The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber - STAY (Official Video) Lyrics


I do the same thing, I told you that I never would

I told you I changed, even when I knew I never could

I know that I can't find nobody else as good as you

I need you to stay, need you to stay, hey

I get drunk, wake up, I'm wasted still

I realize the time that I wasted here

I feel like you can't feel the way I feel

I'll be fucked up if you can't be right here

Oh-whoa (oh-whoa, oh-whoa)

Oh-whoa (oh-whoa)

Oh-whoa (oh-whoa)

I'll be fucked up if you can't be right here

I do the same thing, I told you that I never would

I told you I changed, even when I knew I never could

I know that I can't find nobody else as good as you

I need you to stay, need you to stay, hey

I do the same thing, I told you that I never would

I told you I changed, even when I knew I never could

I know that I can't find nobody else as good as you

I need you to stay, need you to stay, yeah

When I'm away from you, I miss your touch (ooh)

You're the reason I believe in love

It's been difficult for me to trust (ooh)

And I'm afraid that I'ma fuck it up

Ain't no way that I can leave you stranded

'Cause you ain't never left me empty-handed

And you know that I know that I can't live without you

So, baby, stay

Oh-whoa (oh-whoa, oh-whoa)

Oh-whoa (oh-whoa)

Oh-whoa (oh-whoa)

I'll be fucked up if you can't be right here

I do the same thing, I told you that I never would

I told you I changed, even when I knew I never could

I know that I can't find nobody else as good as you

I need you to stay, need you to stay, yeah

I do the same thing, I told you that I never would

I told you I changed, even when I knew I never could

I know that I can't find nobody else as good as you

I need you to stay, need you to stay, hey


I need you to stay, need you to stay, hey

culture he tried agriculture he tried metallic mythology he tried everything you know

and he has the gift of wisdom to be able to employ all these things

and he says that whatever my i wanted i did not restrain myself at the end of

the book of ecclesiastes as well as the beginning it starts like this emptiness of emptiness

vanity of vanities think about it at the end he end up empty

so here god is saying you don't have to pursue that life i'll give you fulfillment jesus says i

come that you might have life and habit more abundantly if god gives you some some notoriety people recognize you and

all that is to serve the purpose all right it is not to serve you

and jesus said if you lose your life for his sake you will find it it is when you are trying to save your

life you're going to sacrifice all right you hear a call to surf uh maybe uh last week or a few weeks ago

you hear a call to serve the children for example you'll take sacrifice you'll sacrifice your time on sunday

especially i know because i did that when i was a teenager i served in sunday school it takes sacrifice

right but if you lose that time you lose you think you are losing it jesus says if you're doing it for his sake you'll

find it and when you find it it's like whoa what what a life

it's such a fulfillment you know people go back to sleep at night especially on sunday

sweet and i can't begin to tell and some of the people sitting in front here they

know they go a long way back with me they know when we were at the rock and all that and i was uh before that prior

to that i was working full time out there secular and still preaching

all right before we went to before i went full time you know something

i had the biggest deals after i preach

on sunday [Applause] how many still remember that and some of them experienced that some

of our this experience that the biggest deals

come when we are serving the purposes of the lord amen

the pastors here will testify every time we go to israel and i'm pouring in pouring into them and i'm

preaching and sharing the word blessing our guides blessing our our drivers

preaching the gospel to them god many of the people that followed us the jewish people saved

we are believing god for the star to be approved we come back the fire was approved

no sorry it was the proof while we were there many times things happened while we were there things happen we come back to a

fulfillment it's like the more you strive for something you try to save yourself in this you try to conserve yourself in

this you lose it but it's like you don't worry about that you do it for the lord it's like jesus says you lose your life

it's like you're losing your life but it's not losing your life you lose your life you find it

amen excuse me for a while appreciate pastor prince that's good preaching hallelujah thank you bro thank

you amen jesus says he that

seeks to save his life shall lose it he that's that that loses his life for my sake and

the gospels shall find it think about that

maybe you the more you try the more depressed you are the more things you consume the

more depressed you are the more you have the more depressed you are the more you you are recognized and you get all the

likes and all that the more depressed you are now there's no more likes on it but you know

it's like [Music]

and turn to a neighbor smile and say you got a high calling in christ amen

every calling you know if a bird is made to fly a bird should not try to swim

amen pastor lawrence you're made to be a human being don't be a monkey amen


success is doing what you were born to do what god has called you to do don't try

to be somebody else you're a copy you're not the real thing when you try

to be somebody else don't try to be like any any anyone else your calling is unique

amen praise the lord thank you jesus wow pastor prince you you come back and you bless us with all these things no no i

didn't bless you i bless you okay there's a difference okay bless and bless praise god all right

right to the word of god let's look at hosea 6 once again i know the holy spirit has been repeating this even in

pastor lauren's sermon amen no he's not monkey all the time i'm just kidding all right it was a great sermon and he

touched he touched on this as well and earlier in the year the lord had me touch on this because it is in joel's

