Ivo Bastings
Director at Drainblock
Herkenbosch, Netherlands
Company (SME)
Drainblock is a practical solutions provider for the Water sector that conducts business worldwide. Our solutions are sustainable, environmental friendly, easy to use and with little maintenance. We focus on 3 different pillars: • Drainage & Flood Control • Irrigation & Landscaping (more crop per drop) • Water Treatment (polluted river waters and septic tank leachate) Drainblock products are 100% natural and sustainable. Drainblock drainage and infiltration blocks can store 95% of their volume in water. Because they are very strong Drainblock allows for double land use. Rainwater will no longer flood your streets but will be stored underground in a Drainblock reservoir; either for groundwater replenishment or re-use.

Coastal Erosion and sludge control

Coastal protection / flood resilienceLand subsidenceNature based solutions

Ground water

GroundwaterSubsurface water storage for flood/drought

Agro water

Agro-water solutionsRainwater harvestingWater and Irrigation SystemsWater efficiency and quality


Water management and -technology

Value chain

Design / R&D / EngineeringProductionSales & Distribution

Water Quality & Water Treatment

Recycle & ReuseResource recovery from waste water streamsWastewater (Treatment and Sewerage)
Registered on October 05, 2020
Marketplace Opportunities
Distributor/partner Vietnam & Malaysia
Looking for a distributor/partner with experience in underground water retention systems and a good track record in governmental projects
October 05, 2020
rainwater harvesting
100% natural and sustainable solution for underground water retention

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October 16, 2020