refuse of course the snake was possessed by Satan and though the woman listened to snake thought modding then God right and then fell why was the essence of the Fall you you don't have everything from God you need to become take this fruit and you will be actually they are already Sons and Daughters of God when you think about it the devil tells them to try to be what you already are and that is still the problem today A lot of people are gonna do more they want to do this do that because deep down they have a wrong belief amen whilst we are being accused of preaching that you are the righteousness of God in Christ you are completing Christ or you are saying that people don't have to do anything no they do but they proceed from the right basis we start at the finishing post we don't start from the starting point you are complete in Christ now walk in that completeness you are the righteousness of God in Christ now you can walk out that righteousness amen but should you fall should you fail doesn't change the fact you are still the righteousness of God in Christ and forever more God does not see you in the flesh God sees you in the spirit Romans 8 you are not in the flesh but in the spirit God always always in the spirit and for us the flesh is so real we feel it we sense it we we know the sinful inclinations that that try to get at us every day the uprising of temper the uprising of irritability and things like that that's the flesh how can you say my flesh is dead when I feel it so strong and yet God Almighty says reckon it did because it is dead he was crucified with Christ at the cross and God says I don't see you in it in other words God says I don't see you in the flesh isn't that good news I see you in the spirit again Romans 8 you are not in the flesh but in the spirit you are not under law but under grace you are not on condemnation ground but on favor ground therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ by home also we have access by faith into this favor in which we stand so forevermore we are on favor ground does that mean that we won't make mistakes no we won't make mistakes amen does that mean that we won't sin no this is not uh sinless Perfection amen that will only be true when we see Jesus face to face and receive a brand new body but nonetheless God will never see you in the flesh understand that now I didn't say there's no more sin in the flesh all right but I say God will never see you in the flesh God sees you in the spirit and he wants you to reckon that can you imagine if if ever that Revelation drops in your heart that's how God sees me go check it out in in Romans 8. it's not saying sometimes you're in the flesh sometimes you're in the spirit no yes sometimes you walk after the flesh sometimes you walk after the spirit but you are not In the Flesh where you are in whether you walk after it or not is a different thing whether you live like it or not it's a different thing we're talking about walking we're talking about reality in God's eyes you are never In the Flesh you are in the spirit amen so men's fro is just a receive you know God wants you to be full of Thanksgiving in other words the attitude to have is what Thanksgiving amen if you think about it salvation Jesus did everything why would God almighty God almighty right I mean like a CEO of company why should he be the one who to make the coffee for the guest that comes to his office why should he be vacuuming the floor why should he be running uh printing um you know uh extra copies for the for the for the client or the guest that came to his oh he directs people to do things right but in our case God almighty God became flesh and dwelt Among Us and finally laid down his life at the cross for us all we don't deserve any of this in fact after we sin you know we as a human race you know what we deserve we deserve hell we deserve to be eliminated from this Earth that God has given us but what does he give us what does he give us no I'm talking now generally not just for Christians what he gives to Christians generally he gives the people sometimes even Sinners you see God gives them long lives some of them many of them in fact beautiful families amen God give them successful careers yes we know what the prophets of man gains the whole world but lose his soul but I'm saying that God still blesses them amen although we deserve all of us we deserve hell we deserve to be eliminated from this Earth but what do we get we get his grace we get his Mercy he sent his son to love us and to deal with the sin problem because the sin problem with the thing that's blocking our relationship with God the initiated didn't come from men it came from God God sent his son while we were still sinners Christ died for us amen I mean who would give up his son I will not give Justine for any of you no matter what you do for me or for anyone else would you give up your son for a sinner for the most wicked person that ever lived and God did it not for good people for Sinners God gave up his son and his son died on the cross bearing all our sins he who knew no sin became sin for us whose sin was that he was carrying your sins my sins and he died for us so that we can become the righteousness of God in Christ amen he was raised from the dead as a proclamation that the very sins that he bore which is our sins as a testament to all of us so that when we see him rise from the dead that means what it's all paid for amen how do you know that the the sentence has been served when a criminal goes into prison how do you know that it is Finnish his sentence is done there's no