prophecy that is the team of our year this year right and how amos and joel

and amos rather together is the prophecy and uh the year of rest and acceleration

and i'm seeing it happen we are resting and there's acceleration things are happening really fast even in

our church praise the lord thank you jesus amen you don't have to worry about making it fast you rest

he makes it fast amen you don't ask uh when will it happen your part is to rest right you

rest it accelerates praise god thank you jesus all right if you look at hosea 6

you'll find that god says after two days he'll revive us on the third day he will raise us up that we may live in his

sight let us know let us pursue the knowledge of the lord his going forth is established

as the morning that means it's established already he will come to us like the rain gashem in hebrew like the

latter malkosh and former reign moray to the earth okay so here we have god saying

something about the coming of our lord jesus and he gives us the divine hints in this two verses alone he says

after two days he'll revive us now in second peter uh peter says about the principle of

bible interpretation when you come to days right peter says by the holy spirit beloved do not forget this one thing

when it tells you not to forget don't forget the things that god tells us to don't remember

or to forget we remember god says remember we forget

yeah read the bible those things the bible says forget those things that are before we remember those things that are before the past

but you're not living before you're living now it's gone amen ensembles are living in

the future all right you know how you live in the future by worrying about the future all right more of that okay let's

let's come to this beloved do not forget this one thing that with the lord one day it says a thousand years and a thousand years with the lord like one

day so if you pray for something god says wait a minute okay you all work out the

mess i'm just kidding okay all right so one day with the lord a thousand years with

the lord is like just one day because there's no time you understand but the principle is still the thousand years is

mentioned there and the days are mentioned there so let's look at the bible the bible says after two days he

will raise us he will revive us right on the third day he will raise this up

that we may live in his sight now the word revive is a very interesting word in the bible

all right it is the word that means to restore to life to restore to life after two days when

after two days that is after 2 000 years now is there a generation that is alive

today that has lived after 2000 years since jesus came

come on can i hear them is this generation alive i thought so you can tell by your faces

you know because only a quarter of your face can be seen so you must back your eyelids real hard

amen you must shout amen extra loud for me to know that you are uh getting it

praise god so after two days we are not within two days we're not before two days we are

after two days after two thousand years after jesus amen give and take our gregorian calendar says it's 20 22. all

right give and take because uh it's not exactly the year that jesus was born or died the year 2000 wasn't exactly it

didn't take a few years before a few years after because scholars are not

fully established as to when but it's around there some years are mentioned already so which means we are in the early morning

because jesus rose on the third day jesus rose from the dead after that's a

pattern for us after two days and he rose see this hint here the

divine hint he rose early in the morning which means we're going to see another

end of but pastor after two days can also be the end of the the third day which is the you know the 3000 year no

no no he rose again from the day early in the morning 20 22 is very early in the

morning it's not even 50 years yet so it's still very early in the morning

we are that generation what's gonna happen first of all not not rupture straight away right but all the rapture

can happen at any time you'll revive us and the word means what you'll give life you're going to see a lot of restoration

of life and health all right and that's the thing that i see that the gospel will will feature in strongly because the

world will have no answers for all the plagues that's gonna happen there are all kinds of plagues right now happening

right around the world that is building you know when i left uh um europe for example i read in i saw

in the news actually that in london they found a polio virus in the sewage they declared an emergency over the the

sewage situation because they found polio virus i thought polio was dead and gone

right it's back tv tuberculosis supposed to be dead and gone

right it's back all right and that not only are all diseases coming back but there are new

diseases propping up things we've never heard before some children has never seen people's faces for a long time

they know school life as a must school amen it's sad but wake up and realize that

world is different the world is different now compared to even five years ago

realize something is happening and no expert can change it

it's time for us to realize what is the bible saying to us yes jesus says when these things happen don't be troubled

you just know that the end is near lift up your head because you're bodily redemption draws near you're gonna have

a body when it comes again you're gonna have a body that will never grow old never become sick again forever my

friend forever you're gonna float around like a ghost a man you have a body the same body that

jesus had when he rose from the dead a body that can eat amen and all of you said amen praise god no shortage of

chicken rice amen i don't know i think chicken rice but you know what whatever is in heaven

whatever the new body don't forget who gave you all these taste buds god plus the extra one umami god so if god gave

you all these extra buds you know when god made you you don't even know if god hit one one one taste only bitter all

the time you won't know what's the difference you won't know from the beginning but god is so gracious he gives you

different variety of taste even your bodily senses god gave you this your sense of whatever excitement

pleasure all god gave it to you for his glory

and because he loved you amen so just know that your new body is much greater if you enjoy the pleasures

of this life think about what's going to happen in your new body we are adjusting to the fall actually

we are adjusting to abnormalcy if i can use the word we are adjusting

to what is blend for heaven oh my goodness

don't go there yet right don't have a personal rapture amen are you excited

so the bible says that after two days he'll revive us on the third day now this is we are the people on the third

day am i right he will raise us up that probably has a hint of

the rapture uh man he will raise us up because next month says we will live in his sight

