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        How can you live under a constant flow of God’s supply, miracles, and divine life? In this enlightening message, Joseph Prince, shows you from the Scriptures the new covenant way to experiencing all the blessings of God as well as what sabotages sincere believers in this area today. Discover the crucial key to living a life that honors God and positions you to receive healing, provision, and the breakthroughs you need. Be blessed as you also learn how to keep growing in this right believing that brings rest, fruits of holiness, and the full, abundant life Jesus died for you to have! Get the full message at: -

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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm

the Bible says clearly it's all about

life many of us we look at scriptures

for health and what health is there in

fact the word health tell them is that

I'm using the Bible is using product

orders went to my work life and health

to all their flesh it's used for example

you know I desire above all things but

John to you prosper and be in health but

what healing is used more than but the

most often used word is life because if

sickness is death begun then life begun

its health and if we look it's not that

the principle of holiness or

fruitfulness being under law in greater

the matter of life and death it's metal

being healthy being strong you can be

like Abraham you can be like hell up in

your own age you say give me this

mountain and you're 85 years old God

want people have life and life more

abundantly give them a Galatians 3 the

Pampas look at verse 11 and 12 the

comparison that no one is justified by

the law in the sight of God is evident

for the judge shall live by faith yet

the law is not a faith the law is not a

faith if you are under the law your

faith cannot operate many years ago the

Lord asked me a question about the

Centurion who had great faith he wasn't

a Jew right and it was a century a Roman

centurion and yet jesus said of him

truly I have not found so great faith oh

I love that I left for the Lord stated

of me how about you jesus said of a

Centurion the Roman centurion surely

have not found so great faith no not in


Wow Oh Israel combined no one had so

great faith like this Roman centurion so

I was so hungry and I was alighted in

spiritually to have this great faith you

know and then the Lord told me who was

the other woman who had great faith who

was that a person who's a woman be we

know the woman or the Canaanite woman

who is daughter was demon-possessed and

funny she said lot even the

puppies under the table it becomes from

your from your from the master's table

the lattes all woman's braided your face

and the devil is gone out of a daughter

okay so two kinds to greet what I use

one is quantity or phase one is quality

of it I want both and a lot so me what's

the difference and what is the

comparative and the similarities between

these two if you find the common

denominator you found the secret of

great faith he told me many years ago

today it's been preached and all that

but remember you are hearing the

original dealer now my book is out there

people you know but when I first receive

it was a revelation from the Lord so I

look at it and I heard other preachers

say the Roman centurion has great faith

because he was a man of authority he

understood the disciplines of law and

order and Submission and and you know a

hierarchy of military I heard that

before but then I thought a lot that in

the last days what about the woman she's

not a soldier

the woman is a housewife or what he got

me there it talked about common

denominator between the two after about

10 15 minutes I forgot how long what was

for some time my lightning-fast mine has

a lot can you please give me the answer

and the Lord said to me they were both

non-jews the woman was a Canaanite woman

a non Jew and the Roman centurion was a

Gentile a non Jew Roman they both were

not conscious of the ten commandments

but they were conscious of me lot says

they were not conscious of falling short

here and there they were just conscious

of me and my power and my love for them

and that's why they had great faith I

said Wow

so I submit to you the more you are

under the law your faith cannot operate

the law is not a fish

so the just shall live by faith but

those on the law the man who just them

who keeps the law

the man who performs them the man who

does them will live by them so you are

to lifestyle here one is the righteous

by faith will live the other one is the

one who performs all the commandment

mind you must be all will live in other

words if you can keep all the

commandments you will live the way of

grace is if you believe you are

righteous by faith you will live and the

words live here the just shall live is

that all the men who dust them shall

live is Val not that all it's not

exactly story the verb of Zoe but Zoe

aya knows when I or not is put that the

word eternal are not the eternal for the

Zoe is life it becomes eternal life but

here it's not talking about just eternal

life it's not talking about the way they

live yet it includes eternal life by

it's more than death and I'm grateful

here it's not just life from the dead

which is main explanation but I'm

grateful here for w/e vine the Greek

expositor alright the one would teach

the meaning of Greek words and he says

this it's also the maintenance of

physical life

now always the maintenance of physical

life Jesus you saw when it says mention

not the whole by bread alone mention not

live by bread alone but by every word

that proceeds on the mouth of God in

other words right now you're listening

to God's Word amen your body is coming

alive your brain cells are coming alive

since your neighbor and say that's hope

for you bro Ament your brain still

coming alive amen amen look at some of

it make sure John your mother-in-law and

say so brain cells are coming alive man

shall not die oh by bread alone by

noodles alone by chapati alone by ramen

alone by sushi alone whatever it is is

your staple food man does not live do

not maintain its Israelite just by that

but by every word that proceeds from the

mouth of God

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and he shall be like a tree planted by

the rivers of water they are rivers of

water sustaining you all the time that

bringeth forth his fruit in his season


they only showed you one thing one thing

that you can do just one thing that you

can do they work off you to prosper in

every area of your life meditate when

you read your Bible is not possible to

be reading your Bible are we the daily

people right and then all day long you

for your space the Bible not in the

telephone poles and all that all right

no other people it's not possible but

why you do that you take a bite signs of

your daily people and the desserts there

memorize it and all day long under your

breath matter it because the word

meditate here is or what mutter mutter


you cannot strike away your fear you

cannot you know will your fears away and

the only way is to listen right before

you and when you meditate you're

listening you muttering to yourself

there's a reviving purify resuscitating

rejuvenating prospering virtue in gospel

and devil want to stop you from having

gone through let nothing amen

I know you're gonna have time for a lot

of things we cannot not we have time at

least your daily people read it memorize

the dailies meditation and meditate on

it hold it amen

make it happen to you and may you be a

men and women planted by the rivers of

water that brings off your fruit in your

season your leaf always scream never

withering and me whatever you do prosper