Daryl Lim
Founder and CEO at Aqua Botanica
Singapore, Singapore
Aqua Botanica
Aqua Botanica is an aquaponics farm that aims to solve the issue of sustainability farming, and produce affordable vegetables and fish for local consumption. Its aquaponics technology is developed over two years of iterations with a patent submitted last year.


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Registered on October 20, 2020
Marketplace Opportunities
Waste-to-Energy Technologies for Electricity Production
Aqua Botanica is keen to work with a partner with expertise in waste-to-energy technologies, including expertise in biodigestors/waste valorization, fermentation, methane production, turbine generators and electricity storage.

Looking for


October 20, 2020
Project Cooperation
Greenhouse Technologies
Aqua Botanica is keen to work with a partner with expertise in greenhouse for creating ideal climate for growing mainly leafy vegetables and herbs, particularly in a tropical country like Singapore characterized by high humidity and heat.


Novel farming systemsWater technologyAgrifood


Consortiums seeks partnerPartner seeks consortiumOther

October 20, 2020
Project Cooperation
Sensors for Agriculture
Aqua Botanica is keen to work with a partner with expertise in environment sensors (e.g. RH, temperature, light intensity) digital data capture of sensor data and automation are ideal.


Novel farming systemsCircular designWater technologyAgricultureAgrifoodOther


OtherPartner seeks consortiumConsortiums seeks partner

October 20, 2020
Project Cooperation
Agriculture Lights for Greenhouse
Aqua Botanica is keen to work with manufacturers of agriculture lights, particularly supplementary lighting for greenhouses.
October 20, 2020