God appears to Jacob and reassures him that it is His will for his family to move temporarily to Egypt. Notably, the Lord calls Jacob's name twice, and Jacob ...


Jacob’s life was given prominence in the book of Genesis. He was the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham. Though Jacob cheated his father to get the firstborn blessing, the Bible records his life as one filled with faith.

At River Jabbok, God changed Jacob’s name to “Israel,” meaning “prince of God.” One would think of this event as the crowning achievement of Jacob’s life. Instead of being known as “Jacob” (meaning “supplanter” or “grabber”), he became a “prince of God,” and this change of name marked his life. However, this change of name is not what the Bible records as his greatest achievement.

In Hebrews 11, which is the chapter known as the “hall of faith,” we read this about Jacob:

“By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come. By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of the sons of Joseph, and worshiped, leaning on the top of his staff.”
— Hebrews 11:20–21 NKJV

“By faith Jacob . . . blessed each of the sons of Joseph” — The account of his faith recorded in Hebrews 11 is the act of pronouncing the blessing over his grandsons, Ephraim and Manasseh. When Joseph brought his sons Ephraim and Manasseh before his father Jacob to impart the generational blessing of Abraham, Jacob crossed his hands when blessing them. Joseph had positioned his firstborn Manasseh on the right side so that Jacob’s right hand of blessing (the firstborn blessing) would go to him. But Jacob, under the power and influence of the Holy Spirit, crossed his hands and gave the firstborn blessing to Ephraim instead. This is to show us that the undeserving will receive God’s blessings.

God loves to bless your children. This act of blessing children is singled out in Hebrews 11 when it records Isaac blessing his children and Jacob blessing his grandchildren.

god gave me this word for you all god's your heart if you got your heart i

will gut everything your heart has eyes the eyes of your heart speaks of what

vision imagination so the way to overcome a negative imagination is to

have a better imagination you fill your heart by spending time in the word by

reading by filling your imagination until your insight becomes a new picture his lead shall not wither and whatsoever

he does shall prosper whatsoever

can you see it can you see it [Music]

my dear friends today i want to share with you something that is on my heart

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every time i think of you i give thanks to my god whenever i pray i make my

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praise the lord hallelujah all right so wonderful to share good news in the house of the lord and so wonderful to

listen to good news in the house of the lord amen praise the lord no church we have three testimonies to share with you

out of the many testimonies that have come in over the past couple of weeks and the first testimony comes to us from

a brother from singapore and he writes that lately i had been experiencing pain in my ankle whenever i turned it to a

certain degree i would feel a sharp pain at times when i walked my ankle would hurt and this affected me as a result i

decided to stop going for runs in hope that the pain would go away before my next individual physical proficiency

test otherwise known as ippt or the brothers would know that very well

on resurrection sunday i attended the second service at the star performing arts center when pastor prince asked for

the people to receive their healing i felt my ankle get better that night my friends started sharing

the healing testimonies and i was encouraged see when you share your testimonies with one another even your

friends get encouraged so this brother was encouraged when his friends started sharing their healing testimonies so he

was encouraged and he said i decided to check my ankle and started rotating it and jumping around praise the lord the

pain was all gone hallelujah so wonderful and i rejoice with this brother because

now he can take his ippt without pain hallelujah right next testimony comes to us from a

brother from australia and he writes that i've been suffering from back pain for a number of years

during the pandemic my condition wasn't as i had to sit in front of my computer

for hours how many of us can identify with that for these past two years while the pain would come and go over the past

couple of weeks it became an issue for me even walking to my car from my car to

the front door was a challenge during resurrection sunday i stood up when pastor prince prayed for the

congregation to receive their healing though i did not feel any warm sensation

i decided to test my condition i started bending over twisting my body jumping

and running around my living room he did not mention whether he did cartwheels or somersaults right but he started

twisting his body jumping running around the living room there was no more pain god has healed me i'm in awe of what god

has done for me i'm so grateful to him all glory to him and thank you pastor prince hallelujah

so this brother received his test his healing all right while he was watching the online service in the living room so

if you're watching this online you can receive your healing and breakthrough as well amen

all right the final testimony comes to us from a brother from taiwan and he writes that i had been struggling with

depression addictions and fear since young when i was in high school i got saved

however the teachings that i received were a mixture of law and grace i found myself often burdened to obey god's

commandments no matter how hard i tried i would experience failure again and

again i regarded myself as a disqualified christian and this affected

my marriage i spent 13 years at odds with my wife and finally i decided to leave home and contemplated the divorce

but god kept speaking to me in a way amazing ways through pastor prince's sermons i learned that i'm a joint heir

with christ and the royal priesthood i also discovered that god loves me and this has nothing to do with what i have

done i started to proclaim that i am righteous in christ and unconsciously i

was set free from depression addictions and fear he was delivered unconsciously wow one day a video popped

up on my phone screen it was a message by pastor prince on the year of the latter reign which was in 2019 our team

of the year when i saw a picture of a family reunion i started to cry and

looked forward to receiving my own family miracle incredibly my wife and i met two days

later in january this year after 14 months of separation god changed our

hearts god didn't just fix our marriage he gave us a better one this is the first time we feel peace

love and joy in our marriage we are falling in love again everything seems incredible and like a dream praise god

and thank you pastor prince praise the lord for this wonderful testimony of a marriage restored amen praise the lord

and what god did for them god can do for you as well and right now church please join me as we welcome pastor prince

[Music] [Applause]

praise the lord what a wonderful testimony amen

isn't god good church you know what god does for all these precious people means so much to them if

you are the one going through it amen and the whole purpose for us sharing

miracles like this is a miracle especially instantaneous is a miracle how many know that it's so that you can

find courage hope that if you are going through the

same thing or you know someone who is going through the same thing

there's hope amen the world is so full of

hopelessness negativity negativism

pessimism everything seems dark and the more you look at the world

the more depressed you become you know we have devices

that a hundred years ago they would die for

our grandparents would go to the cinemas and never dream that one day we can see

all the favorite actors and players

on screen in our hand

we can communicate without having to go to the phone booth even the greatest man superman at the

time can't do that

right i mean he can go there but get changed but he doesn't have a instant communication we have think about all

the devices we have solomon will give a part of his wisdom to get all that you

have and yet we are one of the most unhappy people

on earth of any generation you go to a simple village and i

encourage you to in our mission trip you see all the children playing without

their pokemon and minecraft and nintendo switch and

all the modern games that we have and you see them happy

you see that you're unhappy with a simple stone or a piece of brunch

[Music] have we become

a people with a sense of entitlement that after we get one we want some more

you know we crave what we can attain

and we discredit what we have it's human nature

we we long for we appreciate very much the things

or the people that we cannot have or attain but we

are most discourteous to the people that we loved

you know we are more polite to strangers

press the prince say hello before you say all these things

this is the hello it's preparing us to hear what the spirit of god is saying to us today

so that we appreciate what we have amen watch out for the tendency to

be more kind and polite to strangers who really don't care about you

but you discredit and you under-appreciate

the people that you love because we tend to treat the people that

we love as ourselves so it shows that we don't really care much about ourselves we despise ourselves so we

we feel like our loved ones are also the same but friend this tendency has got to die

at the cross in jesus name amen amen so turn to your

loved one your family member whoever it is amen say i love you

and i appreciate you amen if you are dating

go by the spirit [Music] and the greatest gift that god has given

us he's his son jesus christ you know think about it we are people we are saved

we are saved we know him who loves us we have found someone who loves us

regardless and you know we are not made righteous in god's eyes by what we do by our works

even until today believers are not justified by your efforts or by your doings

but by jesus he is our righteousness you know last night i came before the

lord and i just told the lord lord at whatever level of walk

i'm in with the lord i still re tell the lord lord it's not my doings it's not my

my works jesus father

jesus is my righteousness father jesus is my righteousness

and then all of a sudden becomes a sense of like if it's jesus and it's his righteousness

how can god withhold any blessing from you there comes that sense

so just a while right now believers who know this amen it is not your doing it's not your works

declare this with me father god i thank you

that jesus christ is my righteousness

your beloved son all that he is you've credited to my account

you've imputed to me because on that cross jesus became sin

with my sins that i might be made the righteousness of god in him

[Music] thank you father jesus is my righteousness

jesus is the measure of my right standing

before you hmm [Music] wow how do you feel that

do you feel that you see when you pray like that before you make your request before god when you come to god's presence once a while

it's good to remind yourself of this amen then there comes that faith

because you know it's based on jesus and really see that amen see that praise

the lord thank you jesus thank you very much we might meet you

guys at the end okay only at the end the end is the best part

thank you give them a good hand praise the lord

hallelujah good to see all of you once again you

know it is it is something that i will never get tired of saying because you know like

i said just now we crave what we can attain and we discredit what we have even pastors and leaders or bosses and

people like that you know they can we all can come to a place even leaders

where we don't disdain but we we forget to appreciate what we have

amen i appreciate all of you very much amen

and uh how many of you appreciate the corporate gathering of god's people

[Applause] and we also want to welcome those online who are watching and we appreciate you