more condemnation for him in his future when when does that happen when he comes out of prison and you get the tofu ready you get the all the food ready right when he comes out that means what there's no more condemnation in his future the sentence is serves there's no condemnation for you and I not because right God says okay I just choose not to give your condemnation no it's because Jesus was condemned in our place the sentence has been served but how do you and I know and don't forget the sentence was served at the cross but he didn't deserve it so whose sentence was he being judged under being condemned under your sentence in mind am I right so what happens to him should interest us because when he was on the cross he was there as us for us representing us are you with me so it should interest us then is it fully paid because I have a stick interest in this is my sins that he's caring how you know that it is accomplished when God raised him from the dead the same body that took our sins that was crucified at the cross rose from the dead without our sins that's what the Bible says having purged our sins he sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high Hallelujah I can go hombre amen so what's man's position but I want to focus on this what's man's position thankfulness thankfulness gratitude praise that's all God wants you think about it all this that Jesus did all the beating discouraging the crushing the pressing the spitting and all the crucifixion all the blood and the glory and everything that he went through can be received by a simple thank you it's not received by working it's not received by performing it's received by a simple thank you Lord and makes you what grateful but man does not want to be in a position of gratitude they want to deserve everything that they have it's back to the sin of the garden they want to become I know God I I want to do this I want to do it that's why the Bible says we are no more under the law because we don't attempt to keep the law because we we work out that Holiness in us we work out that righteousness that we are in Christ amen but where has been you try to keep something it is saying that you're not there are you with me so far this constant working constant performing constant you know is is taking a stall even physically and mentally on Modern people today you find that there's you know we have all the latest uh AI we have GPT we're simply more advanced in technology and there's still failure they're still um you know no matter how you create an AI can never match a human brain I'll tell you that yeah the way discernment for example no matter how much you know knowledge you program into the AI is as good as the one programming as good as the information you cannot go beyond that for us God gives us discernment and wisdom now the position is what position gratitude thank God and I think that this quality right is more and more lost you know why because all the advertisements that you watch in between uh your you know movies or your shows or whatever you're watching on social media or uh you know on TV or whatever you you'll find that ever so often you get you get bombarded with this message you deserve this perfume you did you're worth this you deserve this break then the show uh vacation you deserve that then they show you all kinds of dress you know uh you deserve this well you know like really uh um Slimline the latest technology in this car and cars are so expensive nowadays and and you know it's like everything is you know like you deserve it you deserve it you deserve it you deserve it you are worth it you deserve it see the constant bomb Batman that you deserve it creates a a social order of people that become I'm not my Singapore alone I'm talking about the whole world I'm speaking generally right now you know you know what it does mean it tells you you deserve it then finally you feel like I should get what I long deserve and when you get it you are not grateful why should you be grateful when you deserve it it creates angry resentful people and I'm telling you the world that I have lived for some time now I can tell you this compared to what it was before around the world I'm thinking generally not Singapore alone speaking generally all over the world a lot of angry people where did all this come from angry angry because they feel that they're not getting what they at home family breaks down and things like that is because you know I'm not getting what I is a I thought when I married you I will get this you know why because this good life is what I deserve we forget Grace and interestingly the word grace is also the word in the great great Charis is also the word for thanks so we forget to say thanks we don't say thank you to our loved ones anymore all right always say it mechanically we're not grateful deep down we should be grateful I'm grateful for all of you I'm grateful to be in a church like this I'm grateful I got my pastors who are my dear friends I'm grateful for every one of them I really am I'm grateful for my family and there are gifts from God but if I feel that I deserve them I deserve my son I deserve my daughter no it's a gift from God and you know what you don't get to be with them forever you should thank God oh your health but you see I got this pain here you know about the prince but 90 of Health do you thank God for that do you thank God there are people who also I couldn't even walk laid back We complain for small pain for small eggs there's so much of us what happened when you thank God for that 90 of your body that's healthy is