Joseph Prince — Easter at New Creation Church

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Hello, TBN family. I'm so glad you are able to join us for this very special Resurrection Sunday service. All the way from New Creation Church in Singapore. I would like to welcome one and all to hear the now word from the Lord. God has a now word and I'm so excited to share that word with you and I'm come in awhile's time back after the time of praise and worship, and wherever you are in your various homes, many of us here in Singapore we are in a time called circuit breaker, so we are all participating, if only we could have the entire church people shout, but you can just imagine them shouting in the spirit. We welcome all our friends and our family from TBN. A special shout out and a special thanks to Matt & Laurie for hosting this service. And I will be back with a now word. Stay tuned.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Time in the beginning. Force God. Created motion. The heaven's space, the earth matter. And God made man in his image. But it was very good. And also God made one tree called the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And God told Adam, "Don't eat from the tree. For the day you eat from that tree, you will surely die". And wages of sin is death. There will be battles and wars and rumors of wars and virus and all that, we will continue to increase. The Bible says, "God so love the world. God sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins". God only has to speak to create, but for God to redeem had to bleed.

I know there is God in heaven, who knows my purpose.
I know, you can hear me, o, God. I come searching for answers.
Whenever I'm lost I find hope in your scriptures.
Whenever I fall, I see new mercies and chances.

Now I can't see you, but I can feel your presence.
I see you changing my life, you hear my prayers.

By one man's sin all mankind is fallen,
Manipulated by the lies of the serpent,
When all hope was gone and broken
A sinless man shed his blood for my atonement

Jesus crucified by the Romans, give up your life with arms wide open
For God so loved the world, he gave his only Son.
God is alive, death is silenced, God is alive, Christ is risen.
Yesterday, today, tomorrow. I'm forever forgiven.

Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. To Jesus be all the glory and praise. Christ is risen. In the book of apostles you find every time they preach they talk about the resurrection of Jesus. Even more than the cross. The cross is very important. Of course. That is where it all happens. Jesus bore our sin and sicknesses, carried them away. They preached in the book of acts every time when a sermon is recorded you will find emphasis on the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. What does that means for us today, the resurrection of Jesus? Jesus was raised not in the same way that widow's son was raised from the dead only to die again or the way Lazarus was raised to die again. Jesus was raised from the death with a glorified body never to die again. The Bible promises that we, in the book of Philippians, our body will be transformed like unto his glorious body. Hallelujah. Any time soon. The Lord is coming back for us. Praise the name of Jesus.

You may think this life now being quarantined or confined to your home is the new normal. The Bible tells us very clearly in Matthew 24, Jesus talking about the end times before his coming. He says that "No one know the the day or the hour. Not even angels in heaven. For as the days of Noah, people were eating and drinking", so life was normal. Life was back to normal just prior to the coming of our Lord Jesus. And the rapture is soon right now. So, you know, this coronavirus thing will come to an end and life will going back to normal, that many people will forget the Lord and will not take warning from the Lord's words that he is coming back soon. So praise the Lord.

I want to share a word that will bless you and your family back home. I believe God has spoken this word in my heart, and I just want to share with you, so sit back, relax and receive the word. Stay tuned, because every word, I feel that this teaching today is more prophetic and God will show you thing God showed me last year. He gave me a word, rather two years ago in 2018, gave me a word about a new strain of healing coming upon the world. God has released something into the world. A "new strain" if you would. A new release of anointing of healing in the land, causing miracles, unprecedented. Miracles like you've not seen before. But the devil can see what God is doing,cause he is a spirit being. He is playing catch up. So, he release things, but when the devil does things he is always doing things in the same realm. He is doing things in physical realm, we walk by faith and not by sight, amen.

So, God has done something and the devil is playing catch up. In 2018, when I prophesied that the devil is gonna play catch up, by producing a new strain of virus against medical science. It takes a long time to produce a vaccine, let's pray in the name of Jesus that will be accelerated, amen? But until then, there is a place of protection for his people. For you and i. That is Psalm 91 verse one, "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty". Notice that this is the verse, that is the key to all the promises of Psalm 91 where it says, "No evil will befall you", no plague, no COVID-19 virus will come near your dwelling. "You will not be afraid of terror by night nor arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that walks in darkness nor the destruction that lays wait at noon day. A thousand may fall at your sight and ten thousand at your right hand, but he will not come near you. Surely he will deliver you", not maybe, "Surely he will deliver you from the perilous pestilence".

