says i have more understanding why than all my teachers why because your testimonies are my meditation so as you meditate on god's word amen take a verse of scripture and meditate on god's word your wife shall be a fruitful vine look at her and see wow she hits me hey man she is a fruitful vine don't just see her in the natural see her in the supernatural the way god sees her amen praise the lord amen look at your husband and say he's a blessed man hallelujah he's a blessed man whatever he does prospers i see my husband like an oak tree i see him like a solid tree planted by the rivers of water amen there's a herzone vision that can turn around any marriage hallelujah praise god and notice that sakhale here sunya me and tsunami is used by the lord in the parable of the soul and the seat remember in matthew 13 it says here therefore hear the parable of the sower when anyone hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it then the wicked one comes and snatches away what was sown in his heart this is he who received seed by the wayside notice notice what causes the devil to come and snatch away what was sown in his heart and that was he heard the word of the kingdom he tuned into the online every sunday he tunes in but he does not understand it the word understand is the word suniya me which is sakal in hebrew does not put two and two together he's not able to you know why he hears but he does not meditate because we see tsunami comes from meditation amen it's not just enough i heard the word amen after you get up and pastor prince pronounced the benediction amen think about which verse spoke to you of all the verses i shared amen and i share a lot of verses i'll find a verse that speaks to you and meditate on it and then memorize it first and then chew on it the whole way meditate on it hallelujah amen in the midst of your trouble meditate on on god's word and you feel like you're having a feast he prepares a table before the presence of your enemies amen hallelujah you feel like you're having a feast you feel like you have found great spoil hallelujah and but the only thing different is that it's better than silver and gold and the best stock market uh uh you know investment that you can ever have hallelujah it's better than all that amen so this man it's not that he didn't hear the word he heard the word even the devil came and snatched away what was what sown in his heart and that was he heard the word and the word dropped into his heart but then he didn't meditate on it he didn't water it by meditation a man just like you know uh the idea of a roman animal a cow there's four stomachs he brings that brings up the food the cut and then he swallows again to the second stomach and then he he brings up again until it becomes nutrients amen hallelujah to him praise the lord we need to meditate and meditate on god's word the idea there is like a chewing the cut day and night it's not enough just to hear amen you need to meditate and that's where sarkar comes in that's where tsunami comes in you're able to put oh i see it i see it now i know how to apply this in my life yeah i see it now i see it now i cannot make you see it amen you can hear what i'm teaching but you need to meditate ask god for the spirit of wisdom and revelation amen and meditate on verses that speak to you will you do that will you do that and at night when you cannot sleep i want to show you a testimony of someone who assisted from singapore she says this for the past two months i have been suffering from insomnia i would wake up in the middle of the night at 3 30 a.m and will not be able to go back to sleep it was especially stressful for me as i was looking after my daughter my husband had to work in the office so i was left on my own to take care of my daughter and the house i had to take pills in order to fall asleep and was fearful that once i stopped taking them the insomnia would return one day i heard one of pastor prince's sermons where he encouraged those who are suffering from insomnia to read the word before going to sleep that night i felt led to stop taking the pills and had peace as i did so i read pastor princess eat your way to life and health and i partook of the holy communion before i went to sleep and i was declaring that sleep is a gift from god and i'm redeemed from insomnia now listen to this i kept meditating i kept meditating on psalms 127 verse 2 which says that the lord gives his beloved sleep even a verse like that it's a short verse he gives his beloved sleep what a verse to meditate on amen as you are on the bed hey man you're gonna sleep meditate don't count sheep amen invent you on god's word feed on god's word after doing this for a few nights i woke up one morning pleasantly surprised i had slept more hours than usual and the quality of sleep was good even without the sleeping pills you know that's important because people sleep nine hours and they wake up groggy they don't feel good the quality of sleep was even wonderful imagine she said i have been having more good quality sleep thank you jesus for redeeming me from sleepless nights and the same can happen to you my friend amen i feel like there are people watching this and you have been having you know faithful nights where you just feel like you