also but you know there's something about being in the house of god corporately physically

that you can't experience at home so after two years of that you know it is like

running with weights on you know when you run with with uh

weights on your ankles you know that feeling right after a year of doing that

and then they take the weights weights off how do you feel that's how i feel

that's how i feel so for the next three hours

for the next three hours we're gonna have genesis to maps

amen all the way and it's gonna be a tech team with pastor mark pastor lawrence how about that

you're willing

like israel was taken captive for 70 years in babylon

because of what idolatry the main sin that that caused that

that captivity was idolatry you see

even when they were sinning they were still offering burnt offerings as long they worshiped the true god they were offering

the sin offering and the sin offering covered their sins of course the sin offering is only a picture it's a shadow

of the real offering the lamb of god who takes away the sin of the world but as long as they were offering

sin offerings and they were offering trespass offerings god

overlooked their sins back then god overlooked because it's only the blood of the lamb for us god doesn't overlook

the the sin has been removed y'all it's removed from your life

i mean god doesn't play around with words when god says the sin has been removed the lamb of god has removed your

scene it's like you know you have a stain a let's say there's a

ink here all right i just accidentally used my pen and now there's a

blotch of ink right what do i do at cover now this is called atone

in the hebrew a tone means cover the mercy seed is called covering seed

it's a cover sin but below is still there but god doesn't see the sin as

long as the mercy seat covers it the blood is on the mercy seat and the blood harvests the sin so every year

right year after year of the year until jesus came and that's the reason why

john the baptist says behold the lamb of god who takes away not cover

takes away the sin of the world amen finally you can open up your jacket and you you know people look at you the

sin is gone now i'm not saying we are sinless there's still sin in our flesh but i'm

saying before god there's no sin on us you understand the way god see there's

no sin on us absolutely though there's still sin in us

and we all know that and that will change only when we have a new glorified body

amen so as long as israel was offering this the sin offering

god overlooked all that they did though they were transgressions amen though they were sins god just

overlooked because of the blood of the lamb that covered it but the moment they exchanged

god they stop offering the sin offering

because their new idol their new god doesn't require uh the offering of the sin offering they

require their children to be sacrificed and that doesn't cover sin my friend

because every sin offering must point to jesus christ and that's why he's a lamb he's always

domesticated animals and not touch a cheetah or a lion or a tiger

okay it must have the nature of jesus so now instead of god sacrificing his

son they are sacrificing their sons so they change gods for idolatry and they stopped

sacrificing the moon they did that they went to captivity for 70 years and you know something

when they came back after captivity they never went back to idolatry

never again now for us we went into captivity two years

but it killed us of a lot of things and one thing that killed us is this we appreciate what we have

we always had it it was always with us but we appreciate it more and even

leaders at varying degrees appreciate what we have more we appreciate even this building that god has blessed us

with we know the building is not the church but italia is one heaven of a building amen amen we thank god for

places like mbs where our another group is meeting right now praise god thank you jesus amen we thank

god that we are able to afford that we thank god for all the resources he has given us we thank god

for the people the people resource is the best resource in the church i thank god for all the leaders i have i

thank god for all the service i have i thank god for all the musicians i have i thank god for every one of you

amen i appreciate you all even more and i hope you'll appreciate it

pastor mark pastor lawrence pastor gabriel even more amen

okay let's dive into the word of god are you all ready so remember this tendency to

discredit what you have you know children have this tendency to discredit what they have and then because they are

children but we are not but sometimes we act like children we crave what we can't attain but we

discredit what we have for example a child comes to the house and and the child sees a toy a friend a friend

brought a child along to your house and all of a sudden uh your child is still young the younger they are they have

this tendency that shows that people who are immature have a lovely tendency so they they have

a toy lying around and the new child saw the toy and wants to play with it and all of a sudden of all the multitudinous

toys that are available in the toy room of this of this child that they visited

right the very toy that the new child went for is the toy that this child

wants to have and the next thing you know they start crying right there's a bit of fight pulling and

all that some of their parents get involved so you see tendency that they the toys

they're lying down there for the most part they get used to it they put it one side when someone wants it then that becomes

a passion for them to want it husbands

appreciate your wife before somebody else does

now i can do this right been a long time let me try again preach it past the prince

and you look good from the back as well i can talk behind my back again

hallelujah it's like the husband

almost like don't really notice all the the beautiful virtues and and uh the you

know the great traits that god has given his wife for him amen but when somebody

starts appreciating that he starts feeling jealous all of a sudden

he looks at his wife now he doesn't see a ama

boy's mama you know a john's mama now he sees woman

because a man wants her means she is now a woman

but all the while she is a woman just that you don't see it amen

and of course women don't go for the new turkey

turkey is male or female p hen i know there's a p han turkey don't go for the guy

ah man you're you feel flattered but you know something flattering won't carry you far

in a good relationship hey man but i think sometimes

no we have this tendency we discredit what we have we crave for what we can't have

right and this this is what's happening again that child that childishness comes up it's of the flesh

and we're gonna watch it man plus are you preaching or not starting already you don't know man i

mean you know one of the best ways i've said

this many times one of the best ways to do a marriage seminar is just to do it

if you advertise right marriage seminar this coming uh may okay may the 15th what a great

day to have mary salmon i am man why because

israel's independence 15 may 19 48. okay so

if i advertise it guess what many of the husbands who need to come

won't come it'd be the wives who come and the wives would tell the husband what they heard

that the husbands are not interested to hear what the wives are saying that they should have heard

and then it is shared in such a way that the anointing is not there it becomes a lecture

and husband gets angry not with the wife alone but with the man who is supposed to have preached this at the conference

so i decided a long time ago that people who need to be there right might not be there those who really need to listen

the guys who are there are guys want to learn more give me the word man smack me with god's

word once again old testament also can new testament maps if available come on give it to me amen these are people who

are hungry for the word amen like hungry for the word

amen yes so many other people are hungry for the word and these are people that attend

every seminar you say we have a seminar for widows they will attend

if i say i got special revelation from god for widows they will attend just because they're hungry

amen so how do you get those guys who really need to attend numeric seminar i i said long time ago you know in our church

we're going to have marriage seminar i mean we have like special you know classes and all that but you know something

right the best way is sunday too late lock the doors praise in jesus

name hallelujah thank you lord lock the doors everywhere hallelujah you are stuck amen you're taught we're going to

teach you right yeah the teaching started ready

amen but i'm going to teach on marriage today

okay i want to share with you something that that the lord has put on my heart and

because of the lack of understanding this and watching over this it's more of a warning today as you can see that the

lord cares and loves us and he wants us to flow with him and

to flow with what he's doing amen we need to know his ways his ways are not

religious for example really just the more you you do good things okay the more you give to

the poor and this is these are good things giving to the poor and all that but if you're getting to the poor so that you think that god will hear your

prayer that god will bless you then you're doing it to be to obtain righteousness which is a very antithesis

of the new testament gospel amen the gospel of jesus christ says there's nothing you can do or is all based on

jesus christ he is your righteousness we are justified by faith a man is not justified by the works of the law but by

the faith of jesus christ just by having faith in jesus christ amen you are

justified how many things is beautiful it cost jesus everything at the cross he

bore our sins amen he was wounded for our transgressions by his wounds we are healed but it causes just really nothing

but to believe in the finished work so when people say i want to be religious

be careful because when they say i want to be close to god yes but do you have the information do you have the

knowledge that is accurate that's in line with heaven with what god has for you

amen and one thing that you need to guard is in the area of uh your heart

so turn to your bibles right now to proverbs chapter four turn to your bibles amen you all brought your bible

let me see your bible this is your bible it's pathetic

now that you're you are still remember books or

not there once existed an object called

books okay you should bring your bible or to church

amen but how small i mean your phone is okay but the problem with the phone is

that the bible app is there together with so many enemies

vying for its attention so the moment you look at your phone instead of look you your intention is

is you you you you mean well you are looking for that chapter and verse

you are looking for that chapter and verse but the moment you open it there's a message

come early morning of message all right or thing you know it's a thing of something like that and then before

you know you're distracted but with this book there's no

distraction it doesn't think it makes you binge

amen with power and enthusiasm praise the lord feeds you amen so proverbs 4

tells us you're wondering why i didn't put it up there right i gave uh

you know sd the wonderful lady behind the scenes uh preparing the verses and all that i gave

us so many verses more than 10 verses except for this verse

this is called being led by the spirit yell proverbs 4 verse

20 my son gave attention to my words incline your ear to my sayings

do not let them depart from your eyes is it interesting god says do not let them depart from your eyes

does that mean that every day you take god's word

you'll be walking over cats bumping into lampposts amen of course not so do not let them

depart from your eyes is what your vision amen now you're saying what was the

result past the print of doing this keep on reading keep them in the midst of your heart notice what you see will go into your

heart so first of all attend to god's word how do i do that this is god's medicine bottle how do i do that right i attend