literally eyeball to eyeball relationship amen we're gonna see him face to face amen

are y'all with me so far yeah all right then he says let us know let us pursue the knowledge

of the lord his going forth is established as the morning he will come to us like the rain in

hebrew is geshem like the letter and former rain to the

earth so in israel there are two annual rainfall that is vital for their

livelihood okay this this means uh god when it comes at the right time means

god is blessing the nation see no one can control the rain the rain is a god's hand you can sow the seed

but you are fully dependent on god for the rain amen i'm not i'm not just talking about about sowing financial seed but any seed

that you sow we depend on god for the harvest it's god that gives the harvest amen

in ancient israel even today also in israel the rains that come early the new

year is actually in september even today rosh hashanah is somewhere in september and the first rain that come will be in

early november late october early november that's the early rain the

former rain and that rain prepares the seed after it

is newly sown in other words the farmer has just sown the seed but it depends on the early

rain to cause that seed to at least sprout the moment he sees a green sprout he

knows all is well all is well and then the latter rain

comes next year in the month of march

it comes during the season of rainfall in the month of march that is

to plump up the grain for harvest now it's ready for harvest so these two

rain rains in the bible is so important one is for the sowing time and the other

is for the reaping the harvest you know what the bible says in the book of james that that right now the husband man

waits for the precious fruit of the earth and the god sends the early and the and the and the uh later rain amen

we are definitely leaving the season of the latter rain we are seeing harvest coming forth but all the rain comes from

god the power of the spirit the rain represents and that's why the early rain

uh when you put the word yara early rain for you put a noun to it you put a mem to it it becomes when it's a noun it

becomes more red and more means a teacher a teacher because when a teacher speaks

he's giving refreshing words of life words of wisdom on his students amen

words of a life and power and beauty amen

now for the latter rain the rain that sees the harvest

okay that's that's the time by the way the hebrew word there's malkosh for the latter rain that's when

you see the harvest come forth but you don't see the harvest during the time of sowing

so be patient the seed is there the rains have fallen you feel the anointing of the holy spirit and all that and

there are times this is also seasonal in our own lives perhaps we are in the early rain season and we are feeling the

power of god in a meeting or when we are spending time with god and yet we don't see the results

that means you are in the season of sowing the seed the seed is germinating the seed is sprouting

amen god will make everything beautiful in its time amen and the latter rain which i believe

is generally speaking we are now in the season of the latter rain we're going to see a great harvest come forth from the

earth amen before jesus comes again you know the lord spoke to me um one time and

said that my two children are like signs and wonders of the early and lettering

you know this is not foreign to the bible because isaiah says of his two sons sheila yahshup and mahesh

that both of them are for signs and wonders and this is what the lord showed me that jessica was born in early

november that is the early reign the time of the early rain and my my second

uh sun all right my grandson i should say my my son was born

in the month of march which is the latter rain the time of the lettering so both these are signs to me

that i'm going to see both the fulfillment of the early and the latter

reign amen and what is true for me as the pastor of this church is true for all of you as well amen praise the lord

amen you need to realize this we are people in the second day already what's going

to happen god god promised that in fact god's promise was with abraham he would deal with his descendants

right this in the seat of abraham which is christ the whole world will be blessed am i right

it's ordered already it's going forth his order so the nation of israel might be the first one to hear the gospel so

god sent his son as a jew born in the nation of israel in bethlehem judah right but when jesus was

rejected by israel he became the bread of life to the gentile world the story of joseph

rejected by his own brothers loved by his father oh he was so loved by his father but rejected by his own

flesh brothers amen right so was jesus loved by his father

rejected by his brothers and became the bread of life joseph became the bread of life to the world

think about it isn't this a story of the bible the gentiles non-jews receive jesus and

they are blessed for 2000 years every breakthrough in civilization art masterpiece and medicine all this is

because has been because jesus has been received and now today's generation is enjoying

the result of that but god has not forgotten israel just like joseph even though he ministered bread to the

gentiles he still remembers his brothers and later on his brothers realized he revealed himself to his brothers am i right so watch this now what's going to

happen after jesus raptured us what what face are we going to have up there a wedding fist

amen ciao amen we're gonna have a wedding feast up there and look at this in john two

on the third day there was a wedding feast in canada third day on the third day say third day

say third day all right when on the third day there's nothing without significance in the

bible everything has a divine significance when the bible says third day there's a reason for it on the third day there was

a a wedding and uh both jesus and his disciples were invited to the wedding

both jesus and his disciples are invited to the wedding the father is throwing a wedding for his

son and the bride when we happen on the third day we are the only ones who can

say we are christians we are believers of the third day

there are many who live before 2000 right like martin luther and all that they cannot say that we are the third

day christians but we can you listening

we are the third day christians what's gonna happen there's gonna be a wedding i'm gonna go back and there'll be a

wedding after rapture the first thing happens is the wedding amen

there'll be a handing of rewards as well right and then a wedding

okay we call that bama seed of christ now we go to the next portion of scripture chapter four do you remember

