Antonie de Wilde
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Almelo, Overijssel, Netherlands
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Despray B.V.
Part of Osse Equipment Manufacturing Group, producer of innovative machine-made equipment. Including Agri and Transport Drones, Electric Agri-Tractors, and Torrefraction of Municipal Waste into high caloric bio-char. Despray aerosol can recyling equipment is now used by NASDAQ listed US Ecology.

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Registered on October 13, 2020
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100% recycling of Municipal Solid Waste
from the incoming waste stream we separate aerosol cans, soup cans, softdrink cans; we recycle the LPG from the aerosol cans, in a patent pending application we called Despray, and press the cans together in bales for transport to the steel industry. All of the remaining waste is then shredded and loaded in a Vessel, where through torrefaction all the waste, including the plastics are transformed into carbon, resulting in a biochar with caloric value of 25 MJ/kg, thus reducing CO2 with ~1.7 tCO2 for every ton waste processed.


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October 13, 2020
Two products: Aerosol Can recycling and MSW processing into Biochar
Our Despray units are the first in the world for the save and 100% recycling of the gas and leftovers in aerosol cans: such as Mosquito spray, paint spray;Recognizesed by the World Aerosol Association (FEA GLOBAL). Our "yet unnamed" Biochar and water producer, takes all the Municipal and Industrial Waste, processes it in small container size units, and processes it into high caloric biochar for use in electric utilities, cement factories, brick and tile making factories and due to it high pure carbon content in the steel industry, mitigating the CO2 that come free when mining coal. It also produces significant amounts of water, which can be purified for irrigation and drinking. O

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October 13, 2020
Project Cooperation
We look for investors and operators to utilize our products
These are proven,patented and profitable products, for which we expect a high demand. Eventually, after we have produced 100 or more, we will be looking for local production capacity. And we welcom suggestions for innovative applications



October 13, 2020