The Grodan Group supplies innovative, sustainable stone wool substrate solutions for the professional horticultural sector. Based on Precision Growing principles, these solutions are particularly applied to the cultivation of vegetables

and flowers. In addition to its stone wool substrates, the Grodan Group also provides tailor-made advice and tools to support Precision Growing and thus facilitate the sustainable production of healthy, safe and tasty fresh produce for consumers.

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ROCKWOOL® and Grodan® are registered trademarks of the ROCKWOOL Group.

Grodan is the only stonewool growing media provider awarded the EU Ecolabel.

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Grodan: Your partner

At Grodan we understand that every grower is unique. Therefore, we emphasise

on developing and delivering customized solutions, tailor made to the specific needs of every individual grower. Grodan’s solution consists of clean and controllable stone wool substrate in combination with advice and support services.

With Grodan’s substrate as the foundation for a clean, disease free start to cultivation, you have set the scene for the problem-free, manageable growth of safe and high-quality end products.

In order to guarantee the best possible yield and quality, Grodan’s advisors and specialists utilize their broad experience and in-depth knowledge from around the world to give individual advice and coach growers for every situation or need. Furthermore, with the purpose of ensuring the best day-by-day crop management, Grodan has developed equipment and software which enables the grower to be “in the driving seat”. By making it possible for the grower to precisely determine and monitor the plant’s root environment and develop the optimum irrigation strategy accordingly.

At Grodan continuous improvement is our philosophy, and our customers are the foundation for innovation and development.

Therefore, we will continue to work closely and maintain intensive dialogue with our customers as well as renowned research bodies in order to ensure our customers with innovative solutions of the highest quality.

At Grodan, your success is our goal.

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Grodan B.V.

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About Grodan®

Grodan is a supplier of cultivation solutions comprising

a combination of advice, support and clean and controllable substrate. Grodan’s unique cultivation solution is the best basis for the growing of safe, healthy and high-quality vegetables and plants.

Grodan in Short

Grodan is the leading supplier of horticultural stone wool

Grodan is a stone wool product spun from natural basalt rock: 100% pure, natural, inert and sterile

Grodan is the world leading supplier of innovative and sustainable cultivation solutions for vegetables, floriculture, and propagation

Grodan has more than 50 years of experience worldwide

Grodan is present in over 60 countries around the world

Key values of Grodan

Sustainable products

Customer focused solutions

Aimed for high yield and high quality

Health and Safety for people and produce

Only growing media certified with the EU Ecolabel

Certified by Global GAP

Why Grodan

Grodan growing media give you the best steerability

Grodan substrates are the best option for recirculation

Grodan substrates are very efficient on water and fertilizer usage

Higher yields and better quality

Growing in Grodan is easy and secure



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Why use stone wool?

Hydroponic growing has become the preferred way of growing amongst professional greenhouse growers. With high investments, clients are looking for reliability. Grodan stone wool has proven itself for 50 years for being an extremely reliable substrate.

Below is a brief overview of its most notable properties:

Perfectly clean start:

Stone wool is produced at a temperature of 1,500 degrees Celsius, making it free of diseases such as fungi, bacteria, viruses and weed seeds. Therefore, Grodan gives you the most hygienic start.

Perfectly manageable:

Stone wool is completely inert, so it gives you 100% guarantee that what you give, is what is available for the plants. And Grodan substrate does not decompose over time. On top of that, Grodan’s 50-years-product-development has resulted in substrates with the best steerability. This gives the grower

a possibility to optimise the root zone conditions at any moment.

Entirely recyclable:

Protection of the environment is an essential element of Grodan’s policy. Grodan stone wool is of natural origin and therefore possesses no harm to the environment. In each country Grodan tries to find the best possible ‘local/national’ recycling solution.



Turnkey Projects

Grodan Value Creation

It is evident that a high-quality substrate is an essential base for successful cultivation; however without a solid understanding of good irrigation practices, optimum yield

and quality cannot be achieved. For that reason, Grodan offers an integral solution, which not only consists of supplying a product, but also client support and state of the art tools.

Grodan Added Value consists of

3 components:

1.Product: The Grodan substrate is the core, the foundation for success.

2.Advice: A team of highly skilled crop consultants supports growers, regardless of location and technical level of the nursery.

3.Tools: As crop management methods and technologies are constantly evolving,

Grodan supplies digital tools like the

GroSens system to have reliable data from the root zone. These tools are very useful to optimize the irrigation and plant management. Data can be integrated in the climate/irrigation computer and are also integrated into the e-Gro platform



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Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects

Grodan solutions



Precision Growing


Precision Growing

Giving a plant exactly what it needs



By using less

Doing more









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Grodan Product Line

Grodan Plugs

• Grodan offers many different types of propagation modules to suit almost any crop

• Inert and pathogen-free

• Easy to handle and easy to water

Grodan Blocks

• Grodan blocks are used in the young plant stage for vegetable and ornamental crops

• A safe, clean and reliable way to get the best start for your crop

• Grodan blocks are big enough to grow a plant to full size

Grodan Slabs

• Grodan slabs are sterile, therefore, reducing risk of plant loss due to pathogens

• Grodan slabs are homogeneous in shape and consistency, making it easier to achieve your water management strategy.

• The fibres in Grodan slabs do not fix nutrients, making EC and pH control precise and easy



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Grodan Slabs

The best crop-specific solution for every grower

Crop specific solutions

Growers are seeking for ways to optimize their growing strategy for the (specific) crop type they cultivate.

As a consequence, growers require substrates to match the requirements of a specific type of crop

Grodan anticipated on this and started to develop substrates specifically for one or more crop types (for example: Grodan Supreme for sweet pepper cultivation).

A unique portfolio of substrates has been developed, tailored to the specific characteristics of each crop.

The crop icon on our substrates makes it easy to recognize the desired substrate.

Very high

GT Master (Dry)




GT Master (Dry)


GT Master (Dry)




























GT Master (Dry)


GT Master (Dry)


GT Master (Dry)


GT Master (Dry)
































Vital Dry





Vital Dry































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GroSens System

The GroSens System gives a complete insight in the root zone

Digital technology for measurement of WaterContent, EC and temperature in the root zone

Integration with climate computer is possible

Data available via app

Customized alerts on app can be configured



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Key indicator numbers

Grodan Slabs



Number of 1-mtr-slabs per ha


5.500 – 6.000 un.

Grodan Blocks






Number of blocks per ha, single stem system


25.000 un.

Number of blocks per ha, double head system

12.500 un.

Sweet pepper:



Number of blocks per ha

25.000 - 37.500 un.




Number of blocks per ha

15.000 – 25.000 un.

Grodan provides client-specific calculations of required substrate amounts, defining:

slab type and slab dimensions, including the plant hole pattern block type and block dimensions, with seed holes pattern



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Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects

Existing solutions for Reusable

Substrate Granulate (RSG)


soil improver


substrate mix





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We supply innovative and sustainable stone wool growing media solutions for the professional horticultural sector, based on Precision Growing principles.These solutions are, amongst others, applied for the cultivation of vegetables and flowers, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, egg plants, roses and gerberas.


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We supply innovative and sustainable stone wool growing media solutions for the professional horticultural sector, based on Precision Growing principles.These solutions are, amongst others, applied for the cultivation of vegetables and flowers, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, egg plants, roses and gerberas.

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