there a principle that says you thank God for something good it will increase you all know this apart on this before come on you thank God for something good it multiplies you thank God for something good it's been something that he has done he has supplied and it even increases and one thing you need to teach your children is this say thank you and it's okay the world will say oh you're manipulating your children are like what answers do they have for our kids it's your kids not theirs all right just tell your kids you complain you complain you will remain but if you thank God you appreciate what you have you will multiply now most of your children they are very sad because tomorrow school starts right I know I got a young boy also what he woke up to realize that school is around the corner he thought there's one more week somehow we didn't pass the news the news got didn't get transmitted to him until just yesterday he thought it was one more week can you imagine knowing until yesterday there is not you gotta get ready then I walk around and say father I thank you for the privilege of school father thank you that there are many children in the world who cannot even go to school to learn thank you Father that we go to school not just to pass tests Lord but to learn Lord which so many children want to learn and I say in front of him thank you Father God and of course Wendy is saying amen amen father I thank you for good canteen slot where they sell good food I thank you for great friends in school where we have fun together Lord thank you Father for who thank you for school Hallelujah and now walk away [Laughter] you gotta model it sometimes don't expect them to be the one saying those words right you got to model it and then I I felt like uh he was he was uh I think he was much better Yeah by night time it was like you know looking forward like things were fine and I feel that of all the traits that we can manifest towards God the one that he's most pleased with like imagine salvation being safe from Eternal tall men and destruction is all received by we say by grace through faith yes but how do you express it thank you if somebody prays like this God please save me God please save me please please please please I beg you I know I'm very evil I'm I'm very pleased please please save me I doubt his salvation why there's no thank you he's not receiving imagine me I I I gave you a 10 note and I said please please please please give me and take a ticket please please please pause the print please please take it please please please please please I beg you I know I'm not I'm not worthy pastor but please take care How will I know that he will take it what gives me joy is when he takes it and says what thank you that gives me joy that means I know it's been received and sometimes when people say no no no no to your gift right and and finally to say thank you that thank you is not so real because they feel like they're not worthy of it you know like we feel that we're not worthy of something we don't deserve it you're like husband and wife on holiday you know we don't deserve this beautiful scenery being in this place and all that then a wife done to him and says since when we deserve anything everything is by grace through faith your family is by grace through faith of course the recent weeks I was with my family no more solo I was my family for the school holidays of course I I I should be with them after missing them so much right and I saw other families and sometimes I'm very capable is busybody all right so I I listen like this my life is a I'm a pastor I like to observe people people observe mountains and all that all right when I'm alone I observe those things but many times I observe people's reaction to those things one of the best things right is that they can be in the place right but everyone want to do a selfie or we feel you know and they look at the mountain through the screen it's very sad it's like they can't stop and enjoy the moment by the way Studies have shown more recent Studies have shown and this studies are quite conclusive they say that our our memory banks our brains that register memory right nowadays getting worse and worse for people who say that I I must capture this to remember this I must capture this to remember this I must because they're not using the faculty of just enjoying and remembering they find that people who look at a scene and just remember it for years to come they can still remember it but those people who take the pictures of those places forget they don't even they even have the pictures all those photos AI has taken over this wasn't happening you know recently my wife and I we challenge each other to memorize certain things memorize numbers memorize phone numbers because I realize I don't even know my loved ones phone numbers why just press what's the problem so slowly your mind we pray for your brains just now right your mind slowly slowly you know a trophy you know it's a trophy right you don't use that muscle a trophies brain is just like a muscle and that's true give thanks be thankful be thankful in a moment enjoy the moment don't have to take pictures all the time enjoy it amen and joy and be thankful to God are you with me so far I was saying what's the one characteristic that really pleases God Amen thankfulness what is one characteristic that men manifest that really Grieves God's heart just think chair of Israel in the wilderness what what is it so what is this then one attitude that really pleases God Thanksgiving gratitude the opposite is complaining yeah complaining is