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Partner/Expert Livestock at HollandDoor Cooperative
Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands
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HollandDoor Cooperative
Consultancy, Matchmaking, Studytravels and Trainings on Agro & Food. Animal and plant production cases. Focus on practical Hortibusiness, Livestock and Agrobusiness trainings in Asia. So horticulture, arable farming, dairy & beef farming, pig production and poultry production. But also dairy & meat processing and marketing of fruits & vegetables. Including water and waste management, like water tratment and manure handling. Business plans and Marketing plans for companies. Canvas model and Swot analysis. See also the profile of Engelie Beenen, participant during this Trade Mission.

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Registered on September 30, 2020
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HollandDoor trainings and education Agro & Food
Train the Trainer programs in Asia for agribusiness and hortibusiness. Horticulture, arable farming, dairy farming, beef cattle, pig & poultry farming. Including cheese and meat production and processing of vegetables and fruit. Also Online possibilities for courses on MBO and on HBO level of education in horticulture or agriculture. See also the profile of Engelie Beenen during this Trade Mission.

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AgricultureWaste managementAgrifoodAgro waterCircular economy

October 09, 2020
CowSignals and BeefSignals live and online trainings
As Master trainer for www.cowsignals.com we can give practical trainings and advices for dairy farmers and beef farmers. We are specialized in feeding, housing, health and milking of dairy cattle. But we are also experienced in beef cattle on small and big feedlots in Asia, including AI & genetics. Livestock , ruminants, nutrition, Rumen8, milk quality, hoof trimming etc.

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AgrifoodAgricultureAgro waterWaste managementCircular economy

October 09, 2020
Studytravels and Matchmaking to and from Asia
Organizing studytravels, excursions and matchmaking between companies in Asia and in the Netherlands. Support of import and/or export companies in Agro and Food, finding the right partners for doing business. Focus on practical trainings in Hortibusiness and Agribusiness. But also water treatment and manure handling for companies. And dairy/meat processing and marketing fruits/vegetables, so animal and plant production customers.


ConsultingResearch & DevelopmentMarketing

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AgrifoodAgricultureAgro waterCircular EconomyWaste management

October 09, 2020
Partnership with Consultancy company in Asia
We like to meet other Consultancy companies in Asia for cooperation in Agro or Food. Hollanddoor is specialized in hortibusiness and agribusiness projects and trainings. So horticulture, arable farming, dairy farming, beef cattle, pig production and poultry production. But also water treatment and manure handling for companies. We focus on countries like India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. See also the profile of Engelie Beenen during this Trade Mission.

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October 09, 2020
Dairy processing and Cheese production near Gouda
HollandDoor can organize trainings, studytravels and matchmaking in the Cheese Valley of the Netherlands. We are working together with the Cheese Training Centre in Woerden, The Cheese Museum in Bodegraven and the Cheese Experience Hall in Gouda. Including visits to dairy/cheese farmers in the Green Heart of Holland.



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October 12, 2020
Platform for cooperation between Vietnam and the Netherlands (on Livestock)
We are looking for companies and organizations to start the new Platform on Livestock. For cooperation between Vietnam and the Netherlands. We will discuss a small fee for marketing and communication activities of the Platform (low profile). Livestock like dairy, beef, pigs, poultry and rabbits. But also dairy processing, feed production and meat processing. Focus on animal health and support on export/import in Vietnam.

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October 23, 2020