the story of uh jesus and the woman at the well yeah i know you remember uh uh

a pastor and a woman in the park right remember jesus and the woman are

well amen it's still jesus doing it people so

he talked to her right and if you count the words that jesus spoke to her exactly seven words in his words in his reply exactly seven

denoting and she just told her she had five men in her life you've had five husbands and she's still not satisfied

deep down she's longing for someone she's looking for love in all the wrong places not only that

jesus says the one that you're living with now is not your husband so five husbands all divorced

right and now she's living in adultery so the one that's now that she's living

with the sixth man right but she met the seventh man come on she met the seven men seven the

bible is number off perfection come on hallelujah she met the seven men and she

tested no more hallelujah in seven statements in seven statements jesus

declared who he was and to her he revealed i am the messiah when the messiah comes jesus i who speak unto you

i am he and she was so excited she became an instant evangelist she went to a town of samaria which is non-jews

gentiles by the way and she told them about jesus well watch this see what happened the people came to jesus and

invited him to stay with them how long did he stay with them when the samaritans had come to jesus

they urged him to stay with them he stayed there two days again two days of dealing with the gentiles

two thousand years of dealing with the gentiles that's what's happened in history folks i'm showing you what's happening now and where you are at

prophetically speaking and later on we'll get a bit a bit more practical talking about your your

present needs and all that and what is god's uh invited and commanded posture for us

to take i know the cost of living has gone up just in these few weeks

all right i know and the lord knows your father knows what you need before you ask him your father knows look i don't have to

quote the entire verse only three your father knows

man then to add to it that you very personal

have need even before but i haven't prayed your pastor even before you ask him

in fact there's gonna come a time in the end times that before they before they ask me i will answer

i isaiah prophesied about the end times that there's to be a prayer how many of you i think many of you are experiencing

this already you think about it you you didn't have time to pray you plan to pray but you wanted to pray but you didn't pray and that would happen

it's still god answering your prayer in fact god god supersede is a year of acceleration before you start wow it

happens you know and you think to yourself how did it happen is it really god because i haven't even asked him it

is it is this verse in scripture before they call i will answer and while they are speaking i will do it

all right it's a prophecy in the bible so folks it's happening to our generation the third day generation are you listening

so jesus spent time with the gentiles for two thousand uh these two thousand years in history with

them two days and many more believe because of his own word are we seeing that happen yes more and more in fact

more gentiles believe in jesus than the jews but he's not forgotten the jews see what happens after that drop down then

they say to the woman now we believe not because of what you said we ourself heard him we know that this is indeed the christ the savior of the world now

after the two days say after after what the two days we are the generation after the two days

right right okay he departed from there and went to galilee

he left the gentiles to go back to his people how do i know that when galileo is quite big when

galileo did he go specifically drop down jesus came again to kanna of galilee

where he made the water wine there is an indication here again a divine hint if you would saying that

there's gonna be a wedding feast after 2000 years of dealing with the gentiles he's gonna deal with the jewish

people the galileans right the jewish people and then there'll be a feast remember the story

of lazarus whom jesus raised from the dead when the messengers came to jesus right

he was in beth bara beyond jordan

the gentile side actually right he was there but the news came to him

that lazarus was sick and dying so lazarus mother the sisters martha and mary they are all jews but notice what

the bible says first in john chapter 11 now jesus loved martha and her sister and lazarus listen

when israel rejected jesus he never stopped loving them but something about god if you don't

want him to come into your life you want him to bless you he will not bless you right he will bless you in the same in a sense

of the general blessings like the rain comes down on the just and the unjust and god sends you know uh fruitful

harvest and all that general blessings but if you don't want him all right for salvation

those blessings that really matter for all eternity you don't want him to give you the fulfilling and abundant

life you don't him he want to force his blessings on you

always remember that god respect your free choice he gave you the free choice if there's no free choice the whole

world will not be in the trouble everyone obedient the world is perfect utopia

but is that what god wants no but then give free choice there's a there is a

risk okay so that explains it don't put the

blame on god put the blame on the fact man chose the wrong thing okay so here we go and by the way you

can choose the wrong thing and don't be childish and say that i expect different results you know you know it's insanity keeping doing the same same thing and

expecting a different result i didn't say that einstein said that insanity is defined as doing the same

thing again and again and expecting a different result amen don't look at your husband all right it's for all of us

don't look at your wife all right it's for all of us okay so jesus left mother and sister so

jesus loved israel but when he heard that he was sick israel was dying he stayed two more days

how many days two more days in a place of the gentiles

right and you all know what happened after two days after this say after this after this after the two days

on the third day what do you say let us go into judea again he's dealing with the jews again 1948 they came back as a

nation supernaturally the lord brought them back from the the the fires of the

holocaust god brought them back north south east west all back to their land

once again after 2 000 years of being dispersed they came back all right and uh god is not dealing with them again so

in a way where we are right now is that god is still dealing with the gentiles and there will be a great revival amen

