Architecting for reliability is all about making sure your cloud-based applications are not only available a certain percentage of the time, but that they’re also performing well. In this course, Architecting for Reliability on AWS, you’ll learn how to implement highly available application architectures on AWS. First, you'll learn how to lay the security foundation of your AWS environment. Next, you'll discover how to implement scalable, resilient virtual networks using VPCs, and use CloudFormation to automatically deploy a multi-tier application. Finally, you'll explore how to implement multi-region architectures using Route 53. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge needed to utilize AWS architecture in the real world.

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or 'AMP' for short, is a project Google has been working on for a few years that makes it easier for sites to create faster mobile experiences. You've probably seen most of your favorite sites add support for AMP over the past year or two, and now you can count Android Police (your favorite site, obviously) among them!