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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm I'm

gonna give you a key to be blessed

all right first and foremost look at

Deuteronomy 11 will drop down all the

way to the last verse verse 21 that your

days may be multiplied father take down

notes how many 1 that will happen to you

ok those who don't put up you don't

wanna play I told you you got possess

your possession a feelin their osmosis

if it happens it happens

que sera sera hey Abraham Abraham

doesn't happen that way you want your

days we multiply say Amen that your days

may be multiplied and the days of your

children how about your children you

want your days to be multiplied you want

them to live long yeah pass the Prince

live long is good but I'm a big quality

wait liven come to the finish it ok

relax that your days may be multiplied

and the days of your children in the

land which the Lord swore to your

father's to give them as the Days of

Heaven upon the earth

how about known him long life days

multiplied but every day I'd like the

days of heaven upon the earth

now how many 1 this for you and your

children they don't know it's father how

many of you really want this amen now I

didn't say this God's Word he's

infallible word God says your days when

we multiplied the days of your train be

multiplied not only long life but days

of heaven upon the earth what's the

secret what's the secret

alright therefore shall you lay up this

my words in your heart and in your soul

how do you lay up God's words in your

heart and soul how do you do it you

meditate on it you meditate on it right

and it says and bind them for a sign

upon your hand that they may may be as

frontlets between your eyes

God is race saying get hold of my word

my word is life when Jessica was doing

her all levels I realized that develop

pressure on her you know and I

darling you want us to do Bible study

together and you know she did she said

yes she set aside time we had a few

Bible studies together I said on with

our teacher things are relevant like how

God made Daniel you know 10 times wiser

you know and that's jr. of Israel and

all that and we all just go lying upon I

know that this power in God's Word to

prosper my daughter I cannot explain it

I cannot explain it back I can say that

there's power in the word to prosper her

and all the effort she put in all that

the English put in cannot but there's

something about God's Word and I was a

long session it just a session but at

the end she was carefree burden free


and God's Word was put in her heart no

she did pretty well I'm very happy but

I'll tell you this we need time

something a gospel it don't touch it if

you don't God's what you don't

prosperity don't touch God's Word

because it has power in it to prosper

your day how many of you found that when

you neglect reading the word that data

so it seems like the days short the days

like they don't enough time to do solve

your problems

the days give time even though you have

other things outstanding you give time

to God's Word it seems like the day was

long and full and you're able to make

quick decisions

I mean the promise there but your

attitude is different but those days

that you don't I like what Jonathan

Edwards the great revival is said who

live in the eighteen hundreds or 1700s

Jonathan Edwards says this how it comes

about I do not know but this I have

found out the more I read the scriptures

the greater frame I have been in in

those days use the language that means

his body is the best he feel the

freshest and the strongest the more I

read the scriptures how it comes about I

do not know I myself can tell you I do

not know how it comes about but the more

time we spend in the world so how do you

spend you can hear the Bible the whole

day chew on it it has a prospering

virtue it has a power healing virtue it

has a a purifying virtue when people

you're hearing all kinds of language

being spoken around you it has a


but you coming back to this again pastor

Prince how do I or just let you know if

you need help you really want help in

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know study can be blessed amen

well praise God let's finish this

alright Deuteronomy 11 now how do I

bring God's Word into my children's life

three younger children you shall teach

them your children you shall teach them

your children teach them to your

children now we say possibly that's a

problem I try to ask my son to sit down

my daughter sit down they don't very

interested in God's Word

now that's not what the Bible's saying

keep on reading you should teach them

your children speaking of them when you

sit in your house when you walk by the

way when you lie down when you rise up

do you get it you get in it's your

personal meditation that you are

muttering in the presence of your

children that really teaches them I

repeat again see where you get inner it

does not say

your children by teaching them is a

stitch you're chillin by doing this you

shall teach them your children dem is

vas word your children speaking of them

when you sit in your house when you walk

by the way when you lie down when you

rise them what is that saying let's say

I'm meditating on Psalms 23 I don't have

to make my son memorize something tree

now if you can do that your son know

that go ahead all right no problem

my son memorized the Book of Ezekiel

pastor Prince whoa man praise God my son

memorizes the horns on the beast in

Revelation man go for it I don't know

Pramod that but many of us all right our

kids don't seem to like you no not the

age for it don't be discouraged I

remember buying a very expensive

Christian book for Jessica when she was

about three years old I wanted her to

read it and she said daddy on the play

so no I bought this book it just came in

I want to read it come here come here

daughter and she said I don't know daddy

I want to come here and she came sit

down here it's a good book the tears

falling you know and the wall says

what's happened to you see I'm n well I

want her to know and and and I heard

some teachings that say you know you

bring them up and okay I have a quality

family devotional time but it doesn't

work for me that kind of time doesn't

work by the way Jessica today I'm not

bragging about her but she has a heart

for God she really loves God so parents

don't be discouraged sometimes but what

is more important is this when they are

young all right speak of the Lord in

their presence when you lie down when

you get up when you sit down in the

house when you walk speak of God's but

let me hear you say the Lord is my

shepherd I have everything I need I

shall not want

hey you know something the Lord is my

shepherd Shepherd lead the Sheep the

Lord is my shepherd i-i-i-i meditate

openly in front of my children

I'm not teaching them I'm meditating

when something could happen I say praise

Jesus praise Jesus all right

you don't just say things like oh good

thing that happen

Wow good hang on you say praise the Lord

so your cheer will learn well this

happened you know why this happened

Jesus give it to us this excerpt is

brought to you by Joseph Prince calm

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