Felippa Ann Amanta
Head of Research at Center for Indonesian Policy Studies
Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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Center for Indonesian Policy Studies
The Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think tank that advocates for practical policy reforms informed by evidence-based policy research and analysis. Our policy perspectives are based on the belief that only civil, political and economic freedom allows Indonesians to achieve greater prosperity. CIPS advocates policy recommendations to decision-makers within Indonesia’s legislative and executive branches of government. We are being financially supported by donors and philanthropists who appreciate the independence of our analysis.


Agricultural mechanization and machineryFarming and crop productionFertilizersFood & NutritionFood safety & TraceabilityGrowth optimizationHorticultureSeeds, seedling, saplingSustainable agriculture


Agrifood production and -technology

Value chain

Investment/ FinancingProduction


FoodFood innovation & biotechnologyFood & NutritionFood quality, analytics & safetyPostharvest/ supply chain
Registered on October 19, 2020
Marketplace Opportunities
Policy Research
We have several policy research projects planned on the topic of increasing agriculture production as well as trade and investment in agriculture.


Research & Development

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November 02, 2020
Policy Research
Our expertise is in conducting research on Indonesian policy and designing policy recommendations towards a more open agriculture sector.
November 02, 2020