Paul van de Grift
Business Developer at Bluecon International b.v.
Spankeren, Netherlands
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Bluecon International b.v.
Bluecon has developed the world´s most compact decentralized wastewater treatment system. From domestic wastewater to reusable water in minutes. This robust and easy to operate system is ideal for from o up to 10.000 inhabitants. The Physical/Chemical process guarantees its high water quality and enables its reuse in agriculture for example.

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Registered on October 07, 2020
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Bluecon Decentralized Wastewater Treatment units
Bluecon International enables the reuse of wastewater by applying a revolutionary physical process that converts domestic wastewater into reusable water such as irrigation water, process water, etc. The treatment plants are compact, easy to use and low in operational costs. The system is robust and it´s water quality is guaranteed under all circumstances. It fits well in a sustainable and circular approach and focusses on comunities and towns from 0 up to 10.000 people.

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October 12, 2020
Resolving local challenges together with Bluecon
Bluecon offers decentralized waste water treatment plans that convert domestic wastewater into resusable water with the highest standards. We are looking for local distributors to develop local markets. We are particulairy interested in environmental engineering companies, (water tech) companies and companies in (water) infrastructure construction.

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October 12, 2020