to it i incline my ear to god sayings that's the year gate say you're gay

all right hit somebody and and just nudge somebody and say yeah gate

they say huh if they say huh their your gate is definitely close all right either the gate is closed or

there's something clock up inside all right all right so the next one is keep them um do not let them depart from

your eyes now look at somebody and say i get i get what should i get

your eye get what you see what you hear what you see and then the next one is keep them in

the midst of your heart this is how things enter your heart it is always true your eye get and your year gate

so god gave me this word for you all god's your heart

because the next one says look at the result if you allow god's word if you pay attention to god's word you incline

your year gate to god's sayings and you open your eye gate to god's word not any

other human word that brings fear and depression and if you do that god says the result is it will drop into your

heart that's only then and only then they are alive to those who find them

and health to how much

oh their flesh what a promise

what medicine [Music] you know when you're sick right you gotta take this medicine and then i take

this medicine and doctors say by the way you gotta remove your phlegm by taking this

cough syrup right but by the way uh the inflammation that caused your cough and all that has got

to be removed by this peel but if you take this pill it might cause kidney straight

so we prepare something for gastric so the thing that he prepared for gastric to stop the inflammation

thing from becoming gastric into your in your snowman the thing that was prepared does the thing also have side effect

so you're gonna have a side effect for the thing that had the side effect prototype okay and we all still take it why it's

the best this side of heaven is the best this side of heaven amen so

this is god's natural gift are you listening but there is a every

good and perfect gift so it is under the category of good but there's every good and

perfect gift it's from the father above comes down from the father of light so

the gifts of the holy spirit the gifts of healings for example like it has operated before

all right and and just as i share the word sometimes the gift of healing explodes in someone's body and there was

where's the pain it's gone i came here with a headache it's gone i came here with the gastric and it's gone

there's a that is a gift of healing operating amen

so we thank god for all these instruments and

all that and and means by which we can facilitate the healing actually it helps our body

our body is the part that god has made the immune system and all that and it's only assisted

right with the symptoms most of the time so you keep the symptoms down and and your body can fight the thing so but

it's still natural at the end is the word of god it's the only medicine

this side of heaven all right that god has given us that we can hold in our hand that's what

i'm saying whenever you hold the bible you're holding a piece of heaven

amen it is god's grace gift to us god's instruction

manual the manufacturer's handbook and it's the only medicine that says

health to all the flesh

all when you take god's word like you're taking right now it is health to all

your flesh amen no side effects oh yeah there is life

you become joyful you're filled with joy unspeakable amen peace that passes

understanding you cannot describe it amen praise the lord

you know i i love the apostle paul because he's an example of how believers should be he was so full of joy so full

of peace that when he was standing in a caesarea as a prisoner he was bound with

chains and so they they told him to come up all right the king is here let us hear what you say amen and he says that

uh hey people i want you all to know no i think myself happy i love it i think myself happy he says

i consider myself a happy person all right and i want you all to be as i am except for these bones

i want you all to be like me except for this change i want that for

you all be like me even though i'm a prisoner i'm

happy amen so that's that's that's god's dream amen

for his people to be conformed to the image of jesus christ amen so all that we are learning is to

become a christian who is joyful you know with joy unspeakable peace that passes understanding and a radiant

personality amen smile your neighbor and say you're going to be a radiant person

a radiant say radiant you don't you know something right you

honestly you can be a the most pretest person right that uh people have looked at

physically and become like a just an empty like an empty shell after people talk to

you there's no personality there is a bit of vindictiveness there's vanity there's pride there's you know i know

some people are turn away it's not radiant but i tell you something sometimes people's looks are plain but when they

are radiant they attract people people want to be with them amen that's why i love this word radiant personality god

wants you to have a radiant personality it's part of evangelism amen you shall be witnesses what does that mean that

means your very persona is a witness to the world that you are saved

amen so we are battling all this to come to this place you have the vision

all right so watch this now god says before it can be life to you and health to all your flesh it's gonna go through

your eye get your ear get and then drop where into your heart that's the way god ordained it then it will manifest now

god didn't say i give you health nah take it right that that is uh the gifts

of the spirit operating amen and god can do that right of course but god's uh

norm for all of us is to receive from his word that's why we need to read god's word every day give us this day

our not weekly bread not monthly bread daily bread not just sunday bread amen amen

sunday you receive good work but daily bread amen so notice it enters your heart first

okay but what is the heart that's a big question because the next verse says

god your heart am i right what does it say got your heart someone talk to me

let's all read together keep your heart with all the legions now this is the new king james because uh

i studied mine in the old king james says god your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life

can you see it got your heart with all diligence and in the hebrew it is like this the hebrew

with all diligence comes first it's like like with all your guarding with all

your guarding got your heart because out of your heart come the issues the forces of life

amen got your heart we got our children we got their what

they eat we got what they study amen we got our finances we make sure that we

got so many of you a stock market you know what's happening we got the movements and the fluctuations of the

market we got these things we got all the while thinking that these things will gut us

got us our financial well-being or our health or whatever but let me tell you this god is saying

where it really really matters the where you need to gut above all your garden you got all these things by all means

you got all these things but they are all outside god says actually the only way you can god the only thing you can get is your

heart in a world where there's no more privacy you do not know

whether your phone is being tapped or uh there are people you know all over the world there's scammers trying to hack

into your phone and and things like that so privacy is is really a lost commodity

amen i mean it's something that we have to fight for the only privacy you have my friend is your heart

and your mind in these last days right your heart

amen so you protect your heart no one no one should enter there

only the holy spirit amen christ in you don't let anything to your heart so what

is the hard part of the prince now i i used i was taught all right that your heart is your spirit

but it's not true as time went on i realized that even in the greek the the words are different for both spirit is

numa in hebrew right and the word for heart in the

greek is cardia right we use that in english as well cardiac cardia cardia's heart in greek

and great new testament old testament in hebrew heart is love left which i suspect is where the word

for love comes from amen love love led love

okay so you see the word is different amen the word for heart and the word for

spirit spirit is rock so your heart is not your spirit i know we are tripartite

that means i'm a spirit i live in a soul that's my mind and i live in a i'm housed in a body i dwell in the body

my body is my house check your neighbor look around you hey man look at all the houses how it's

painted oh some of them are painted you know the windows are really painted blue and and some of them got in a flying uh a

window what do you call that i don't know what is that it goes up and down like that you know and you stand in

front you feel the breeze you know what i'm saying all right and some look at the roofs the roofs all kinds of colors brown roofs

dark brown all right and some uh blonde amen and some just don't care

about roof amen just but this is the temple of god hallelujah so look at your neighbor and

say this is not you they say this is not you this is your house

and the bible calls it that way it's our house amen and and by the way you've only one house

this side of heaven take care of it don't check out you check out normal

house in heaven you have to wait for the rapture for you to have a new house

ah man but it's only one body take care of it but your house your house is not you you are a spirit say i'm a spirit

i have a soul and i live in a body so where's the heart

where's the heart spirit connects god with god soul connects with your

surrounding amen body physical connects with physical

and notice nothing to this spirit souls body and soul is nothing due to its spirit

so where's the heart so someone said well to believe the heart is to believe your spirit man

i found out that it's not when jesus says shall not doubt in his heart he's not referring to the spirit

he's really into something that you're about to learn today you ready

sometimes you can understand something better not by its definition like cardia all right

laugh right you can actually learn it by what it does you recognize

like for example the wolf and the dog nighttime full moon

the dog doesn't howl the way a wolf house it is very eerie

hair raising spine tingling you can tell by what it does that it is

not a dog it's a wolf looks like but it's not so something

they know something by what it does what does a heart do by that you know your heart and god is what god your

with all your guarding god your heart if you guide your heart jesus says let not your heart be troubled

let not your heart be troubled he didn't say god your family got your finances got your health got everything outside

no he says if you got your heart i will gut everything outside

your part your only part is don't allow your heart to get troubled you hear bad news

quote that verse under your breath let not your heart be troubled cut your heart

guard your heart amen so the lord told me tell the people grab their heart so what what how what

is the characteristic of the heart how do can i recognize this part is my heart so let's say the bible let's go to the

very beginning and genesis chapter six we have it here and god saw that the

wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination

of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually and that's the

reason god brought the flood okay here you see that god saw the wickedness of man was

great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart what did he just say and every

evil thought in his heart that was suffice shorter it says

every imagination of the thoughts

of his heart and the word imagination remember this where they put this in your spirit amen

this this word here of course in the it's in hebrew because it's in the old testament the word imagination is the

word yet zer say yet sir very easy to remember associate

something you know yes sir right yes sir

yes sir right yet sir now this is noun yet in the hebrew is a noun so only

god can see the heart and god saw that the heart the imaginations in the heart was evil and

god knew it's a matter of time it will manifest outside already they were doing all kinds of

wickedness the bible says if you read later on he said he repented the lord to see the it make the lord feel sad grieve

the lord to see man wicked wickedness was corrupt was rampant

throughout the earth only god found noah and his family right but where did it start from the heart