coming praise the lord hallelujah it's really happening we see it now church as well as also the whole world and then

he's gonna deal with israel fully but it's like right now he's dealing with both already we are the only generation that can say that

because uh the generation before the the two days or during the two days cannot say that because he was dealing with

only the gentiles at the time but yes now they are ready there are more believers in israel now than ever

amen i'll tell you that revival is happening in israel let us why he's going into judea again

let us go into judea judy is where you get the word jew let us go into judea again

all right are you seeing these people remember the story of joshua the story of joshua you know how he

carried he commanded the priests god told him to tell the priest to carry the ark into

the river jordan and the river jordan at that time was overflowing its bangs it was it was uh roaring it was torrential

okay there's no way you can cross it would sweep you all the way to the dead sea and you'll be dead in the dead sea

so it's like just rip you all the way there and then uh god told them you across the race you're not crazy the

jordan but you see here is where the thing comes about the law and the

principle of provision or supply you say but pastor i i don't

see the supply i don't see the rain is coming but but i don't see it yet there's a

timing the early rain don't come during the time the lettering the lettering don't

come during time of the early rain there's a timing for everything and there's a purpose for it

okay now listen learn this law god does not give you grace

in advance of your need the law is that when you are in front of

your need then the grace comes are you listening people

all right so here it was a torrential running river jordan not like today okay

the river jordan has been has been sourced out into different different outlets you know to help the

nation of jordan and all that but now it's narrower but back then it was it was white and then during the uh spring

uh time it is overflowing not a good time to cross

but notice when they were in their camps nothing happened it was still flowing

overflowing when they walked near it was still overflowing

so what did god say god said this joshua rose early from the camp of acacia grove and so it was after three

days do you see that do you see that it was after three days that the officers went through the camp

and this is what the officer said and this is a message for us our generation hey our people now we are the

people the two days after two days after two days we are the people of the third day come on third day christians come on

we are the third day christians are you with me come on people have a sense of excitement that we are

living in prophetic times other generations wish ah when they study all this they said i wish we are

after two days i see all these things happen after two days i see jesus doing all these things after two days

right and we are that generation amen like you you were born in 19 what

whatever 1945 1950s amen 1960s that's a good time

1970s 1980s it's all after

amen so god says this when you see the ark of the covenant of the lord your god and you know we know the ark is jesus

a picture of jesus amen the mercy seat where his blood was sprinkled is his uh

death on the cross amen who being the brightness of his glory is the goal

and uh and the express image of his person is the wood in hebrews chapter 1

who being the brightness of his glory and the expressed image of his person and upholding all things by the word of his power is the crown

of the mercy sid upholding all things by the word of his power kingly power when he had touched himself blood on the

mercy seat all that is in hebrews chapter one you see the ark of the covenant so the

ark when you see the ark move all right get ready you're gonna go jesus was resurrected

bodily on the third day we don't see that happen to people who are dead even christians

only a soul departs their spirit and soul the past to be with the lord all right we don't see a bodily

resurrection but god is saying you know what's gonna happen see jesus going to the right see jesus

dying and then resurrecting and mark this there shall be a space between you and

it about two thousand cubits how much two thousand cubies not one thousand not

three thousand two thousand cubits it's gonna happen gonna have a bodily resurrection

two thousand years after jesus rise from the dead

watch that what a future for us believers people are looking down and feeling depressed

looking around feeling depressed we look to jesus we are at rest

and blessed isn't it amen so watch this god says don't come

near it you may know the way by which you must go for your not past this way before drop down you should command the priest to bear the ark when you come to

the age of the water the jordan you shall stand in the jordan so joshua says come here here there was the lord your god he's about to do something else

listen carefully he's about to do something else during this time on the third day before the river jordan splits he's going to do something for us and

this takes revelation every name every detail in the bible is there for a purpose it's for us to study and the

bible says in corinthians that whatever happened to them in the old testament are two pause in the greek types there

are types pattern for us to see today like the third day

is the third thousand day all right i mean the three thousand day which is three thousand year

on amen so we are the people in the third day after two thousand years am i right so where do we see that we see the

old testament so the doctrine is in the new testament but many of the details of

the doctrine is in the oh it behooves us to study both all the new

because the old is the new conceal the new is the all revealed

your bible is exciting stuff amen i invite you to join me for our

grace academy and study because all this revelation is built on revelation

another good amen so here this is coming here he's going to do something for you and your enemies like just now right

it's going to happen in the third year third day excuse me seven enemies perfect you know enmity

that's come against you i don't care what is depression whether you feel shame you feel humiliated you feel cuts

down these are the enemies in the land when joshua and his men came in and these enemies typify the enemies that we

are faced with today look at this drop down joshua said by this you shall know the living god is among you and that he will

without fail sit without fail drive out from before you drive up from before you the canaanites

and the hittites and the hevites and the parasites and the girashites and the

amorites and the japuzites amen and the covidites

omicronites amen monkey box ice

whatever ice you are faced with all right your depressed sites but the interesting thing in the hebrew when you

