Chi Nguyen

Representative in Vietnam at Except Integrated Sustainability

Utrecht, Netherlands

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Except Integrated Sustainability

Except is the leading systemic sustainability consultancy in the Netherlands, applying a systemic approach to pioneering projects, with 20 years of experience. Our 600 projects worldwide are a testimony of the success of applied systems thinking. Our clients and partners span society's most vital resources, including cities, food - water - waste management, industry, financial services, infrastructure, and policy.

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Registered on November 12, 2020

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Sustainable Agriculture Services

We work with a wide variety of clients all along the supply chain of food, from resource and production into retail, delivery, and recycling resources. We support clients in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, the America's and Europe with work on new concepts such as vertical agriculture, innovative greenhouses, polycultures, and urban agriculture. We apply the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework, a comprehensive systems thinking based method that finds the root cause of issues and delivers powerful systemic levers for change. We provide clients that wish to innovate in sustainable food production the following services: Research & Analysis What is the market like? Which business model will work? How can we increase sustainability performance, while also gaining operational benefits? How can we grow food effectively in challenging circumstances? Design and technology selection Which food system is most effective where? How do we design effecitve, attractive and resilient production facilities? What technologies are on the horizon, and what risks are associated with each? Project Management We support projects from their idea down to execution and operation. This includes business model development, managing stakeholders, and supporting funding search. Areas of application Except has worked since 1999 on sustainable agriculture projects. The areas of application include: - Food Supply chain mapping and improvement - Greenhouse agriculture innovation - Urban Agriculture - Vertical Agriculture and Agriculture towers - Innovative Hydroponics, Soilless, Aeroponics, and Aquaponics - Polyculture Agriculture development (Polydome) - Sustainable Agriculture business models and simulation - Algae production and product development


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AgrifoodAgricultureAgro waterWater Quality and Water TreatmentWaste managementCircular designCircular EconomyOtherNovel farming systems

November 12, 2020


Sustainability Strategy Consulting

We provide global intelligence from our trend analysis, combined with systemic tools that find gaps in existing strategies, discover unexpected savings, analyze stakeholders and with network analysis programs that give a strong, long term backbone to business operation. Some industries are further ahead than others in implementing new strategies and solutions. Because we work in a broad range of industries we can provide cross-sectoral intelligence to all our clients. The time when business strategy could be decided by financial and market data alone is passed. Global intelligence from many different angles can be combined into 'systemic' insights using new techniques such as system mapping, combined with trend analysis and serious gaming. Various reports from different industries show that sustainability as a business endeavour only pays off if it's used as a core business strategy. In contrast, just focusing on energy and material savings, CO2 and other physical elements will likely result in a losing proposition. A great variety of new business models have been made possible by developments in technology as well as in business management. You can take advantage of these leaner and more adaptable business models for, for instance, product development, innovation, strategy development, production and providing on demand services.


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AgrifoodCircular designCircular EconomyWaste managementAgricultureNovel farming systemsAgro waterOtherWater Quality and Water Treatment

November 12, 2020