the imagination of the heart god saw the heart are you listening people and the word is what imagination

yet sir now later on after noah's flood all right god save noah and his family kept

them in the a picture of jesus christ amen and that's why the word pitch within and without with asphalt right

the word pitch there is a tone in hebrew it is a tone and covered well and tight

within and without the ark amen so nowhere in his family was safe in the ark so even sometimes

there are people who teach like you can be safe and still be lost no no you know every time that that noah or any family

member fell maybe they are the wave a bit too strong they fell in the ark they never fell

outside the ark and my friend it wasn't they who closed the door the bible says the lord shut the door and when the lord

shut the door it was to keep all the people in his people in amen they are kept safe

hallelujah are you with me so far amen you are safe forever

even you failed you fall here and there you fall in the ark you never fall out of the ark

some people say i'm just holding on to jesus outside the ark i'm just holding on to jesus amen no you are lost if

you're outside you're lost and no amount of your doing can save you

amen are you with me sofa so later on after the flood came to an end and and no one in his family came

out amen i love it you know when god says come into the ark god says come into the uh god is the first one in

inviting them in when god told them to go out he says go out of the up let me see is the last one to say go

or else he's outside saying come but no he says go first one in

last one out that's leadership amen

hey hello yeah one reason i appreciate your life y'all better give me a good response

okay amen right because i don't want to be preaching better than your response

amen you think about it you don't have much you know you just have like at the most one hour

supreme come on one hour you okay one ten one one ten one fifteen one

you know right are you getting god's word what am i giving you i'm giving you what

for your eye gate for your year yet what's going in god's word not that will cause you to be depressed it will give

life to you and health to all your flesh you should get very excited amen you should shout scream praise the lord amen

amen don't be so dead you can't shout that deadness away come on

now you're gonna shake yourself amen praise all like samson i shake myself like times before that means that tells

us before the anointing of power and might comes on him there's a shaking going on he shake himself why shake

himself off the dust of the earth shake yourself from the dust or daughter of zion no captive daughter of zion the way

you get out of captivity and you're a daughter of zion the daughter of god the way you do that is shake yourself

from the dust from the devil's food amen you try to clutter on you you know

thoughts and depressed thoughts and you watch the news and then you look at social media and then you use social

media you know and your friend tell you yeah yeah it's true

then you watch the netflix or whatever there's a lot of negativism the whole thing thrives on negativism all right

they only resolve it at the end something at the end also very negative all right they didn't end up together you know so

you know or things like that you get more depressed you know or i wish i didn't watch that show you know

and then personal mark calls you right

now some things bring joy faster

just by being like puppies they don't have to perform just by being themselves you love them

little children just by being flowers just by being and you

just by being love you bro

love you bro all right

the imagination is watch this yes there is use again when noah built the ark after the flood

and for the first time the bible says use this expression god says i smell

sweet perfume let's look at the verse and the lord smell a soothing aroma why

it reminds him of jesus that sacrifice reminds him of his son every time you

remind god of your son that's what worship is and when god smells a soothing aroma then the lord said in his

heart i will never again curse the ground for man's sick although the

imagination yet there of man's heart is evil from his youth nor will i again

destroy every living thing as i have done

although the imagination of man's heart is only evil continually and this word is yet sir

notice god could say uh man's heart is evil enough we understand

we can understand that right but god purposeful the imagination of man's heart the yetzer

now you say pastor prince why talk about that remember ephesians 1 ephesians 1 the prayer i told you the prayer last

last year paul says i keep asking the god of our lord jesus christ the glorious father may give you the spirit

of wisdom and revelation so that you may know him how does the spirit of wisdom and revelation operate how many want the

spirit of wisdom and revelation amen amen don't forget god gave you wisdom to a young man called solomon and he became

the wealthiest man that ever lived and still to date wealthier than even elon musk amen if you look at considering all

the inflation rates and all that he's the richest man all that he received from god is wisdom

and there are five things that wisdom gives you right length of days riches honor pleasure peace don't forget

that and this is found in the book of proverbs amen and this is what people want praise the lord wisdom gives you that the

spirit of wisdom when you ask god for wisdom and the spirit of wisdom operate and paul is saying pray for this every

day pray pray pray paul says i pray this prayer for you there's pure wisdom and revelation operate how does it operate

i'll be like this i pray that the eyes of your heart your heart have eyes

your heart have eyes your eyes the eyes of your heart speaks of what

vision imagination so we've seen something here when you say god your heart got your imagination

and that's why when jesus says things like whoever looks on a woman to last after her has already committed adultery

with her with her it's already the act imagination is the act but what do you think the guy is thinking of

the guy thinking words i am committing adultery with this woman no

it is imagination and to jesus imagination is the deed

but you see imagination is out there you know it's like something uh it's not real you know it's

just in my mind i i just imagining my notes we've got imagination is creative

let me prove that to you i told you yes sir right the word for imagination yet sir

guess where it first appeared it didn't appear as imagination same

hebrew word same spelling i've been showing you the noun of the

word yet sir what you want to see the verb when god uses it as a verb yet the same spelling yet sir

you know when it appeared in genesis 2 verse 7 the lord god formed man of the dust of the ground and

breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being which part of this is yetzer

god form man and breathe into his nostrils the breath of life which one is nazir yetzer

formed formed form

form my friend is something in fact the word here in the hebrew means to squeeze

into shape like a play-doh right literally the action is a verb the verb form of all the nouns that i gave you

just now from from noah's story right all that's noun yet zero noun in noun

and this one is in verb and you notice that it is something to do with

creating formulating so imagination my friend

to god is creative

long before we have a crowd of this size in our church

i had a dream when our church was small i saw all of you

and i love you before right you know the song i met you

i saw you all in my vision and the best time to practice

all these godly imaginations and powerful imaginations and positive imagination is during time of prayer

so one of the best exciting prayers like this you pray and see what the holy spirit brings up to you and you pray you

walk the floor you walk somewhere in the park or whatever you say part of a brother thank you father i'm praying for my son and she'll pray for your son be

alert to the pictures that come up that's how the holy spirit speaks and that's why the bible says in the last days you shall come to pass i will part

my spirit upon all flesh and your young men shall see visions and your old man

shall dream dreams what is dream dream is visions when you are sleeping when

your physical eyes are closed vision is when your physical eyes are open they both are pictures

god speaks true pictures but we are so much in our minds we think in

terms of words when god said meditate on my word we meditate on the word literally and

that's fine but god god has pictures and god's god's word is the bible is chock

full of pictures even in samsung meditation he tells you you shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of

water you can see a lot of water not just one water or one river rivers of water that bringeth off his fruit in his

season his leaves shall not wither can you see it his leaves are not with no brown leaves amen all green leaves

his leaves shall not wither there's no such tree this animal doesn't exist on planet earth but it's god's uh vision

for you you're gonna live a supernatural life supernaturally perennially green amen forever young hallelujah green his

leaves shall not wither and whatsoever he does shall

prosper whatsoever so can you see it can you see it when

you go to work and you see yourself i'm all green amen i'm healthy always healthy always young i'm strong i see

myself like a tree planted planted means i didn't plant myself planted passage someone planted me the lord hallelujah

by where the rivers of water and i don't care it's famine time in the world i don't care the world says not enough

amen it's time of inflation and hyperinflation whatever it is i know that i'm not planted where the world is

planted i am in the world but not of the world i am planted by the rivers [Applause]

and whatsoever i love that god

does not exaggerate god's word is truth

when god says whatever he does prospers

even my mistakes whatever is whatever

imagine going to work meditating on that word but what are you meditating words no you are seeing and you are saying i'm

that woman i'm that man by the time you arrive at work whoa

you don't have that you have a presentation or whatever you don't have that that fear

whatever i do prospers and you repeat that word whatever i do prosperous i'm like a tree planted cat four not a

tree growing wild by itself doesn't say a tree growing wild

amen planted me someone care enough to plant it

are you with me so far so to god when god form yet there man and use the word yet there for

imagination he's saying yet the creates it forms your life

and that's why jesus said in matthew 12 uh out of the abundance of your heart the mouth speaks you know we teach about

be careful what you say amen what you say is what you get amen uh that's how you get saved right you get saved by

saying if you confess with your mouth and you believe in your heart right jesus christ is lord and you

believe god raised him from the dead you shall be saved with the heart man believes unto righteousness

and with the mouth so it's always heart mouth mouth heart heart mouth hot mouth hot mouth

okay but which one comes first jesus says your heart

out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks it is not by talking a lot about god's

word and then you hope you'll feel your heart no you fill your heart

by spending time in the word by reading by filling your imagination and that's why when you're not feeling well spend a

lot of time in healing scriptures i have one myself where i just read and

you just lie down there many times you don't feel like reading if you're not feeling well right just listen to healing scriptures

amen mine comes with a bit of rain because i believe that you know rain

god gave rain it was a picture of more leather rain

to bring forth the harvest so just hearing it is very soothing amen so there's water

