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Reliable partner for efficient dredging solutions

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Royal IHC – Dredging

4Reliable partner for efficient dredging solutions

Market segments

6Land reclamation

6Coastal protection

7 Offshore trenching

7 Sand and gravel

8 Maintenance of ports and channels

8 Environmental dredging

9 Port construction

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10Trailing suction hopper dredgers

16Cutter suction dredgers

22Auxiliary vessels and equipment

24Mechanical dredgers

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2Royal IHC | Dredging








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Royal IHC – Dredging

Reliable partner for efficient dredging solutions

Innovative vessels

Advanced equipment

IHC Services

With vast experience accumulated over decades, Royal IHC is the market leader for the design and manufacture of efficient and integrated dredging vessels and equipment. More than half of the world’s dredging contractors rely on the company’s unique combination of innovative vessels, advanced equipment and services. This is clear evidence that IHC has achieved its overall aim of supplying customers with a greater return on investment, while helping to decrease the environmental impact of their dredging activities. IHC provides a wide range of dredgers, from low-end to high-end vessels.

Reliable and efficient

There is a demand for reliable and efficient dredging solutions due to the growth of global population, climate change, rising sea levels and an increase in sea transportation.

IHC’s vessels and equipment are well known for their high efficiency and ultimate reliability. These market-leading products are: offered with tailored finance facilities; ordered with prompt and on-schedule delivery times; designed to achieve optimal performance; and provided with unrivalled local support. This impressive package results in a lower total cost of ownership.


IHC’s driving ambition is to meet the requirements of its customers, as it strives to be recognised as a key partner – and not just a supplier. Therefore, IHC invests around 3% of its turnover in research and development, which also provides evidence of its position as the technology innovator.

IHC has developed valuable global partnerships with other strategically placed shipyards. It manufactures custom-built vessels in The Netherlands in close cooperation with the customer, and builds standard vessels, duplicates and an increasing proportion of equipment at various local production facilities worldwide.

An internationalisation strategy has allowed IHC to shorten delivery times, decrease transport and import costs, and provide a local service to overseas customers. This approach has also ensured that the designs of its vessels and equipment are manufactured to the same high standard as in The Netherlands.

Complete range

The wide range of IHC products incorporates everything from cost-effective standard stationary dredgers and mechanical dredgers, to the world’s largest custom-built self-propelled dredgers. This broad spectrum is ideal for the completion of both capital and maintenance dredging projects. With more than 150 years of experience in building dredging equipment and having its own renowned research institute (IHC MTI) IHC offers optimal solutions to the challenges of modern dredging techniques.

4 Royal IHC | Dredging

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Market segments

Land reclamation

The overall growth in global population and migration towards coastal areas has created a huge demand for land reclamation. The dredging process removes sand, clay or rock from the seabed and these materials can then be used to create new land elsewhere. Cutter suction dredgers and trailing suction hopper dredgers are typically used for land reclamation projects, which can vary from the extension of a port or harbour, to the creation of offshore islands.

Creating new land has been a specialty of The Netherlands for centuries. The knowledge accumulated by the Dutch nation has been put to good use for many different purposes all over the world. With more people and industry migrating to coastal areas, the pressure has gradually increased to the extent that land reclamation is perceived as a cost-effective answer to this ever-increasing challenge.

Over the past decade, large reclamation projects have helped

Coastal protection

Coastal protection is an essential process to provide a defence against flooding and the erosion of land. It includes beach renourishment and dike construction, which both require the recovery and transportation of large volumes of sand. Changes to the environment have increased awareness of how vulnerable coastal areas are to the forces of nature. The influence of weather on daily life has increased significantly in recent years, especially in regions that are susceptible to erosion and flooding.

HAM 312 working at Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

to expand such ports as Tanggu Port in China and Europort in The Netherlands. However, the most significant undertaking – and perhaps the best example of what can be achieved – is the famous Palm Jumeirah artificial archipelago in Dubai.

Large volumes of sand have to be transported to complete such vast projects. The efficiency and reliability of IHC dredging vessels and equipment contribute to the most cost-efficient dredging solutions, or more specifically, the lowest cost per cubic metre.

Thishasresultedinthedesignofjumboandmegahoppers,suchas the CONGO RIVER and VOX MÁXIMA. Furthermore, the creation of large cutter suction dredgers and the launch of the popular IHC 8527MP® and IHC 7025MP® series in China have resulted in an enormous increase in efficiency. In addition, the IHC Beagle® 4 and 8 will be perfectly suited to this type of work due to their reduced draught.

IHC Beaver® 6518 at work off the coast of Italy

These factors have led to the necessity of building better coastal protection, with such large-scale projects as the Delta Works in The Netherlands, the Venetian Lagoon in Italy and those surrounding New Orleans in the USA. Other smaller projects, such as regular beach renourishment, are also becoming more commonplace around the world. All of these projects have been made possible with dredging techniques that help to protect mankind against the threat of floods, rising sea levels and hurricanes.