just small thing Pastor Prince small First Corinthians 10 please no complain as some of them also complain and were destroyed by the Destroyer you know why the Holy Spirit put down there destroyed by the Destroyer to scare you it's as simple as that it makes you devourable when you complain you become devourable they were destroyed by the Destroyer not destroyed by God God is not the Destroyer the thief comes to steal kill and destroy there is a destroyer out there the devil is out there to destroy okay but what makes a person devourable because Satan goes about seeking home he may he can't just pounce on anyone he chooses he must go about seeking thank God for their word seeking it tells you he must find what a loophole amen and what is the biggest loophole it seems to me draw entire Old Testament and also in New Testament is this complaining company is the opposite of thanking God being grateful and singaporeans are the best Thanksgiving people Pastor you're a man of Faith come on man of Faith calls those things that are not as though they are amen find something to thank God for be the kind of person instead of the person you know there are people who find a problem for every solution you know people like that you have relatives like that you have people like that in your company the solutions are all there already but they find a problem in every solution there are people who snatch from the jaws of Victory defeat look at what the Holy Spirit thinks about Jesus miracle if you think I'm multiplying the Loaves and fish right if you talk about it you write into a book the next day what would you say how would you narrate what would you say you say wow yesterday he took Five Loaves and two small fish and he multiplied it what a miracle that's what you write but you know what the Holy Spirit thinks of all the entire miracle this is what he says the day following when the people stood on the other side of the sea except there was none other boat there excuse me saw that there's no other boat there except the one where unto Jesus disciples were entered and that Jesus went not with disciples into the boat but that his disciples were gone away alone how be it there came other boats from tiberias near to the place where they did eat bread after that the Lord had given thanks of all the things that the Holy Spirit can say the Holy Spirit didn't even say the word miracle the Holy Spirit did not mention the Wonder working signs of our God and Savior Jesus Christ the thing that he he was so pleased with this perfect man because he walked as men on Earth the thing that he's most pleased with it's not even the miracle what is it he gave thanks what do you give thanks for for abundance no for shortage Five Loaves boys lunch Five Loaves and two small fish the word fish there actually in the Greek you find it it's a diminutive term it is too small fish two small fish sardines like the one you have done Ken right but what did Jesus do he lift it up he thanked God he said pastor have very little Health compared to others lifted up in Thanksgiving be thankful you'll turn up today that's why I clap does not clap you up there was rain I brought back the lettering praise God hallelujah amen Okay so you Brave the rain you are here we we we don't thank God for what we have until we lose it you're you many of you you are billionaires and all of you are billionaires without nonsense okay that's reason last reason your eyeball your eyeball what if a billionaire came to you and said I'll give you one billion I need your eyeball would you give up your eyeball all he says I just need one leg one leg one I'll give you 10 million for your one leg would you give it up so at least your leg is worth 10 million your eyeball is worth one billion okay how about that exchange heart my heart doctors say a lot of problems all and you know not functioning and all that you're a young man exchange heart and I'll give you 5 billion okay seven billion perfect number I gave you Grace number you don't want to give you seven billion okay which one do you want huh 7 billion would you take his heart for your heart that means your heart is worth seven billion you are a billionaire we just don't give thanks we are too busy looking at how people are spending their lives where they're spending their lives enough to sit down and find that what God has blessed us with Garden of Eden either we have Tim and Eve and kinds of fruits all kinds of beauty colors and God gave it a taste okay isn't it wonderful you can just give us one taste and we won't even know it to enjoy and yet the devil found one thing that they're not supposed to eat from right he's still doing the same to you and it does it a lot through social media before you know it start comparing your life and that's why you're depressed our young people today are very depressed and they are stiff in social media they see what so-and-so is doing what so and so is doing what so and so is having what's driving what's one so it's wearing what's going you know eating and they get depressed I I think I didn't say social media itself is bad I'm just saying that a lot of it the way it's being used is causing depression angry people I deserve this I deserve better than this I deserve I deserve how to be grateful I'm grateful you know Lawrence Yesterday When I Was preparing for the summer I said father thank you for the privilege to preach how about you Gabriel at the end it's a privilege so what happened when people are not grateful I tell you it the first area when you're not thankful you forget God you don't you're not more thankful