and then past the prince's voice amen

if you think you like to sleep under my voice

you want this healing scriptures amen what was the idea the idea is to listen to all the verse until your

insight becomes a new picture it's not what the doctor tells you the worst case scenario and they have to tell you sometimes what's the worst case scenario

but unfortunately the many times the worst case scenario becomes the only scenario you can look forward to and that's not hope hope is a positive

expectation of good in your future and you think about the consequence of this disease you think about the worst case

scenario why your heart is not filled and you're saying that no i i got my heart i got my heart you don't know what

what is the heart how can you gut it you say you're guiding your heart but your imagination is full of lust

your imagination is full of pessimism and depression you're looking at the worst case

scenario you're not guarding your heart and the devil what's the devil after then your heart now is creative look at

what jesus said jesus is out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks oh my goodness time i bind this clock

can you believe that

it's an intro plan it's intro oh yeah we talk about three hours right

so a good man out of the good treasure of his heart

brings forth good things so i see good things in your life i ask you the question

where did all these good things come come from you are at a loss many christians are

lost right but actually the good things come from your heart

now we know it's from god finally because your heart is all just nothing but empty

without jesus but then you receive the vision from god from his word and it fills your heart

a good man out say out say out off bring forth

so the good things come from where a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things

and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things

so right now there's a battle going on in the world the devil knows this principle as well so it tries to fill

your heart and that's why the very first sin the very first the very first sin ever recorded in the

bible that caused all the sins of men to come forth the fall of men in the garden

what did the devil say to eve he painted a picture so much so that eve

actually before she even tasted the fruit she actually saw that the tree was good how

does she know she saw the tree was good saw the tree was good means she imagined

eating it look at this when a woman saw the tree was good she saw the tree was good

without eating it that it was pleasant to the eyes a tree desirable to make one wise she

took of its fruit and ate she also gave to her husband with her and he ate and

then the eyes of both of them were open and they knew that they were naked and

they sold fake leaves together and made themselves covering of course we all know that this eye is being opened it's

not physical eyes they already had physical eyes to go see the tree right you can can see your husband you can see

all the animals so this eyes being opened in spiritual eyes a spiritual eyes here god wants their spiritual eyes

to be opened by the other tree the picture of christ tree of life amen they shall open their spiritual

eyes by the tree of life but they open their spiritual eyes to the tree of knowledge of good and evil and now they

see their shortcomings they were naked actually they were not naked if you look carefully the way god made men

all have sinned and forfeited the glory of god the bible says god has crowned man with glory and honor and glory is a

stronger clothing than the best silk clothing or or linen or whatever it is

you're like the the man was completely like in a golden halo it's a clothing

god crown man and the word crown there is a surrounding crown like a and all and all right

because it's been used by this you know the the new ages and all that it's like

a man is completely radiant and this radiance is a protection as

well but when when sin whole thing disappeared

that's what it means men forfeited the glory of god jerusalem bible men forfeited

your bible says come short of the glory the glory just disappeared but jesus came and gave us back the glory

amen and there's a glory surrounding you are you listening so she imagined eating she imagined we

don't know how long it took the more you imagine you fantasize about another person's

husband another man's uh a wife and you came on doing that kind of thing doesn't

mean you end up with a person you end up with some destruction in your future either your marriage is destroyed

something is destroyed adultery destroys

so jesus says to jesus whoever looks on a woman to last after has already

already the imagination is the deed

are you with me so far this is amazing so god told abraham

after lord left him right and god told abraham this abraham

look north look south look west look is all that your eye can see

i will give it to you and then god says something very very strange god says arise

go walk through listen walk arise walk through the length of it the breath of

it for all this land i have given to you but the next verse says

then he built a camp he didn't walk look at this this this portion here right god said a rice walk

in the land through its lane closes first of all sea right a rice walk in the land through his length i give it to you then abraham

moved his stand and dwelt by the oak trees of mamre in hebron he

didn't walk to the land to the breath he stayed somewhere abraham knew god is

referring to what walk in your imagination

visit the north see yourself possessing it go to the south in beersheba see

yourself possessing it the north you see yourself walking on the golan heights

you see yourself enjoying galilee and see the south beersheba luscious

fertile where sheeps can graze it's a plentiful feel for ships and

look at the mediterranean sea the west you can go swimming there see yourself swimming

see yourself enjoying and then all the the fruits that come from a mediterranean kind of diet

um you know maritime diet is considered as a healthiest diet

they come from there go see yourself involved in all these things

can you see it arise abraham walk through the length of it how imagination

all that you see i give it to you god says all that you see i give it to you

amen so right now maybe you're at this age and recently you saw a photo of yourself when you were younger you said oh that's the best

period of my life look i look so good i look so good

yo i look so good cute amen so you got that photo and you feel

so strong great sense of vibrancy and and vivacity

and you feel so alive you got a picture of that right take that picture out

print it put it somewhere amen thank god for it and keep on looking at that picture and

tell the lord that is your land that is what god wants you to possess or repossess

amen amen now if you can don't find somebody

else's picture because it takes greater it's you know your faith can believe yourself because

you were there before you know but you take someone else's picture you take pastor lauren's face the muscles and all that

you all heard pastor mark shared before right that uh he used this principle

right he took a bodybuilder but then you cut off the head is it

you didn't cut off the head did you cut off the head no you left the head at least superimpose your head

laurence do you do that yeah you cannot superimpose the head it'd be too small for the body

but his wife came into the room and into his bathroom he has a picture of his bodybuilder he always said that's my

body that's my body and you know something it was one of the healthiest period of his life

strongest bit of his life i think when you were hitting 50 at that time right and he was you know feeling down

and so he was feeling like tired so he started looking at it and the more he looked at it the more energy he had and the wife didn't understand the wife

what went in and do i say what's that some you some chinese word like yeah

why you you're very confident let your wife say this kind of man

huh very secure

so everybody says that's me that's me that's me amen right so if you want to use a bodybuilder you know at least put your

face there

different things but don't go crazy and get carnal and say i i i put a ferrari here a rolls-royce here and a big house

here and all that this is not about about houses and about you know you know i mean the principles is the same yes

yes i can tell you um of testimonies of people who receive material things even

the very thing that they saw all right but more than anything else amen it's for your life

you know if you thought the bible the pictures the bible used most of the time it's all pictures of your family and let me close with this

okay i'm i just got started you know let me finish the the the verse in

ephesians first ephesians 1 again so god says i pray that the eyes of paul is praying he says i pray that the eyes of

your heart may be enlightened so notice the eyes of your heart so the way the

way the spirit of wisdom operates and revelation is like through the eyes of your heart you just

i see it you know when you talk to people and then when they understand you something they don't see they understand right

what they say i see i see right doesn't mean they see

physically they see it inside right that's how the spirit of wisdom

operates i just know it past the prince how do you know your i just know it can you teach me that's the problem

i have to pray for the spirit of wisdom to come on you the way paul prayed and if paul have to pray for it and solomon

has to pray for wisdom what makes you thinking that you don't have to

but the way it operates you need to know how he operates operates by the eyes of our heart being enlightened

another thing that i want to share with you real quick is this when you pray for people or you pray for yourself like i say just now even in the privacy of your

room or whatever you're walking around oh thank you lord jesus i thank you father god and you're praying over your

wife's health or lately she's not been feeling well we pray for in jesus name thank you lord and all of a sudden the

lord begins to bring up uh fears you know you can even see her sometimes the holy spirit bring up that she was a child a fear came in and you say in the

name of jesus i bind the fear in the name of jesus and i free her from that fear and you go on praying again and

being alert to the pictures that come up it's very exciting to pray that way what is god saying that the sickness that she

has right now the root of it is the fear and now you dealt with the fear

or you pray for your son who is very depressed very morose hide himself in the room shaykh not in jesus name i come against

depression sometimes god wants to go deeper but you just pray pray and be alert to the pictures that come up

and there'll be pictures coming up sometimes it's just a picture showing his future he's smiling he's outdoors he

is uh he's uh ten and uh enjoying the sun and he's happy no more depressed he

said father thank you that's my boy that's my boy thank you father in jesus name i see him that way lord as jesus is

so is he in this world he's free i see him free from depression that is prayer my friend

prayer is not just i ask you this i ask you for that i see for that usually more desperate kind of thing

the substratum of that kind of prayer is based on fear

no god wants you to just learn the language of the holy spirit and i just got started ah so unfair praise the lord

amen is it possible to do this part one here then the next service is part two

two different services can amen

one last picture to give you and then you can take this as your homework all right but i said you gotta always

have pictures of family family success and all that look at psalms 144 real quick that our sons maybe has plants

grown up in their youth that our daughters may be as pillars sculptured in palace style

what is god doing with all this details giving you pictures to fill your heart with because the

world is always listen listen listen the world is always giving you pictures

the way you overcome a negative picture is ah i won't think of that i won't think of that the more you don't think of that the more you think of that

like don't think of a ping elephant don't think of a pink elephant don't think of this elephant that is pink