study the name canaanites mean listen it means it's like business uh

the idea of trafficker a trafficker trafficking trafficking is something or battering the idea of battering

canonize means people who barter all right traffic now let me tell you this why is this bad why is this an enemy in the in

the in the kingdom of god listen carefully the first thing you got to defeat is your self-righteousness

stop having this idea if i do this god will do this for me if i do that god will do this for me

no it's not true all right you got to stop there's salvation it's not in fact that lady

also told me you know i do this i do i that i do that i had to destroy that

self-righteousness with tact with holy spirit attack amen

because i had to bring her to the end of herself in fact i did tell her look at yourself you are depressed

you know with all that whatever you are believing if you believe is right ask yourself why are you so depressed

why do you feel these forces coming on you at night you're believing wrong in other words

right so here you go the very first thing don't think you can give god something

then god will hear something look friend you cannot give god anything because

whatever you have is from him even when david gave god you know the

reaches and all that he is that this is but then he says both riches and honor cometh of thee

we pride ourselves you know i tithe you know ten percent which senior partner partner take ten

percent you the senior he the senior and ten percent also

you are so [Laughter] 10 percent wow so much that cheshire

they want your money uh you know that's what the press and the media try to make it

and so 10 you ask yourself where in the world do you find a company or a business where the senior

partner takes ten percent oh all my money belongs to god

you know that and someone stays there nah all you know like if someone says i love my wife i

love my wife the best thing interview the wife [Laughter]

women you're settled for that someone telling someone i love my wife no you want to hear it every day

you want to see in practical actions right never mind i don't need your amen you

know amen cross the friends amen amen praise the lord i learned to encourage

myself like david did a long time ago small church big church big audience or

not doesn't really matter amen i mean your good opinion of me is nice but not necessary

yeah i'm serious if you live like that about your friends or whoever it is and all that i mean you put a a post out

there on instagram or whatever it is no much comments and all that really their comments

nice but not necessary have this attitude what is necessary is what god says about

you and what your wife says about you

what your family says about you but god comes first amen

amen praise god all right so that's ten nights the he dies comes next and you know he dies come from half

and half means terror fear he's gonna deliver you from that that self-righteousness that that that

battering spirit he's gonna deliver you into grace and you'll deliver you from fear and terror what kind of fear do you

have fear of the of of the night fear of falling asleep fear of losing your children fear of the future fear of not

having enough fear of not having enough chickens here what was the problem what's your fear what's your fear amen

whatever fear you have and you don't have to say it out amen god promises without fail

drive out your fear and terror when on the third day amen and and the third enemy you drive

out is he fights now he fights means people who are squatters

all right squatters you know what squatters villagers they call them villagers in back in those days villagers

are not big cities like bethlehem and or jerusalem and bethlehem is not very big but basically uh like jerusalem and all

that they're actually places but squatters are people who come and stay in your house they come and stay in your protest they come and stay in your it

doesn't belong to them are you listening squatters there are areas in your life right now that the

enemy is squatting on maybe it's your children's uh area of influence they're more influenced by the

world now than they are influenced by you amen some squatters

squatted on them maybe maybe there there's an area whereby you find that you know you you

find some squatters have put squatted on your belief system especially the belief system you believe something and now

you're seeing the result it's not fruitful why some quarters

remove the word of god satan comes immediately to steal the word son

and he has to replace it with something that is squatting there making you believing wrong and now you're seeing

the wrong result in your life there are things we advise people sometimes not to do they still want to

do it and later on we see them stumble crash and you wonder sometimes you know

are they grateful for that council in the first place parents know what i'm talking about

we tell our children sometimes correctly we tell them things because we want them to fall flat on their face we don't want them to end up

like us pain that we had in times past

until they realize for themselves well there are two schools right the school of the holy spirit where he

teaches you or the school of hard knocks i recommend the school of the holy spirit

there are people are yet not the same way year after year they don't learn

don't look at your wife don't look at your husband just look at pastor mark

amen so the pastor is amazing the wisdom that he has sometimes the things that he see out

of his mouth i'm like whoa flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but my father who is

in heaven all right so that's the number one number five right and the parasites who are the parasites the

parasites stands for in hebrew and walled village and walt village now

is this uh good no back in bible times unwalt village means a village that's not protected remember nehemiah one of

the first priorities they had when they came back to jerusalem was to build one the walls the walls are for defense the

walls are for protection that means what have you are you in a place where the enemy has attacked you with this sense

of vulnerability you feel vulnerable you feel like you are you are unprotected

you know when you go to sleep at night one of the best things that you can do is to know that you are protected

and give your children if you're younger get in that sense you know jesus holding you when you're sleeping he holds you in

his bosom the bible says that he shall feed his flock like a shepherd he

will gather the lambs in his arms this song is based on the

verse in isaiah he shall feed his flock like a shepherd but the young ones he should gather what his lamps in his arms