We are seeing perilous pestilence right now. And the Bible says that God promises to his people, to those who are in the secret place of the Most High, a place of protection. A place of deliverance. We need to settle this phrase here. What do you mean? A verse that opens up, a gateway of all the blessings and protection promises of Psalm 91. So, we need to settle what is a secret place of the Most High. It says here, "He who dwells in the secret place". In the Hebrew the word "Dwells" is "Sit", "Yashav". It is a picture of rest. And for example in easter you will hear "Mowshaf" is where I stay. It's from the word "Yashav", my dwelling place.

The reason I'm sharing this is because today there are teachings like only a select few can be in the secret place of the Most High. Only those who are especially sanctified can be in the secret place of the Most High. I even hear things like the secret place is something that, you know, you dwell there but you don't live there, or it is not a place you come and visit once in a while. But honestly, friends, when we realize the truth of what that place is, you cannot remove yourself from this place. You only have to realize this. Why? Because you are seated with Christ in heavenly places. The secret place is actually the place of the Mashiach, the Messiah of Israel. And the Old Testament is in the secret form. Messiah is not yet revealed, so he is in secret place, amen. He is the secret place. Praise God.

And we are now the dream of the Psalmist to dwell in the secret place of Most High, where all blessings of protection are on you and your family. The dream he has is our reality. Look at this verse (Ephesians 2:4-7), "God who is rich in mercy, because of his great love with which he loved us", I love this, this says God does not just love us, he loves us with a great love. Amen. "Even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved). And raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus". He made us sit together. So, during this time of resurrection season, that we remember our Lord was raised from the dead, the Bible tells us, the Lord was raised, when he was raised, he was not raised alone - we were raised in Him, hallelujah. "He raised us up together made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus", amen.

So, when you think about the resurrection of Jesus, think of it as you have a special interest in it. Because you were raised in Him. Whatever happened to Jesus happened to you. And your history with Jesus started nor when Jesus walked by the shores of Galilee, not at that time, but when he was at the cross - that is when God put you and i, at the cross and we were crucified with Christ, so that the old man, that part that loved to sin, that part that is rebellious, that part that came from the fallen nature of man, that part that is subject to sickness and disease, that part that is corrupt, was crucified once and for all at the cross. Now, today, to our experience, the old man seems real, but to God and to faith it is done away. Hallelujah. It is finished. It is put aside. And the Bible says we are all new creations in Christ.

So, your history in Christ begin at the cross. God put you there and whatever happened to Christ - happened to you. He was buried - we were buried with Him, and hence we demonstrate that, when we believe on Christ we are baptized. Then you are raised together with Christ together with Christ. You know how far God raised Christ? God raised Him far above all principality and power and might and dominion and every name that is named, not only in this world, but that which is to come. COVID-19 is a name, and the Bible says God raised Jesus and we in Him far above every name that is named. Not only in this world, in the present world, but in the world to come. We have been raised with Christ. I like to say it like this every morning when I wake up. "Father, I thank you, that my family and i, we are in Christ risen. Far above COVID-19 virus". I want to see more of that in awhile.

But notice, that our history began at the cross, and from then on we are irrecoverably, I like to say that way, forevermore in Christ, amen. God cannot remove you out of Christ, because to do that he will have to remove Christ. Today my real identity is Christ, amen. I live, yet not i, but Christ lives in me and the life that I now live I live by the faith of the Son of God who loves me and gave himself for me. Amen.

Now, back to this again - "Yashav", the word for sit down, sit down. The first thing we have to do, in regards to this coronavirus is... Do you noticed that a lot of people are in a state of panic. Many of them are depressed, that many new cases of people are getting depressed. Psychiatrists talking about it on an unprecedented scale. But I want to tell you this, that God has a place where you can be safe and secure. And every day he wants you not to just know mentally you are seated with Christ, but everyday you came to Him you say, "Father, I thank you". Use that place. Amen. I say it reverently - use that place. Say, "Father, I thank you, that my family and I are safe and secure in Christ, in Christ risen". We are above principality and power, far above depression, far above the COVID-19 virus. Far above the power of the evil one. And that is in reality what you really are right now in God's eyes. And God sees reality.