know you're tossing and turning and you're afraid because in the morning you have to go to work and let me tell you there's many things on god's word even you got three hours of sleep four hours there'll be an energy there'll be a supernatural energy in fact in psalms 119 it says quicken down me according to your word question tell me the word this make me come alive amen physically amen the word of the idea of health reviving amen reinvigorating quicken down me according to your word hallelujah praise the lord you know when i was young i i was a very nervous person especially when you know in secondary school not primary school in secondary school the teacher will always come in realize that i had this predicament and made me of all the people in the class as a whole at school make me stand up to read and you know i can't even read let alone give a speech right i can't even read and the book and the words are in front of me i can't even read i would just be stuttering stuttering i had stuttering problem and then the girls would start laughing the more they laughed the more nervous i became my ears would go red and and you know i i fear going to school because of this condition i remember a passage from jeremiah that god gave me in those days and i was reading this and jeremiah was a young prophet yeah the bible says he was a young prophet in fact when god called him he says i'm a youth i'm a young prophet i'm a young i'm a young young man but god was calling him to the prophetic ministry imagine that he was a youth and he's supposed to preach against the uh the princes of judah and all the elders and the leaders and he was afraid to stand in front of them so i remember that this verse came to me but it was only later on when god called me into the ministry that this verse came alive because even then i had i had you know problems preaching in front of people i was very nervous and sometimes the thoughts of my stuttering came back and i was very nervous to even speak to a few people in the in the room and this is the verse that god gave me and back then i didn't know about her zone vision i didn't know about all this but this is what god says therefore prepare yourself and arise and speak to them all that i command you do not be dismayed before their faces i was afraid of people's faces all right i look at their face and and i would sometimes uh judge how they were assessing me by their face and god says don't be afraid of their faces unless i dismay you before them for behold now this is the his own vision he gave me now back then i didn't know it was his own vision but this is what he said i see you like this son i have made you this day a fortified city an iron pillar and bronze walls not stony walls bronze walls bronze is resilient against fire hey man it is very strong it endures fire so these walls cannot be burned down i've made you a fortified city an iron pillar bronze walls against the whole land against the kings of judah against his princes against his priests against the people of the land they'll fight against you but they shall not prevail against you for i'm with you says the lord to deliver you now think about it it's a context of preaching you know jeremiah's call was to preach to these people and yet god says they will not be able to fight you in your preaching why because god says i i look i'm making you a fortified city amen i'm making you an iron pillar not just any pillar an iron pillar and i begin to see myself when i stand in front of a crowd i begin to see myself a fortified city iron pillar hallelujah iron pillar man six packs okay iron pillar amen amen bronze wall so i look at the people's faces and i just you know it's like water off the duck's back hey man i allowed that vision to occupy my mind and i began to be obsessed amen that's the word meditate amen over that that that visual picture god gave me iron i'm a fortified city amen i'm a bronze wall hallelujah i am iron pillar amen praise the lord but still i you know in the natural i must i don't always feel adequate but many times that vision came to my rescue hallelujah praise the lord so maybe god speak to you but you know the bible is full of herzone vision treasures that god wants to bring into your life for you to meditate on for you to fill your the eyes of your heart with amen and all of a sudden one day you'll wake up and you'll find where's that fear where is that fear and the bible says you will find his place no more hallelujah praise the lord thank you jesus i pray this to encourage you to meditate on god's word amen find a simple verse of scripture amen a verse that speaks to you maybe it's one of the verses that i shared with you just now maybe it's a verse the entrance of your words gives light meditate on it meditate on it and you do not know that you are fast becoming a discerning and wise man or woman but you can see it but others will see it and your profiting will appear to all you will make your way prosperous and you will have good success amen just like jesus our lord jesus he grew up meditating on on god's word amen and that's why even in the temptation the wilderness his only response was it is written it is written it is written amen at the cross he actually quoted the entire psalm psalms 22 amen his