it breaks down morally all moral degradations start with no thankfulness the Bible starts off by telling us in Romans 1 before it tells us the good news and all that it tells us about the condition of men and how it happened of course Adam sinned but how it manifests it causes the moral breakdown is this creation tells us there is a creator then men end up let me read to you now I'm gonna just read the Bible okay folks look at me say Pastor Prince is just reading the Bible okay just say it stops I'm gonna read the Bible right now okay even though they knew God let's go back before this to uh 19. because that which is known about God is evident within them everyone has a conscience but God made it evident to them for since the creation of the world his invisible attributes that is his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly perceived being understood by what has been made so what has been made should tell us there's a Creator so that people are without excuse so even though they knew God now watch this even though they knew God this is the problem even though they knew God this is the breakdown the source and the root of all moral degradation even though they knew God they did not honor him as God or give thanks say it then they did not honor him say it one more time I'll give thanks and what's the result but they became futile first area you gotta be a brain damage become futile in their reasoning they still have reasoning but it's futile reasoning and they are under their senseless Hearts were darkened darkness comes in can you see that okay claiming to be wise they became fools and they exchange the glory of the Incredible God for an image in the form of corruptable mankind of birds four-footed animals crawling creatures therefore God gave them up to vile impurity in the losses of their hearts so that their bodies will be Dishonored among them for they exchange the truth of God for falsehood they exchanged the truth of God for falsehood and worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator is this true uh people what are people worshiping and caring more for creation than the Creator I'm just reading okay I'm gonna read quite fast for the next universes and serve the creature rather than the Creator who is blessed forever amen for this reason God gave them over to degrading passions for their women exchange natural relations for that which is contrary to Nature and likewise The Man Too abandoned natural relations with women and burn in their desire towards one another males with males vomiting shameful acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their era and just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God gave them up to a depraved mind to do those things that are not proper people having been filled with all unrighteousness wickedness greed and evil full of Envy murder Strife of Deceit malice their gossips slanderous haters of God insulin arrogant boastful inventors of evil disobedient to Parents Without understanding untrustworthy unfeeling and unmerciful and although they know the ordinance of God that those who practice such things are worthy of death they not only do the same but also a proof of those who practice them so just reading the Bible it all starts with go back to that they do not honor him as God I'll give thanks that is where it all starts when you don't give thanks the Bible says you're understanding your reasoning become futile it becomes darkened the senseless hearts in the King James the understanding becomes darkened it leads to one after one immorality after another it breaks down um this is the Book of Romans the book of the Gospel but is that all no chapter two so he addressed the Gentiles who are licentious what you know living out there as if there's no God in chapter one then Paul addresses by the spirit the Jew the Jew who knows the law then he says I'm gonna wrap it up again so for the Jew I'm going to show you because of time he says you who practice the law you who claim to practice the law you lie and you tell others not to lie do you lie you tell others not to uh cover do you have it you tell others not to kill do you heal so Paul is really coming Gentiles and you are all the same he wrapped them all up under one Banner sinners chapter 3 he brings in the solution thank God for the solution in chapter three for the first time you say but now say now the righteousness of God apart from the law see apart from the law the righteousness of God now is now reviewed the righteousness of God apart from the Ten Commandments apart from the law is revealed being witnessed by the law and the prophets this reminds me so much of uh uh the man of transfiguration when Moses appeared he represents the Law and Elijah appeared he represents the prophets and who is Jesus the righteousness of God being witnessed by the law and the prophets the righteousness of God being witnessed by the law and the prophets so even the law says approved amen the righteous of God it gives him to the righteous of God that's why we're not under law we are under Grace under Christ and Moses the law points to him the prophets all point to him and When God Says because uh Peter was saying make treat Tabernacles putting them all equal let's accommodate the law the the prophets as well as Jesus Grace the father says no this is my beloved Son here Kim singular not them him only Grace will teach you more than the Lord can only that Grace applies you with what you need so this has come praise the Lord even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ to all and on all who believe