where arms the bosom and carry them in his booze

and shall gently lead those that are with young the mothers that are pregnant

gently lead them so the shepherd and and this verse is from isaiah he will feed the flock he will carry

the lambs in his bosom and shall gently lead those that are with young amen it speaks of the

pastoral the shepherding ministry it should have all this indication so tell them that they are

embraced because many times right not just children us

the essence of depression is a sense of helplessness and vulnerability

you know and it's like ah i'm i'm not protected i'm i'm all by

myself i feel so vulnerable all right friend in his arms you don't have to feel

vulnerable nonetheless he's gonna drive out the no protection in your life

this this this vulnerability are you listening it's an enemy the enemy comes and brings you the sense of you know

there's no protection you are all alone no one to fend for you

no one cares for you all by yourself

don't wanna be y'all know the oh him

okay so the last one is the is the no not the last one the

where are we now help me i'm jet lag come on the fifth

one very good here girl shites all right the girga shites first of all you must be able to

pronounce it jericho shy

the gear just shies up literally the name means to stand or to wallow

in clay okay literally dwellers in clay people who dwell in clay now clay is your body

your body is made from clay there you rub it clay comes out all right it's burned it's finally it's dust

amen yeah man we laugh so loud laurence

all right well he's he wrapped diamond comes out diamonds diamond duff amen

it's clela bro all right so the the it means what people who are in the

flesh is gonna deliver you from being in the flesh that's a lot of your problems you know

people actually listen carefully when we are born again we are no more in the flesh but in the spirit

if so be the spirit of god dwells in you but we we must learn to walk in the spirit

amen and that's why you know you you uh church sessions and all that we are teaching

people how to walk in the spirit a lot of things i share with you just now it's also part of walking in the spirit

can i have a good amen okay come let's go for the last one amorites and the amo writes uh from the word

that means

moses amar is the word say in its simplicity but you know the negative part of amar

is slander he's going to deliver you from slender and the word amar is not just individual

talking but it's public talking he's going to deliver you from public slander let me tell you this about about social

media right now christians are not being well represented yeah i know some of it is

false of their own yes i know but the focus and the slant

is very much focused on anti-christian

let me tell you this for for the most part so listen carefully don't believe

everything that you read on social media you can believe the

word of god inspire god breathe preserve down through the generations

heaven and earth pass away jesus says but my words will never pass away but the words of men will pass away

don't believe everything you read sometimes i know there's a trend they'll see what you

like and then they'll post those kind of videos and all that for you right or that kind of pictures

or whatever social media that you're using right they they see your your propensity or your your what you like to

see but actually i never prescribe to any other thing that i i never never

click on anything else but for me sometimes the thing pops up they want me to see things that i don't

want to see that's deliberate things that i really don't believe

they put it right down in my nose amen

it's out there and whatever you read remember this

there's always another part to the story that they're not showing you

you don't get your facts from there from mortal flesh whose breath is in his

nostrils who is fully dependent on god for his sustenance

he doesn't even know it you don't get it from men you get it from god almighty

we cannot lie okay so he will protect you from slander hp

public standard and a japanese jailboost the idea of the trashing floor being downtrodden he will deliver you from

being downtrodden a place of shame a place where you feel that people are walking all over you a place where you

feel like you are humiliated always he's gonna deliver you from all that in other words promotion is coming you can

reverse all these things and you find that instead of being crushed being depressed he's gonna promote you he's gonna gonna raise you up with love joy

and peace don't think of position all the time think about being elevated if love joy peace and and um you know

thoughts that are uh uh refined and wonderful amen now watch this that

that's going to happen joshua says by the holy spirit this is what god says because the verse before that is look at

the verse before that verse 9 verse 9 come here and hear the words of god it's

not joshua's words it's the words of god on the third day he will do all this for us seven enemies wipe out without fail

it's gonna happen what we are seeing right now what we are seeing right now is that one by one is

happening one by one but notice the slander one is towards the end it's gonna happen god's gonna wipe it

out amen things gonna happen you see one one promise one promise is this

in deuteronomy 28 the people will see that you're called by the name of the lord

and they will fear you there'll come a time slandering a believer can cause trouble

you don't do it you bless the believer always blesses always do good to the one that slanders

but somehow some way something happens that are people with fear slandering a believer

we'll see that happen so drop down all the way and let me just finish like this okay let's drop the drop down all the

way verse 11 verse 12 let me see the verses okay the arc is traveling take for

yourself 12 men so jesus first behold the ark of the covenant goes before you always put

jesus in front of you but be careful understand this who you follow as a leader in your life

because jesus is there yes but jesus appoints the fifo ministry jesus appoint pastors and all that the leaders you

follow can either bring you into the land or keep you out of the land remember the spies the unbelieving spies

they kept the whole generation out of the land

so then take yourself 12 men these are leaders from every tribe drop down it shall come to pass as soon as the soul

defeat the priests who bear the ark of the lord shall rest in the waters of jordan the waters of jordan shall be cut