heart was full of the scriptures full of the word of god just like paul told timothy in 2nd timothy chapter 3 it says from a child you have known the holy scriptures which are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith in christ jesus notice this salvation here is a the word soteria is the noun of sozo all right it's a all-inclusive word don't just think of safe from hell i'm born again i'll never go to hell don't just think of that that is the beginning amen you are safe and you're safe forever hallelujah but soteria means well-being protection preservation wholeness health mental well-being it's all in that word so terrier so the scriptures notice paul timothy from a child and timothy's mother and grandmother were all believers and they trained him well you know parents take time amen to train your children in the ways of the lord teach them give them a memory verse they might not like it at first amen but tell them you know this will help you amen this will uh help you when you are afraid whenever you are alone or you feel afraid think of this verse bring this verse up amen the lord is my shepherd i will not like you are with me your rod and your stuff see yourself as a sheep taken care of the lord walks with his staff to protect you amen you're not alone the lord is with you and you know you on the right goodness follows you lord on the left mercy follows you make them memorize god's word and teach them how to meditate on god's word you know i i would tell justin about meditation and once a while when i'm muttering he'll look at me and say abba are you meditating i said yes amen tell your children what you're doing amen you lead not just by precept by telling them but also by example amen and and meditate god's word in front of them in fact there's a verse that says if you talk about god's word literally in uh deuteronomy 11 it says uh if you speak of god's word lying down rising up walking by the way amen god says he'll multiply your days and the days of your children like the days of heaven upon the earth wow days of heaven upon the earth i pray that you'll take this challenge my friend and meditate on god's word amen and in the wee hours of the night if you wake up and you feel like you feel like a uh a feel like a panic attack you know come on you all right don't focus on the fear focus on god's word now what's my memory verse now what is that verse i'm i'm supposed to chew on and bring that verse up if you can't moderate mastery softly don't just try to keep it in your head because you find that that's a problem sometimes remember your moderate your focus will be there amen monterey monterey amen praise the lord and i'm telling you this you are reinvigorating yourself you might have only a few hours sleep but it's going to be good sleep hallelujah praise the lord thank you lord jesus hallelujah god is healing someone of a lung condition and i see a dark spot on your lung and the lord has healed you of that condition you go back to the doctor and get the report and when you do please let us know hallelujah thank you lord jesus uh there is someone you're watching this and even just now as you're watching your eyes begin to water and this happens quite often watery eyes and and the lord is healing you right now you find that it's almost like there's a clarity that you you seldom have in your eyes amen if you need to please verify with the doctor and please write to us and let us know about it thank you lord jesus someone even we have a shoulder condition and you cannot leave your shoulder all the way up do it right now in the name of the lord jesus christ lift it lift it lift it in jesus name hallelujah amen come on punch into the air hey man there's the punch of victory hallelujah amen you are healed in the name of the lord jesus christ thank you father god thank you father god someone ever a knee condition um i i think it is your yeah in fact they're not showing me both sides yeah both side people people with right knee as well as people with left knee conditions both are being healed right now if you move your knee up and down you'll find the pain is no more there amen you are the one the lord has healed you praise the lord amen once you verified the results amen write to us also let us know about it praise the lord we can rejoice with you hallelujah what god has done for you god wants to do for others as well and and testimony will trigger off other testimonies praise the lord thank you lord jesus amen amen amen praise the lord and i see someone when you lie down at night you have this uh it happens quite often you have this heartburn heartburn and it's causing you some sleepless nights already and the lord is healing you right now in fact you feel another kind of heartburn right now womp and all those areas god is healing you to the very root cause of that thing even now in jesus name amen so whatever your ailment is whatever your condition is amen i want to pray for you right now in the name of the lord jesus because god always confirmed the word with signs and wonders following amen he does not confirm man's words he confirmed his word hallelujah so if you can't stand to your feet if you can amen lift your hands to the lord and and right right now just say father i thank you for your