Now, you ask the question, "Pastor Prince, how do you explain that? Because my body is here on earth. I'm tuned in and I'm watching you in the the comfort of my home. My body is on the sofa. How can you say that I'm seated with Christ"? Well, my friend, God is outside time and space, so is your spirit man. Your spirit man is outside time and space. Amen? You are not confined to time. That is why the cross is outside time and outside space. That's why Jesus can die for the sins of all the people. In the Old Testament all the way from Adam as well as those who came after him, amen, all of us are the post era of the church, the church that came after. We are all the future generation. He died for our sins as well. Why? Because the cross is outside time. And your spirit man, even right now as I'm preaching, my spirit is seated with Christ in heavenly places. And your spirit is the real you.

You are three parts, God is a triune God. He is a Trinity. Father, son, Holy Spirit, one God. Three distinct persons in one God. God has made us in his image. We are tripartite, amen. The real us is the spirit, we have a soul, our mind and we live in a body. If your heart stops beating, you step out of your body. If you're wondering, "Hei, who is this good-looking corpse right down there"? And it's you. But you aren't able to communicate to people who are in the body, because you are now out of your body. The Bible says, "We will not be unclothed. God will clothe us in his glorified body, when Jesus comes again". So all those who died in Christ, the Bible use the phrase, "They fall asleep" amen. Because you just step out of your body and realize, even in an accident, you know, your body is damaged and you step out. You're alive. You are more alive than ever, because if you realized it, your body can be a cumbrance. We have grown accustomed with the cumbrance of our body, that we live with that the pain, we live with the slowness, but when we step out - we are unlimited.

So, that is your spirit man. You are seated with Christ in heavenly places. I want to share this with you, because I like to study some of the Jewish writings. And there's one interesting Targum Jonathan, it was probably written first century. First hundred years after Jesus died. And Targum Yonathan written, and it is believed that Jonathan Ben Uzziel, son of Uzziel, actually wrote down the oral traditions, oral sharing of prophets Malachi, Zechariah and Haggai. He puts it in one translation called "Targum", which means translation Jonathan. The reason I'm saying this, because when Jonathan translated the Proverbs 18 verse 14, it says "The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit"? And what is interesting, when he translated the word sickness. The word sickness in Hebrew is, the generic word "מחלה", which means sickness.

When you say the person has a sickness, what sickness? Diabetes? Does he have high blood pressure? What kind of sickness? So, the word "Sickness" is a generic word, but in Targum Jonathan, he translating this verse... You know what Jonathan says about this particular word sickness of all the sickness? He used a Hebrew word "Corona". The spirit of a man will sustain corona. Now, what is the word "Sustain"? Sustain, we think of sustain as just bear it. Yes, the word "Bear" is there in this word "Sustain", but the Hebrew word for sustain is actually this word "Kul", which means "To protect". It's not just sustain to endure, but to protect him in sickness. And what Jonathan said, we can interpret that "The spirit of a man will protect him from corona". Seems like that part is prophetic. It came from one of the prophets, the post exile prophet, that part is accurate. It is amazing that this book that was written first hundred years first century A.D. still record down is "Corona", amen?

But notice what he is saying, "The spirit of a man will protect him from corona". We say that a strong immune system will protect us from corona. You know, there is always a danger my friend, when you start trusting the flesh. Our immune system is part of the flesh. You can strengthen your immune system. You can take this and that and all the king of things, but the good thing for the heart to be established with grace, not with food, because all food is fallen, no matter how great the food is. We live in a fallen world. Don't put your trust in creation - put your trust in redemption, the Lord's supper, amen, the bread and the wine or the juice, receive that as a broken body of Jesus. Put your trust and health in redemption, amen? Praise the Lord.

So, once again, our spirit man is seated with Christ. That is where we are in the spirit. God's way to defeat this plague, amen, is arise higher, to stand higher. It is not try to fight it like this using... We thank God, I'm praying that the cure, the vaccination will be imminent soon, amen? But, I pray that for the world. As children of God, we need to put our trust in supernatural. This is a realm we live in. Our spirit man cannot be seen, but our spirit man is seated with Christ in heavenly places. God says always, "Rise higher my beloved. Rise up my beloved". In fact, in song of songs God says "Rise up". He says come, "O my dove, that art in the clasp of the rocks, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see your countenance, let me hear your voice, for sweet is your voice and countenance is comely". Let me see your countenance, let me hear your voice.