pink elephant don't think of it don't guess what you're thinking right so the

way to overcome a negative imagination is to have a better imagination

and whenever a negative imagination comes right that's your clue to switch

take it as a blessing not a blessing but working out for good in that it reminds you to

imagine rightly hey man you see a dark future all of a sudden you see praise the lord my lip is

green how can i end up in the early grave my leave is green at this age i'm still green

amen i'm like the old him says forever young

amen because always his life shall not wither means

always green praise the lord so our daughters say

what a picture to have on my daughter on a picture look at her like a pillar and those days they are familiar with the

peel of solomon right it's like a dawn pomegranate's beauty

stately the pillar is straight she her posture her beauty

her shape you know and best of all her character and all that is prince prince leslie

like the child of god she is my daughter is a sculptured

palace style my sons my son has plans grown up in their you know what means grown up in

their youth that even though they are in their youth they are grown up i like what uh young's literal

translation says it says becoming great in their youth

we all say that you become great when you have gray hair once you know i think by the time you get gray hair you should

be great all right you should be wise right but it's called as full of hard knocks but it's not true also that

they're also old people and very grumpy you know very stressful very troubled in their hearts

okay but our young people believe your children that he will be great in his youth

already mature in his youth grown up in his youth see there's a picture right there of

your family drop down our barns may be full supplying all kinds of produce

that our ship may bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our fields

you see that all right that means what prosperity i don't know how else to describe this

pastor prince you said that word the p word what word the p word

you don't say that in church or else they call you a prosperity cult

okay i didn't say okay i revoke their word prosperity i just tell you this right god wants your buns to be full

supplying all kinds of reviews your [ __ ] don't bring one two three four thousands

and not only thousands also ten thousands

in our field the picture have that picture

in those days it is a husbandry and you know they they work with uh animals and

and their shepherds and all that and this means prosperity for them all right drop down

that our oxen may be well laden that there'll be no breaking in or going up there be no outcry and this word outcry

is the word complaining in our streets you will live in praise avenue

you have moved away from grumbling street next door to

a complaining alley you left you like your house or you're now pop all of you in jesus name you are

parked at praise avenue [Applause] when good things happen you say

hallelujah when bad things happen you say hallelujah anyway

all things work for my good amen praise god give him praise church hallelujah thank you lord

amen just for a while no one moving around every hate bowed and every eye closed

by a chance you are here or watching online and you have never made jesus your personal savior and lord i want to

pray for you right now it's very simple like i said if you confess with your mouth believe

in your heart actually the very righteousness of faith teaching that paul drew from was from the story of

abraham when he says i see myself with no child and god brought him out to see the stars

he believed in the lord just believed and god imputed to him for righteousness

if that is you wherever you are friend jesus christ died on the cross for your sins

and he bore your diseases took your curse and redeemed you from it

so that you can enjoy the abundant life that he came to give you forgiveness of sins

healing for all your diseases redemption from destruction

renewal of youth like the eagles if that is you wherever you are right now pray this prayer with me right

praise say heavenly father i thank you that you sent jesus christ

your beloved son to die on that cross he bought my sins

and all my diseases he was wounded for my transgressions

and by his wounds i have been healed i thank you that on the third day

you destroyed death and you raised jesus from the dead i thank you because he

lives i live also jesus christ is my lord

forever in jesus name amen the bible says with the heart man

beliefs unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation sent

to your feet church praise the name of jesus hallelujah

i feel like singing but let's find that in jesus name

lift your hands all across this place we'll see you again okay this coming week i might i might continue this series

the lord bless you and your families with the blessings

of deuteronomy 28 christ has redeemed you from every curse

in deuteronomy 28 and all the blessings keep on keeping on in your life even throughout this week

the lord make his face to shine on you and keep you and your loved ones

preserve you and your families from harm danger from every sickness

from all the powers of darkness and the lord gave you

his smiling radiance into your life

that you will be a joyful smiling radiant person throughout this week it starts this week

and the lord grant you and your loved ones his shalom peace

that guards your heart above all the gutting

and keep your heart and mind through christ jesus in jesus name

amen god bless you all we'll see you again


well about two years ago i was just on my couch listening to um christian television and just having to be

flicking through the channels and there was joseph prince and he was speaking a message about grace and i've

been listening to him ever since and i've fallen in love with jesus all over again i'm a pastor son so you know i

kind of got out of the way and through his message he had brought me back into the path where i should

have been from the beginning so it's taken us from a real preoccupation with ourselves and given us just

an incredible view of jesus christ where we're more thankful we're more energetic and we feel

just very free i used to condemn myself be so hard on myself but once i heard

the message of grace it's like i love it it's so free what you have just watched is a glimpse

of the many lives that have been touched by the gospel of grace this is what gospel partner is all about

sending the good news of jesus christ into the world to reach the last the lost and the least

wherever the gospel goes it brings victory deliverance breakthroughs and

miracles if you'd like to partner with us and redeem your one month free subscription

to access more than 1 000 sermons visit gospelpartner.com

i hope you've enjoyed today's episode if your life has been touched by the gospel of grace please share your testimony

with us in the comments below once again thanks for tuning in today and i would

appreciate it if you would share this sermon with someone who needs to hear it today

god bless you and see you in the next episode

logic it out you see it before you can explain it to other people many times we cannot explain but we see

it stop trying to explain to your friends or your your colleagues things of the

spirit because the natural man receives not the things of the spirit of god

and stop arguing with people all right telling them about uh discover archaeological archaeological

discoveries or or scientific discoveries and using mind against mind dialogue

gizmos with dialogism there's no wind stick to the heart

the guy knows he's lost and he's trying to throw all this logic in front of you

hoping hoping that you will not answer and that will persuade him or they see that i don't think there's life of the

dead he can answer me this question no no no don't answer that go for the heart

the heart knows it as sin the heart knows there is a being out there

most people do i'll tell you this even the eighties when the atheist comes right to the corner where uh you know

during the war time and all that they're saying they say it's there there are no atheists in the foxhole

they cry either for god or for their mama and daddy

this real war huh at the end the reality is that

many of them on the death beds you read accounts where they are struggling

and they realize that they're not ready for it but deep down the spirit knows there's

life beyond this grave beyond the grave they know it

are you with me so far okay watch this god made a new covenant with us am i right i think god made a new covenant with us

okay and what did god say before i make a new covenant not according to the covenant that i made with israel mount

sinai i gave them the ten commandments not according to that covenant but this is the new covenant i'll make with the house of israel the house of judah in

those days amen i'll put my laws in their hearts and on their minds let's

read that okay this is your covenant people i said this is your covenant okay

this is a covenant that i'll make with the house of israel after those days says the lord i'll put my laws in their mind now this loss obviously is not the

ten commandments that's outside amen these laws are not man's advice

that's again outside these laws are god's instruction the will of god will be known from now

on on the inside amen are you listening and it says this i'll put my laws in

their minds and write them on their hearts write them where on their hearts put my laws where in their mind and

write them on their hearts obviously both of them are about the same location forgot to mention this and i'll be their

god and they shall be my people so i'll put my laws in their mind and write them on their hearts now look at this i'll

put my laws my instructions like for example the tank and mamas don't tell you how to treat your children how to

parent them how to deal with a crisis situation how it doesn't

amen but today you because of the resurrection life of jesus you have the

moral power to do more than don't steal your gift

you can don't steal and still be a stingy person the 10k mamas don't cover that you can

don't commit adultery and not be in love with your wife your husband

so we have we've gone beyond that the life within will tell you to love the life within will will impel you to

give but again i use the word impel actually it's like the love of christ constrains

us you know what the word constraint you know like like uh you are walking this way you know you're going this way and

then the crowd comes up from the stadium as you walk in they walk out so when they walk out you can't go in anymore

amen hey man you do a moon walk amen

this is my best attempt on this special day

why you laugh so loud laurence ah you can do it

come come gum gum

so you're pushed back you know what that call the crowd constrain you you are

constrained by the crowd the flow or you're swimming upwards and all of a sudden you turn and one corner has a

strong current i don't care how good a swimmer you are you are constrained by

that stream now you understand for the love of christ constrains us

and where does it come from the heart you feel compassion that's how i give to people that something i don't even know

you know if you listen carefully sometimes even the

the one that cleans your table and you know moves your used

cutlery and all that you know what i'm talking about and this small for singapore right we have them don't we cleaning the

table and all that and you're supposed to clear yourself by the way

sometimes you look at them and and the world knows them you know you've got something in your heart give them something

give them something and probably they remember you more than you know all the faces they see

and but let the love of christ you know teach you when to give when not to give

there are people who come to you with a soft story and all the while you don't feel like giving but you feel like as a christian in logic

it's a logic as a christian i must give but yo what what does your heart say your heart says no

but very beautiful no his story is very beautiful look look and it's must pass the magno

okay i must give a disclaimer just for illustration pastor matt never asked for

money one uh he just takes it from me no i'm just kidding no no yeah he never no i'm just