spirit of wisdom and revelation enlightening the eyes of my heart thank you father god in jesus name now father fill their hearts lord fill their visions lord with visions of life health longevity amen freedom from ailments amen in the name of the lord jesus for my words they are life unto those that find them and health health health to all their flesh hallelujah see that my friend see yourself as a tree planted by the rivers of water as i pray for you right now amen by the rivers of water can you see those rivers of water you're always being refreshed you're never lacking amen your life will never wither amen see whatever you do prosper sometimes you make a mistake even your mistake prospers god will turn it out for good amen don't foolishly go purposely go make a mistake to prove that amen but whatever he does prosperous means whatever he does prospers hallelujah thank you father god in the name of jesus father right now touch lord right now everyone lord in the name of the lord jesus that is suffering in any way lord in their body or in their emotions or in their minds lord in the name of the lord jesus pour in the oil and the wine and heal them completely lord of it in the name of the lord jesus christ yeah he is the healer of a broken heart i see someone a woman i don't know why but you've been doing a lot of crying recently and the lord is healing your heart it's like oil is being poured in amen his his wonderful medicine with no side effects is being poured in amen he's healing your heart and one of the one of the assignments of the messiah and the anointing that god gave him is to heal the broken heart there's a lot of people with broken hearts amen god is healing you right now as you are watching this be healed my friend in the name of the lord jesus christ now i pronounce your body's heal in the name of the lord jesus christ i pronounce your mind to be at peace amen in mental poise amen in calmness in jesus name hallelujah your emotions not running wild amen in the name of the lord jesus like a waters of quietness amen where he leads you beside the waters of quietness on your emotions in jesus name thank you father hallelujah hallelujah there's such a peace i feel it will you keep jesus from now on in your eyes amen amen and and continue to increase in wisdom and stature in favor with god and man amen that like jesus did as he grew up praise the lord thank you lord jesus my friend if you have never received jesus as your personal savior and lord all this that i'm sharing are for believers amen but you haven't even entered the kingdom yet the storehouse is full of blessings for you and the father runs to receive you amen if you just take one step towards him amen if you say i'm a sinner but christ died for sinners he died on the cross for all my sins he had no sins to die for he died for me in my place he took my judgment so god can never judge me again if i put my trust in christ my friend if that is you pray this prayer with me right now say heavenly father i thank you for saving me i thank you that you sent jesus christ who died on the cross for my sins who became a curse for me that i might be blessed who was rejected that i might be accepted thank you lord he took all my shame he took all my sins he took all my diseases and i thank you lord that you gave me his righteousness in him thank you lord jesus he was made thick with my sickness that i might be made the health of god in him thank you father jesus christ say it jesus christ is my lord and savior [Music] i thank you father you have raised him from the dead and he's alive and i see him at your right hand thank you lord hallelujah i'm safe forever safe all my sins are forgiven in jesus name if you pray that prayer my friend you are now a child of god born again all things are passed away all things have become new amen praise the lord okay stand to your feet hallelujah i love blessing you people i love blessing you amen thank you lord jesus i believe that it's not just uh you know like people say i pronounce the benediction like in a formal religious way i believe something happens when i pronounce it in the name of jesus amen being led by the spirit i know that that circumstances are rearranged something that the devil planned is now being taught being hindered because of this prayer this pronouncement of blessings over you amen lift your hands if you can't stand to your feet amen if you're with your wife hold your hand hallelujah it's time to hold hands again time to kiss here and there okay do it i command you hallelujah praise the lord lift your hands all across this place [Music] and everywhere that's watching this right now [Music] say father i trust you you are my refuge and my fortress from this colvit 19 virus in jesus name amen the lord bless you and the lord keep you the lord make his face to shine upon you and be favorable to you the lord protect you and your loved ones from the covet 19 virus from every infection from every disease from harm from tragedy from all the powers of darkness the lord grant you and your family's wonderful shalom well-being in your bodies in your minds and shalom peace multiplied in the name of the lord jesus christ and all the people said amen amen amen praise the lord love you all hallelujah god bless you