During this time the Lord would love for us to just come to Him and realize that place of nearness to God. Because if you are seated with Christ in heavenly places, at the Father's right hand, then God is at your right hand. So, you are so close as you pray. You don't have to say, "Father, I come to you", God is high up there. These are people who are natural people when they pray. People, when they first time pray, they imagined that God is far away. But for the believer, you are so close. You are in the secret place of the Most High. Amen. And you pray in that nearness, knowing that God is so close to you, and then you pray.

And notice in song of songs it says this, "Let me see your face and let me hear your voice". Now we talk about prayer. And prayer is important. But what God wants is for you to come before Him, he wants you to be there. You don't say anything. Notice, "Let me see your face first and let me see your countenance first, then let me hear your voice". Love is talking, he is loving on you. He wants you to be with Him. He wants you to come close to Him before he hears your voice. He said, "Let me see your face first then let me hear your voice", amen? It says here, the passage before this is beautiful. Ant then it says here, "Rise up my love", again the answer is "Ascend higher", amen. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus.

Another thing the Bible says, the Lord Jesus is waiting for at this time. The Father's right hand. He is waiting for, in 1 Corinthians chapter 15. It says, "He must reign until he puts all enemies under his feet". He must reign, not corona. Even though the word corona in latin means crown, even this small virus is reigning in the earth, it seams, but friends it is temporal. He reigns until he puts all enemies as one of the all enemies he must reign until the enemy is under his feet. When he comes again there is only one enemy left, not COVID-19 virus, not poverty, not depression, not addiction, not sinful bondage - all enemies by then one by one were put under his feet. The only enemy left is physical death.

The Bible says, "Jesus will reign until he puts his enemies under his feet". Now, why is that important? Because the Bible says, there is a verse of scripture talking about Psalmist David, David himself said Mark 12. "By the Holy Spirit", it is by the Holy Spirit. He says "The Lord said to my Lord 'seat at my right hand until I make your enemy your footstool'". Sit on my right hand. God is here. The father is here. Amen. And I'm seated at his right hand. The Father is not speaking to me, he is speaking to his son. "The Lord said to my Lord, 'seat at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstools"'. So, we established just now that Jesus will reign, and that is happening with every passing day. With every passing day, one more enemy is put under his feet. The world for us is going to get better and better in our world. Outside is getting darker and darker, but for us, every enemy, in fact last month, compared to this month, more enemies have been put under his feet since then. This year more enemies are put under his feet than last year, because he must reign until all his enemies are under his feet.

The Father said to Jesus, "Sit on my right hand". What is that? That is rest. Until what? "I", not Jesus, the Father said to Him sit on my right hand, Father said to Jesus sit on my right hand "Until I make your enemies" - name all the enemies you can imagine, all the enemies, whether it is addiction, depression, sinful bondage one is in. Name it all. COVID-19 virus is an enemy. It is destroying lives. God is out to save lives. God says "Sit when you rest at my right hand, I will make all your enemies your footstool", amen? But notice what the Father said first. "Rest. Rest and I will make that". That is what the Lord said to Jesus. We are raised together with Christ. We are seated with Christ. Amen.

We are raised with Christ, seated with Christ, therefore we must have the same attitude. If you want to see your enemies come under your feet and you are in Christ, it is brought under Jesus it is your feet in Him. The Bible says to you, "Sit down". If you want an enemy defeated in your life, sit down. "Pastor prince I have depression. It disturbs me at night. The world is getting darker and darker. I don't know how to get out of it. The more medicine I take the more I'm in bondage. I get in a cycle. The medicine is making me more depressed". There is hope, my friend. The first thing you have to do is rest. The first thing, against any challenge in your life, if the devil presents a new challenge, it is a new stepping down if you will. When devil says, "What are you going to do about this"? You say, "Nothing. The Father will make you my footstool". "What are you going to do about this symptom in your body"? "Nothing. The father will make that my footstool".

When I say "Nothing", it does not mean God leaves you to find some information, to go to a doctor, whatever you ignore that - no. But, I'm saying that your spirit must always be at rest in Christ risen at the Father's right hand. But many times you take this posture, even the symptom goes away, and the devil says, "Well, times are bad. Right? Will you still have a job in a few months time? Are you unemployed? Are you able to get a job? During this season the world is in"? God says, "How do you respond to that"? "What are you going to do", the devil says. He will use the mouth of people. The press and all that. "What are you going to do"? Your response is "You". God is saying, "You do nothing. Sit". Sit with every fresh challenge there is a fresh sitting.