off the waters that come down from upstream and they shall stand as a heap next

verse so it was when the people set out from their camp to cross over the jordan with the priests bearing the ark of the

covenant before the people the idea of exalting jesus always amen and all that we do we serve the lord we absorb jesus

people say is it you we say it's jesus amen amen

amen praise the lord hallelujah and verse 15 and as those who bore the arc came to the jordan and the feet of

priests who bought the ark deep in the age of the water for the jordan overflows or its banks during the whole time of harvest the waters which came

down from upstream stood still and rose in a heap far away at adam the city that

is beside zaritan and this is amazing it's like god open up the river jordan

all the way back to adam a city called adam it's still there in israel

along this uh river jordan why adam is like saying all the curse

all the the evil consequence that came in all right because of adam's fall gobble

gobble sorry i always like to use slap slap it back all the way to adam

and then it tells you something very interesting no insignificant detail is besides zero then adam city is beside

saturn zero then means they are distressed or trouble

adam and all our distress and trouble that came because of his fall will all be slapped back

we'll all be reversed or i'll turn around when on the third day

on the third day i pronounce third day not third okay per

day there's a difference okay now i'm gonna close with this

as those who bought the act came to the jordan and the feet of the priests who bought the uh deep in the edge of the water

that the waters which came down upstream stood still

go to the verse 14 go back to verse 14. you should come to pass as soon as the

souls of the feet of priests of bed shall rest in the waters of jordan that the waters of jordan should be cut off

when when will when will god do the division when will god open up the river jordan

as soon as the souls of the priests touch it now learn this god does not give grace in advance

of your need in other words there's a battle or a conflict tomorrow you can do a

presentation or whatever and you are very worried right now because you don't feel the courage you don't feel the

inspiration to do it you don't feel the strength god does not equip the soldier listen it's a principle of god

today with strength in his arms or courage in his heart for the battle

tomorrow learn this when does god give him the strength and the courage when he's face to face with

the enemy i think about god's people so don't worry today

what he will give when the time comes tomorrow that's why jesus says don't

worry about tomorrow the grace is for today

the priests when they saw the river jordan overflowing its banks there's nobody can

cross right and what did god say go towards the river jordan

they had to walk imagine put yourself in their shoes in their souls

amen and imagine walking walking near and nearer to the overflowing river

torrential river you're seeing tsunamis right that's like high was running that rapid

you've seen rapids and all that that's how it's running and when you're walking towards it notice god did not open it

in fact the night before when they were told that they imagined for example but we feel so worried right now we don't

think we can cross none of us are good swimmers hey nathan can you swim or not

hey none of them felt the courage now god does not give you grace

today for the need tomorrow

so when even when they are marching towards it god they don't give them the grace it didn't open

you god does not open the gates no make a way when we are not face to face with it yet only when you

are smack dab in the middle i think that's what it means when you gotta step into the water before the water parts

as soon as the soles of their feet touch it so god will not supply for you this

is the law of supply you're not supply for you until you're smack dab in the middle of the need

go in faith the supply will be there

this takes faith this takes faith

are you with me so far it takes faith

give me the courage right now i'm going to fight goliath i'm going to fight soldiers tomorrow put strength in my hand that like david

says i can ban the iron ball with my hand give me that string now i don't feel it

tomorrow is the conflict lord give me the string now put courage in my heart he doesn't do it

and do you step out you trust him you step up and you smack that you arrive to the place where

the giant is all the need is facing you and all the close gate is in front of you there's no open way all the

torrential rivers in front of you and you step bang supply comes

the woman the widow woman who had to um you know like to give up her sons

because the creditor is coming to claim the debt right her son becomes slaves remember

what elisha told her borrow not a few vessels empty vessels

right shouldn't be hard in that neighborhood there's a lot of noise right so borrow empty vessels so she got

empty vessels only a small small jar of oil and she she she pulled the small jab

all into all the empty vessels the more she pulled that's when the miracle happened it did not happen

the water did not i mean the oil did not multiply as they were borrowing he did not multiply when he was in the house he

did not multiply when the kids looked into it it did not multiply until pouring

you serve the lord you sacrifice even your time for children's church

amen because there's a neat nut down there now amen you put in right as you pour god

pours in all right nothing worse than stale oil you don't keep that all the time

all right you don't keep that all the time amen

still oil is no good you can tell how many of you like to eat fish fried in fresh oil when you go to

hawker center there are hawkers who fresh the same thing in the same oil in the same oil in the same oil

everything they fry on the same day is in the same oil that is actually uh toxic

you're gonna change the oil i've got hawkers to tell me the people who do that no they even can't buy me

from from me oil that i have used to sell to other hawkers for me i always give my people fresh oil

they sound like the bible i shall be anointed with fresh oil amen

but how do you get fresh oil pour out the oil it's always fresh water that is running is always fresh water that is

running is always fresh

amen are you with me so far all right so you will not see the need until you want

to see the supply until your face to face smack dab in the middle of it

so step out in faith amen and see the supply flow praise the lord

amen hallelujah thank you lord