Offshore trenching

The dredging of trenches and covering cables and pipelines for the offshore oil and gas industry are projects achieved with the help of IHC’s trailing suction hopper dredgers. They are equipped with precise positioning instruments as well as dynamic positioning and tracking facilities.

Trailing suction hopper dredgers, such as the CONGO RIVER, dig the trenches and transport the sand to the hopper via suction pipes. An offshore vessel then lays the pipe or cable

Sand and gravel

Dredging for sand and gravel at sea to supply the construction industry is becoming increasingly important. The global trend for the extraction of aggregates is increasingly under threat due to environmental restrictions and other considerations. In addition, the development of coastal areas involves large-scale building activities in which sand and gravel are essential assets.

For applications on land, IHC delivers dedicated suction dredgers, but the process of dredging can also be executed at

The trailing suction hopper dredger CONGO RIVER used for offshore trenching

into the trench, before the hopper deposits the sand over the pipe or cable. The depth of the excavation work is directly related to the length of the suction pipe.

For example, the 23,700m3 HAM 318 trailing suction hopper dredger is equipped with two suction pipes, each fitted with a submerged dredge pump, allowing dredging up to a depth of 101 metres.

Gravel trailer VICTOR HORTA

sea with specifically designed hopper dredgers. These vessels have adjustable hoppers, higher specific weights and dry excavation installations on board for such dredging jobs.

A typical example is the VICTOR HORTA, which was designed specifically for the extraction of sand and gravel from the sea floor to supply the construction industry. The vessel’s submersible dredge pump allows the extraction of sand and gravel from depths of 60 metres below sea level.

6 Royal IHC | Dredging

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Market segments

Maintenance of ports and channels

IHC Beaver® 50 maintaining a channel



The transportation of people and goods over water is a relatively inexpensive option, especially for bulk trade. Therisingglobalpopulationmeanstherewillbegreaterdemand for safe, economic and sustainable logistics over the coming decades. The maintenance of ports, canals and waterways is therefore an important activity for IHC and its customers.

As sufficient port capacity is vital for economic growth, the maintenance of ports and their approaches must provide a constant navigable water depth. This has to be maintained

despite seasonal fluctuations and potentially extreme weather conditions.

Channels are also utilised for directing river water from inland sources to the sea. The maintenance of the water depth in this case helps to protect river valleys from flooding.

IHC cutter suction dredgers and trailing suction hopper dredgers are suitable for the maintenance of waterways, depending on the local conditions. They offer a cost-effective solution for such dredging projects.

Port construction

IHC Beaver® 6518 at work in Mundra Port, India

Grab pontoon IMTIAZ dredging polluted soil

Environmental dredging

After the signing of the Kyoto Protocol to battle global warming on an international scale, the world has become increasingly aware of the need to protect the planet. There are signs of a changing mentality in the dredging and other industries. This shift not only encompasses the type of soil being dredged, but also the design of the dredging equipment.

Specific jobs are now targeted at cleaning up polluted materials in sections of ports and rivers within industrial areas. IHC manufactures specialist vessels for such projects that have been designed to remove contamination without harming the surrounding environment.

With the trend towards increased environmental awareness, IHC has also taken on the challenge of developing clean and cost-effective dredging techniques to maintain water reservoirs and hydropower lakes. These environmental dredging projects require an in-depth knowledge, and by using its in-house research centre, IHC is at the forefront of creating new solutions to tackle such challenges.

The expansion of global trade has led to an increase in maritime transport, along with the port facilities and access required to handle it. Many projects for the deepening of ports and access channels are combined with land reclamation projects. The use of dredged materials for port construction can also help to reduce the overall costs.

Growing economies have one logistical characteristic in common: the expansion of their ports to meet the increasing trade volumes and size of the ships they cater for. Ports are an essential catalyst for economic growth and large infrastructure projects are being executed around the world to increase their capacities.

The Indian Government, for example, has pinpointed a number of ports as the focal point for ongoing strategic development. These locations are now being expanded to compete with renowned ports in other parts of the world. The Maasvlakte II project in The Netherlands is another example of this development. Wherever these projects take

place, IHC vessels are to be found at work thanks to the company’s expertise in this sector.

Port construction projects are generally more demanding than maintenance jobs. They can’t be executed without such high-quality and diverse dredging equipment as cutter suction dredgers and trailing suction hopper dredgers. Standard vessels such as the IHC Beavers® and IHC Beagles® are perfectly suited for this type of dredging work.

For example, the ports of Mundra and Tanggu were built using standard IHC cutter suction dredgers. However, in most cases the contractor would require large high-powered cutters or large high-capacity hoppers. Whatever the requirement, IHC has the equipment to suit the scale and budget of any type and size of port construction project.

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