now say to all and then say on all on all who believe so this righteousness give listen it's just for you to say thank you it's sent to all the men sent to All say send to all so to all this gift is to all but it doesn't come on them doesn't come on all it's only on all who believe so there are those who teach today correct whether you believe you don't believe it's called universalism what do you believe you don't believe you are safe because of what Jesus did at the cross be careful of such teaching this heresy is coming back it's called universalism I mean it was rampant in the 1800s but it's back again it's telling you speak Grace people amen they they can they can very easily snap into this or everyone is say they want to believe that everyone is safe that all the lives of the missionaries all you know wasted because everyone just said why why have missionaries why I preach the gospel you know what I'm saying but it's not the message the gospel is sent this gift of righteousness for you to receive and say thank you all that God wants for you from you is just by grace through faith receive amen it is to all but it's not on them all it's only on all who believe yes it is to all so the message that I have for the Universalist is that it's too all I agree but it's not on on them all who are given automatically it's only on all who believe but there is no difference all have sin and come short of the glory of God being justified freely how you're Justified freely how you justify freely how are you Justified freely freely means Without a Cause but the payment is through the Redemption that is in Christ Jesus for us it's freely all right but through the Redemption we study the Redemption he went to the Cross he suffered for us died on the cross was buried and on the third day raised from the dead the redempt complete Redemption for our Lord from our Lord Jesus Christ is given to us simply okay and inherent in belief means what when you receive something a life of thankfulness a life of thankfulness are you with me so far would you like to live a life like that and I can tell you right now the Bible says what's the prince I wonder I want to know the will of God I'm bringing this to a close Okay so listen carefully the last part I want to know gospel I want to watch gospel Prince what's the gospel for my life this is the will of God for Thessalonians and everything he thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you okay everything good good circumstance bad circumstance give thanks have a good attitude find something good that God has done amen praise the Lord amen maybe Caleb don't have stress bothering his body uh uh um you know causing him to Decay faster than than uh um most people would expect people you know to grow some people grow old fast really fast why because a lot of stress to come in just look at problems and says they are bread loti bread no wonder every problem I have a new bread I'm getting stronger new challenge new bread bread bread bread bread bread how to be stressed I mean there is stress involved there's good stress also by the way and there's bad stress you stress and de-stress EU is always good you stress is good stress so when you see a stress you see you see it as a chance to Build You Up one thing about this generation I was telling my daughter is that it's a generation that doesn't know how to suffer they want things fast they want things quick they don't want to work they want to get money online fast push this push that money come we're going to take the shower our young people and sometimes don't spare them the consequence amen we over protect them because the prince finish pressing like you okay okay I was saying laughs recently a CNA released a article uh just um just uh last week they released this article which is actually from New York Times and uh I think I have the article do I have the article uh it's okay here it is CNA short one okay it's a long article but uh it appeared on Sunday last week 19 June the title is being grateful can literally improve your mental and physical health here's what the science shows us so of all the whole thing because of time I just took throughout two okay two decades ago a landmark study led by the psychologist Robert Ammon sought to understand how people benefit from gratitude a question that scientists had rarely explored until then he says this Dr Emmons what impresses me are the objective biologically verifiable outcomes that go beyond self-report measures for example Dr Ammon says gratitude has also been associated with lower blood pressure and in One Pilot study higher levels of heart rate variability a marker of well-being okay in 1996 Stanford University study now you can Google this don't do it now people by the way half what I want to preach there is an article that came out of a famous study that's when you Google it 1996 Stanford University don't do it now all right put Stanford University complaining all right so Stanford University did a study in 1996. of uh how complaining affect your brain and they said this complaining for 30 minutes a day or even listening to people complain for 30 minutes can damage your brain it says it shrinks your hippocampus it shrinks your hippocampus and the part that's responsible for what is it a responsible one for memory I'm just playing with you okay the part that's responsible for memory and problem solving critical thinking that part hippocampus shrinks what fascinated me was that it's not just your complaining for 30 minutes it's listening to people complain no you know people love to watch on YouTube