i like teasing him you all know that right hey man i love this guy

amen and the guy who just laughed at me just now when i did my moonwalk anyway

you know why you know why it was unsuccessful i cannot do a good one walk because as a

christian i'm not supposed to backslide that there is no

there is no flow there's no flow in backsliding there's only a flow

all right in front sliding amen we gotta walk with jesus no don't look backwards amen amen praise the lord

hallelujah thank you thank you thank you

so look at this word i'll put my laws in their mind what what do you think that what mine is look and behold it is the word dia no

yeah dear no yeah god is not gonna talk through your logic

god is gonna put his wisdom where in your day i know yeah yeah that's where you say i see it this is the

normal christian life this is the life of a believer on earth we are depending

so much on people's advice we are looking so much into the social media for direction we are looking so

much to authorities outside us instead of listening to what god is

saying on the inside we have a condition in our body we'll google it

after we google it we are more fearful than before we google it all right and then this advice comes

from this person but this advice contradicts the first advice but both of them are doctors

now you are more confused and more confounded you do not know what to do why because you're not supposed to be

looking outside now i'm not talking about going to doctors and all that amen even then

listen on the inside who to go where to go god will still lead you

but you start depending outside and it says here very clearly i'll put my laws in india not via logies on my but in the

idea no yeah in the imagination realm where you see it on the inside right and i write them

on their hearts i write them on their hearts and one of the i show you just now that paul says you are the episodes

of christ ministered by us so many times god also writes as the preacher like

paul said i'm preaching and god is writing stay under the writing

amen but also on your own listen guidance comes from within

deep down your mind says something but you can sense the mind is more superficial you can sense it the logic part the reasoning part is

more your your spirit is faster than your mind you meet someone you don't feel good about this person but the

person's oozing honey oozing sweetness oozing

oh you know it's sweet

but something inside you say something is not right

wives are very good at this they are more sensitive that's why the devil went for the wife the guy is like

[Music] oh i see and you know he knew that

she's more perceptive so he went for the heart

amen it's like women have a spiritual feeling and my wife i'm sure your wife also

yeah the first one said i don't sense this is right what do you mean baby the guy is a

christian you know i mean and and and these people endorse him amen

yeah what's wrong with this investment what's wrong with that i don't feel good

and every time she says that and i don't listen to her but she never come back and say i told

you she's a lovely woman amen

so they sense things and we most men i know it's the other way as well

most women perceive men reason

what is god saying about your situation is god telling you to eat lesser

then stop going to google stop asking for this expert

what is god asking you to eat god is telling me once a while eat a bit of sweet i i've cut off all

sweetness from my life if god tells you once a while you can taste something sweet go ahead follow when god says go ahead

but as a law i will not eat anything sweet you'll make me fat fat fat

the bible says eat honey honey is sweet the land flowing with milk and honey

amen now if you have a medical thing and all that listen of course

if you listen to your spirit god will tell you also most likely the same thing the doctor is telling you but for the

ultimate resolution to your problem is actually listening to your spirit

because you can see that you still have this condition after all these years you need to ask god

what do i need to do it might not be eating might not be exercising it might be something else

it's a stress and you don't even know you are being stressed you don't know what the triggers

by the way you know something when you follow the spirit right every time you follow the spirit oh man i'm telling you

it sort of like frees you from stress like for example you know you can be stressed like i i look at all of you

right and you're very hungry spiritually you know you're hungry for god's word right

i'll try again i'll try again okay

i'll try grc all right you're all hungry for god's word right you're all hungry for god's word

amen so because of that that puts pressure on me sometimes if my mind is not right it puts am i right lawrence

you're bad it can put pressure on you right is it am i right uh mark yes it was pressure

before you know it right you are demand-minded instead of supply oriented and you always need to be reminded what grace is all about

but because of that it's like you know you better give me a good sermon all right i forget about all the

moonwalk we're not looking at that give me a good german every week every week must be good every week it's gonna be

you know and it i used to have that pressure on me and i'm telling it's not easy i began to

have symptoms like uh irritable bowels you know syndrome you know ibs you need to

rush to the toilet all the time i don't know why but it happened during a time when i i felt stressed about

preaching then it's not so much you know but preaching is part of it's my ministry

the ministry god has given me right but you need to prepare days and days in preparation

so when i prepare i found out that the stress happened in my preparation because there are times

i've learned that down to the years there are times that i'm preparing and get so intense in my study preparing

that i find that the joy is no more there it's like you're just doing it mechanically am i right mark

am i right lawrence all right these are people who preach the word of god so they understand you

become mechanical and then you hear the the how i want to call it

right god put his laws on your diana you see it god is saying get up

leave it aside go outside play with justin

go outside look far look at the trees amen but i need i i cannot be lazy i

must really be because they look out there amen or he will tell you spend time

with your family just a while amen then you go back right

it becomes the flow so what's god doing god is trying to really relieve me from that stress

before i realize it even something good you can get stressed by it

you ladies for example you you have 10 list

okay maybe 20 more yeah 20 singaporeans 50 on their grocery list

50 items to buy you go to buy right and after that halfway you spend three

hours maybe four hours at the at the mall and then you start feeling a

bit tired but you don't know you're tired right but there's a there's a leading within enough really

enough time to go back right you know you know what i'm saying or not many of

you know i'm talking about how many of you without putting up your hands when you're talking to your wife or your your

husband you're talking and there's a place where it becomes a bit heated disappear

it's coming to a place where it's a bit heated right and then you know you heard it stop

here stop talking but the way you interpret god's word is like this when god says

stop talking that means i can put in three more sentence or four more

and that was the killer that was the killer how many have been through this before don't put up your

hands if your spouse is beside you just just say your heart man because

you hear this all the time stop now but

one more word lord i know it means stop i'll stop after how many have you been watching tv right and they

nowadays whatever western shows uh uh asian shows whatever it is they always have a series

now and it ends on a cliffhanger

right and then the next one hangs i mean it ends with another cliffhanger

i'm not a cliffhanger and you keep on watching and you keep on watching but there's something that your health is

more god loves you and god is telling you enough

it's enough now come away with me contemplation meditation solitude time for you to

relax and receive from me and now you can't even sleep because of

all the screen light and and the blue light

and you are you wonder why i can sleep well you know i go to the doctor i can sleep well he gives you medicine a sleeping

table that is not going to help you in the long run you can make an ethic actually out of

you so you here you are you know otherwise because it can be resolved god loves you

he gave you stop now and when you get up you realize oh my goodness

it was an addiction whenever you follow the lord he frees

you from stress

all his paths are peace when you follow him it means you're

following the paths of peace not stress

are you with me so far are you learning people

so god writes his laws on your diagno you see on the inside expect that

the pastor prince you've shared on this before and now and i've tried

to sense you know on from from within but there's nothing there

you do sense it if you're a child of god you do know it you do know when you say something

there's something restraining you not to say that or gossip about someone have you heard

you know you can't you just cannot wait to just bring the topic to the gossip

thing and allah saying don't don't do that don't do that stop

right now but then i got nothing interesting to say already [Applause]

and that's the life we live in some people's life is like that when they get together it's nothing but gossip

that's not good don't let god demonstrate that to you by

putting you on the receiving end of that gossip

then you know it's best you don't

are you with me so far are y'all learning amen the bible tells us that

uh next verse this new covenant none of them shall teach his neighbor none his brother saying know the lord

for all shall know me from the least of them to the greatest of them so you don't need listen you don't need

direction from outside now many a times even my life today even we need confirmation

from outside notice what i said confirmation not direction

sometimes someone says something wow that's what allah has been saying to me how many of you again your your wife

says something doesn't know that you're meditating along these lines and you're thinking about a change in your life or doing something and your wife happened

to say something or your friends happen to say something that why do you say that you ask them out of the blue

it's exactly what i've been thinking about that ticket that is a confirmation of what you already

have inside so today don't receive it if a so-called prophet

come to you and say god told me that you are to do this and do that it doesn't have any confirmation in your spirit

it doesn't ring a bell you know what say bye-bye if he tells you to go to korea he tells

you to go to japan he tells you to go to america or go to africa or wherever you and and be a missionary there but

there's no confirmation in your spirit you don't don't don't sense it you've never heard that before from the lord and it's a direction but you're afraid

because this person is a reputed prophet so-called prophet and all that then i suggest you bring him along

whenever you know the supply doesn't come ask him how you heard that i should come here and not hear how to get the

supply and you must hear him when to go back also because if he tells you when to go he must tell you when to come back

better bring him along he don't want to go okay then i tell you this all right stone him

he's a false prophet okay we don't stone people anymore okay all right so

be careful and people come to you right they want you to invest you know what they use on you christians

sheep sheep all sheep are like my mother

baba family baba okay

we look innocent but we have a good shepherd who watches us we look gullible

christians sometimes look gullible but we have a good shepherd who will lay down his life for us don't mess with us

we might look like we are defenseless but i'm telling you we've got the greatest power in the whole universe

behind us amen but they'll come to scheme be christians they know how they do it they use god's name