So, what am I saying? I'm saying: have this attitude. I call it "The throne attitude". The throne attitude is: I sit down - God take care of my enemies. The devil says, "You are too irresponsible. What are you going to do"? You tell the devil, "It is not me. The battle is the Lord's. I would not touch it". Just like the tithe is the Lord's, I would not touch the tithe. The battle is the Lord's. I won't touch it. I just say to Lord, "Lord, this is your battle". What am I doing? I'm resting. When I rest, he will make my enemies my footstool. Your footstool is a very personal application. All of us have the privilege, we're sitting down, letting God make our enemies our footstools. Your footstool. Your footstool is a very personal application.

I pray all of us, family, I pray all of us will come to that place of sitting down. As far as concerned God sees us there already. We don't realize it in our life. We don't walk in it. One of the pictures I gave to the church, earlier this year, my first sermon this year. I present the team of the year, I pray the month before, December, last year. I will pray for the team. And the team of the year, our church is, the year of time and space. And who would have thought that we will be in a time, time seems to move so slow. And faith seems to be restricted. Then spiritually God is bringing us to a higher place. Let me show you the picture of the temple of Solomon. As a theme of the year. We showed the people for the first time the first Sundays Sunday this year.

Praise God, amen. We see the temple of Solomon. There are three floors adjoined to it. This reminds me of what Jesus said in my Father's house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you. This is where the priests and the Levites would live. The storehouse of grains, wine, oil as well as the gold and silver. It speaks to our day and age. Little did I know when I preached this earlier in the year, how this three chambers, three rooms would be open to us in times of this year. As you step in first place is the place of grain, the wine and the oil.

Now, last year, I released a book on holy communion. I preached about this truth God is restoring to the body of Christ. We see all kinds of miracles and testimonies as I result of this teaching. The church is rising up. God does not want us to just remember, but often. And how receiving that body receiving wholeness, life and health for your body, amen. Little did I know, last year, the emphasis was on communion in my preaching, in my tour all over America, we were ushered into a year where the grain, wine and oil would be fore motion. Foremost. First floor they gathered bread, wine and the oil. Amen?

You have the communion, with the oil. That is the first part of the year. And who ever expect that COVID-19 would hit first part of the year? They saw the bread, wine and oil. On three floors, the first floor, the nether most chamber was five cubit broad middle was six cubit broad and the third was seven cubit broad. First chamber five cubit middle six and last seven. So it is ever increasing. It may seem your faith is ever decreasing. God is saying, I'm giving you an ever increasing space. And we are seeing this happen online service more people are tuning in than we would have on a given Sunday this never happened before not just my testimony but testimony of all my brothers and fellow ministers all over the world they are seeing a unprecedented move of God causing people who hear the Word of God like never before on an ever increasing scale.

I wish I had more time to share that. I will leave you with this. From the first floor, they go to the second floor by winding stairs, the door for the middle chamber was on the right side of the house they went up with winding stairs into the middle chamber and out of the middle into the third. Watch this now. From the first floor you go up to the second floor by the winding stairs. What is the difference of the winding stair or straight stair? The truth is this. You gain maximum height in the shortest amount of time. Gaining maximum height in the shortest amount of time. Not only that. When you go up the winding stairs you don't see the end. Like COVID-19 situation you cannot see the end of it, God does not want you to see the end of it. Let's stop asking how did this virus come about. There are all kinds of opinions: it's God's judgments. It's Satan's attack. Maybe is both. Maybe is it from China or a biochemical plant or the bat or the rat or Gotham City. It does not matter anymore. Amen.

Let's not worry about the ending as well, because Jesus said at the sermon on the mount: live one day at a time. The provision that God gives you, the grace of God, it is wisdom: it is only one day at a time. Manna fell in the wilderness for the children's of Israel one day at a time. Don't store today's manna for tomorrow. Everyday God will give you a fresh manna. There is no grace to see the ending of it today. Amen? Take one step at a time around the winding stair. You can't see the end, but you are going higher and higher. You are going higher and higher to a wider space with more reach than ever before. Before you know it, you are there in a higher place. God's way always is to ascend higher. Praise God. I'm getting excited. Amen. Praise the name of Jesus. Amen.