people complain again this person doesn't complain then after this one finished they watch it they just love to watch what people complain and you know today's social media again a lot of people have complained about a lot of things just give yourself 30 minutes a day and then you even forget what they complain in the years to come it's not worth it it's not worth it just because the world is going this way child of God you don't have to follow them amen one of the hardest things to teach our children is to be thankful they take things for granted especially your grace people and you're very blessed very prosperous amen they get what they want I wonder what tell them about life out there people who don't have what they have correct them when they are ungrateful correct them don't say thank you to forget what we learned it all starts by not being painful amen in closing the Hebrew word for complaining is l-u-n loon I'm talking about Hebrew not any other dialect or any other Lu and loon what a time to bring up the Hebrew word right the end of the message and loon has two meanings it either means spend all night or complain two meanings spend all night or complain okay actually people see it as separate but I see them as one you complain you remain all night in that problem you praise you gotta raise out of that problem you complain you remain spent all night the word abide is also there in the Old Testament when they say a bite here you'll find it is loon it never appears in a negative way in Genesis loon was used eight times in Genesis but it's never used for complaining you see in Exodus they complain to Moses Moses mana mana every week we have communion High yeah you know every day this mana mana mana and anything because right snake we all learned that yesterday amen so the snake came right and they got bit all happened because of complaining a lack of gratefulness they forgot God brought them out of Egypt God saved them from the angel of death amen amen God God save them and brought them to the Red Sea from the Egyptians no hidden things so much I want to share so little time amen but I pray in Jesus name that you leave a life from now on thanking God looking around thank god oh he's feeling very long on his sermon now so I still you huh oh I I've been to other churches no but but there's there's fire Olympic Olympics [Applause] why don't you thank God for me huh thank God [Applause] sometimes got more to share isn't it better to have a pastor who has more to share than someone who's trying to pass the time or you just think of five more minutes sir you know and it's only been uh 10 minutes through the sermon you know what I'm saying all right trying finding things to fill up I mean come on okay let's this is this can't be of interest let's thank God for our pastors okay thank God Amen compare the entire week you know spend without you know gathering together like this it's worth having spending time and I want to my biggest regrets we don't have more time together church is a beautiful place it's the father's house with bread bread enough and to spare and it will help you go out in the fight of life and win amen so you know what I didn't say you cannot correct your children find fault with certain kind of situation as a CEO or a manager or whatever you need to find fault with uh your employees whatever to correct them improve them but you're not in a spirit of complaining murmuring there's a difference and you know the difference so yes you can look for those kind of things but be ever looking for the goodness of God enjoying his favors and the more you thank God for them the more you'll see even though it's only two small fish you will see it multiply praise the Lord and all the people said amen every head bowed every eye close oh I'm gonna give this opportunity for those of you without Christ without god without hope today you have heard it's a very simple way very easy to receive salvation you just received from the Lord and say thank you but what it costs God gave up his son he spat not his own son gave Jesus to Die For Us on that cross and on that cross Jesus became the Lamb of God who takes away our sins and on the third day God raised him from the dead as a testimony and a proclamation that all our sins are efficaciously put away if you want to receive a finished work if you want to receive what Christ has done even receive forgiveness of sins you'll receive a new identity in Christ right now pray this prayer with me say heavenly father I thank you Jesus Christ is my Lord and my savior I thank you you raised him from the dead and I confess Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I believe that all my sins have all been put away through the blood of Christ and from now on I thank you that I walk as a child of God beloved highly favored and the Lord is my shepherd and I will not lack for anything in my future in the name of the Lord Jesus say this Jesus Christ is my Lord amen amen you're saved your child of God all us all all things all since every old thing passed away all things new as you rise to your feet right now praise God and this coming week amen Supply is coming thank God for little supply thank God for whatever Supply be alert be on the lookout for blessing thank God for it multiplies next day more will come amen oh Apostle Prince you are just enticing them no I'm not it's God who told us this amen Jesus demonstrated Five Loaves and two fish amen let's be thankful we are thankful father that we have life to breathe Lord we are still alive father and let everyone that have breath praise the Lord