they use god's name on you because they know only god's name will get your heart

there's a lot of things going on in in the name of charity or name of god

and for us we determine we will not allow that in this church we'll not allow that if something is

genuine you want to give to a missionary give direct amen but our church is here as a safe

god it's the life of the church if you're not not sure about the person amen is it valid or not

you can direct you to the place and let go through us we'll make sure that they receive every

dollar but at the same time if something that we know about that side we'll come back to you and say no

i remember last time our church got you know really caught up about evangelizing israel getting them safe and all that so

with people stop putting money there and it's not even putting money on one ministry in israel that the person talks

the christian lingo he speaks the christian lingo this is in israel and getting a lot of money from

america and all over the world you know for his work and now his work is charitable work but he used christian

lingo he knows how to get the christians only when i talk to him face to face he came to singapore he gets a point i talk to him face to face and i ask him

questions about jesus and realize that he doesn't see jesus as the messiah

he doesn't see jesus as son of god how in the world can this be turn to

someone gets help he will point him to jesus no he'll point the person to himself

are you listening people there's a lot of things going on there there's safety in the church

so when you give you're still giving to them but you give through the church we can watch over your giving

to make sure it goes on good ground now just a side track here but back to this god confirms things where in your spirit

how many of you okay i'm bringing you so close how many of you when i'm preaching all right it's not the first time you

heard it you know maybe it's the first time you heard it but it's i i felt this before i know this

this is right i can't logic things out i know grace is real and this is what god's been telling me i've been looking

i've been looking for a church like this that's probably what you said when you received the grace message how

many of you are in that category now on a show of hands

you actually knew it long before you heard it outside you knew it in the sight

and what you heard outside only confirm what you have on the inside

so first john two we'll bring this for close it says you have an anointing from the holy one and you know all things

wow you know all things you know not reason all things logic all things

think all things you know i have not written and i watch this i have not written to you because you do

not know the truth but because you know it and that no lie is of the truth can you imagine me preaching to you i'm not

preaching to you because you do not know the truth but because you know it i'm preaching because you know it

my voice is a confirmation to what god has already said in your heart

where wisdom dwells his wisdom

amen church start locating that

start being more conscious of that in all your dealings

and when you know if you find it was a mistake you thought it was god it wasn't god

don't be discouraged get up and walk again when you first learn to walk right

you fall down but then i never walk again and your baby might never walk again

i'll never walk again mama i'll never walk again

that's it today i fell five times

yesterday i fell seven times don't you know seven is the number of great of perfection i felt perfectly mama

and three five times which means i fell from graves i'll never walk again

i'll never walk again did you do that yes bastard

no you got up your mother always encouraged you come come come

right you can do it it's okay yeah you start crying right get up walk again can you

just apply the same wisdom to your walk with the lord don't be

discouraged just because from now i'm not gonna listen to the the wisdom in my heart i

it doesn't work so you start depending on social media what a place to get

[Laughter] you start stupidity

for outside in fact it tells you no one no one could no need to teach you in

this new covenant how to know the lord all right the law is like this you know

why you will know it every time i describe jesus many of you already see it inside

is apostle prince you're right that's how i see him oh you see her somebody else preaching

another jesus doesn't sound like jesus i know you see it inside

i'm not preaching because you do not know the truth but because you know it

amen you drop down it says these things i have written to you concerning those who try to deceive

you those who try to scam you those who try to uh manipulate you

you see the anointing is there but the anointing which you have received from him this word here anointing is a

gerund gerund g-e-r-u-n-d which is actually a verbal noun a verbal noun

all right it's a a noun but it's a verbal noun that means it's a name is a noun by the

movement noun this anointing is always anointing it's always annoying even right now as

you sit down there you know your heart probably is you think yeah yeah this is a new covenant yes

this is what god wants me to receive yes and many times you say amen right at the

end amen so the bible says the anointing

which you have received from him abides in you and you do not need that anyone teach

you but as the same anointing that doesn't mean you don't need teachers because the bible says when jesus went up he gave

apostles pastors teachers evangelists prophets right so pastors

teachers are there right but they only confirm many times what you have they delineate make it

clear what you receive on the inside amen in fact many times god also writes

like paul says on you letters of christ through us

you do not need anyone tissue but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things and is true and is no lie and

just as it has taught you you will abide

in him the key to jesus saying in the upper room abide in me and you will bear fruit

more fruit much fruit it's the same would abide by how to

abide by the anointing within every time you follow the anointing not your logic let your logic serve you

don't let it lead you after everything is done you can logic out how to plan for this how to plan but

that's okay no problem at all but let that not be the dominant factor

in your decision listen within before kovit hit i'll close with this

we canceled an already established appointment for groups to go to israel

at the time there was nothing it was the year before 2019. they keep on asking me and many of them are

witnesses here the leaders pastor let's confirm the date for israel next year i say i don't know

why every time i think about it there's something telling me no not to go right ma

right lawrence somebody's telling me not to go not to go so we cancel it only to find later on

thank god we cancel it like more money be lost you know people will be disappointed but they realize

all of a sudden god is in the house i've lived my life like that i pray in

jesus name that you'll be more conscious of that and leave your life like that will you amen give praise to jesus hallelujah

amen every head about every eye closed all across this place and everywhere that's watching this

all those in mbs and all those uh in grc

praise the lord now your heart has been touched

by this wonderful jesus deep down the holy spirit's been ministering to you throughout the sermon

but you've never made jesus your savior your lord you've never made that quality

decision to say yes jesus is my lord from now on and i accept all that he did for me on

that cross which is he bore your sins took your condemnation in your place and

gave you his righteousness his right standing with god so that if that is you and say pastor pray for me i want to be

safe i want jesus christ to be my lord and savior pray this prayer with me right now say heavenly father

i confess jesus christ is my lord

and i believe in my heart you raised him from the dead thank you father

you have forgiven me of all my sins remove them

forevermore and i thank you i stand before you

as the righteousness of god in christ and that's my identity from now on

in christ in jesus name and all the people said

amen so if you pray that prayer you're now a child of god all things have passed away all things have become new

stand to your feet church praise the lord thank you jesus thank you lord amen amen amen have you been blessed

all right praise the lord [Music] once you pray the prayer make your way to the connect points okay share with

them that you pray to prayer for the first time amen or if you're rededicating your life to jesus you may

do so as well lift your hands all across this place and everywhere that's watching this right now

say heavenly father i thank you you're right

your instructions your leading your law in my heart

on my mind and i thank you i can fully expect

to walk in it to abide in christ throughout this week

in jesus name amen will you start practicing that

we start doing that amen all right god bless you

you're dismissed


so [Music]

like a light in the darkness who can hide from your presence

to the depths of [Music]

[Music] you're the peace and the madness

take this life that is broken only you can heal

here at your feet touched by your grace


grace [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

all the prices [Music]


who can hide from your presence


[Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Applause]

grace [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

deserve all the places [Applause]


[Applause] is


is is



[Applause] this

oh [Applause]






though darkness comes no

has fear me [Music]

his blood was shed and death was overcome

he won the feet [Music]



[Music] um



um [Music]


[Music] foreign




uh [Music]


uh [Music]

oh [Music]

uh [Music]

uh [Music]



hmm [Music]



now [Music]

foreign [Music]



[Music] oh




uh [Music]







foreign [Applause]







logic it out you see it before you can explain it to other people many times we cannot explain but we see

it stop trying to explain to your friends or your your colleagues things of the

spirit because the natural man receives not the things of the spirit of god

and stop arguing with people all right telling them about uh discover archaeological archaeological

discoveries or or scientific discoveries and using mind against mind dialogue

gizmos with dialogism there's no wind stick to the heart

the guy knows he's lost and he's trying to throw all this logic in front of you

hoping hoping that you will not answer and that will persuade him or they see that i don't think there's life of the

dead he can answer me this question no no no don't answer that go for the heart

the heart knows it as sin the heart knows there is a being out there

most people do i'll tell you this even the eighties when the atheist comes right to the corner where uh you know

during the war time and all that they're saying they say it's there there are no atheists in the foxhole

they cry either for god or for their mama and daddy

this real war huh at the end the reality is that

many of them on the death beds you read accounts where they are struggling

and they realize that they're not ready for it but deep down the spirit knows there's

life beyond this grave beyond the grave they know it

are you with me so far okay watch this god made a new covenant with us am i right i think god made a new covenant with us

okay and what did god say before i make a new covenant not according to the covenant that i made with israel mount

sinai i gave them the ten commandments not according to that covenant but this is the new covenant i'll make with the house of israel the house of judah in

those days amen i'll put my laws in their hearts and on their minds let's

read that okay this is your covenant people i said this is your covenant okay

this is a covenant that i'll make with the house of israel after those days says the lord i'll put my laws in their mind now this loss obviously is not the

ten commandments that's outside amen these laws are not man's advice

that's again outside these laws are god's instruction the will of god will be known from now

on on the inside amen are you listening and it says this i'll put my laws in