Second floor. Six cubits broad. Second floor is the place the priest would rest. It is where they sleep. This is where they lay aside their labor and rest. It is a place of rest. I believe that God is bringing us all to a place of rest. Even for the world, workaholics have no choice but to be in their homes. Amen. Let me talk to the body of Christ. God wanting us to rest spiritual rest, my friend. Spiritual rest. Hallelujah. Seated in Christ in heavenly places. I believe we are coming to that place. In Mark 14 Jesus said: go ahead. A man will be found with a pitcher. Seeing a man carry a pitcher of water is a unique sight. He has a pitcher of living water. For you and your family. Follow Him. Follow Him and wherever he goes, the teacher says "Where is the guest room which I may eat the passover with my disciples? Then he will show you a large upper room furnished and prepared. A large upper room furnished and prepared. Make ready for us".

This is a second story of a Jewish home. Usually a wealthy person. When Jesus says I'm bringing you and your family to a large upper room, make ready. Prepare. Furnished. The Greek word, prepared ready. Furnished. God promised Israel. I bring you to a land where you will eat from vineyard, using a plant. Drink water from wells you did not dig. You will live in houses you did not build. What is that saying? That is saying you enjoy rest through the work of another. Today we enjoy rest through the work of another, amen. And we are risen with Him at the Father's right hand. Hallelujah. Don't think what you shall eat and drink but live one day at a time for the peace of your mind. What will happen? What will happen? What if, what if? No. Go up the steps one step at a time. Be obedient.

Galatians 5, be obedient. It says, "Since we live by the spirit, let us keep in step with the spirit". Let us keep in step. God chose one step at a time. You don't know you are an ascending. You don't know you are going to a larger place. But you are, my friend. You are. Even during COVID-19 virus, the more inward we go the more outward we have. It is faith. One person is behind the camera I'm preaching by faith. So friend, God wants you in a place of rest. Rest and see God do all the rest for you. All your enemies, no matter what they are, God will cause one by one to come right under your feet. Under your feet means you have the victory over them. Not you doing it the battle is the Lord's, look to Him. Trust Him.

I feel right now there are people experiencing all kinds of healing already. There is a man, you have a pain that a lot of problem getting up from the bed in the morning or from the sofa. Stand up right now in Jesus' name. Your lower back pain. Stand up in Jesus' name you will find yourself healed. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen. There is a man, I think you fractured your rib. Right now if you can move the rib see what the Lord is doing, it is a fracture. God is speaking something's happening now you are feeling warm in that area in Jesus' name receive the healing now. You have been healed in Jesus' name. There is a man experiencing, you have been diagnosed, the doctor has given you medicine for your heart you have a blocked artery, but right now you feel such a power, strength into your body. Friend you are healed in Jesus' name. Amen.

God is still healing people. Kidney condition being healed. All this can be verified. Go to the doctor get the testimony. Please write to TBN, write to us at New Creation Church. Let us know what God is doing, even as I say goodbye to you, there are all kinds of healing happening. Cancer being healed. Hallelujah. Amen, amen. Somebody, your eyes are opening up. I don't know if you have partial blindness or total but your sight is being restored in Jesus' name.

I leave you with this verse, amen. Romans four. Christ was delivered up because of our offenses. He was raised up because of our being declared righteous. Let me leave you with this gift. You are declared righteous. Because you know why? Christ was delivered at the cross for our offenses. He would never have been raised from the dead if God had not declared us righteous. It is his work at the cross if not perfect God would not have raised from the dead we would not be declared righteous. The same body that bore our sin at the cross a few days ago rose from the dead without our sins. He is at the Father's right hand where all our sins gone and gone forever. Surely he has borne our diseases at the cross. In heaven, where are our diseases? At the Father's right hand. Gone. In Jesus' name, amen, amen. Praise the Lord, hallelujah.

If you have not received Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord I give you this opportunity. If you are watching this, your sins were placed on Christ he knew no sins. In Him is no sin but he bore your sin in his body they were placed on Him. He became your substitute and he died on the cross. As scripture says he died because of your offenses because of my offenses God raised Him from the dead without offenses. What Jesus did on your behalf is perfect. God raised Him. Friend, if you want Him to be your personal Savior and Lord say:

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I thank you. Christ was delivered for all my offenses. He suffered my judgment at the cross. I thank you that you raised him from the dead, when I was declared righteous. Declared righteous forever. Thank you, father, in your eyes I am the righteous of God in Christ. Jesus Christ is my Lord. In Jesus name.

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