Irsan Yanuar
Development Consultant at Ovicia BDS
Kota Cimahi, Jawa barat, Indonesia
Ovicia BDS
MSME Development Consultant. Rural development. Sustainable Consumption and Production. Smallholder agribusiness development consultant. Seaweed, cocoa, coffee.

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Registered on October 22, 2020
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Indonesia's total agricultural land use - paddy fields, household gardens and orchards, rainfed uplands and drylands, open grass, brackish and freshwater fishponds, swamps, state and private plantations - is about 66 million ha (BPS 1998). Most Indonesian regions have an annual rainfall of about 2 000 - 3 500 mm (60 percent). A huge market for agrcultural inputs. If you have agricultural products to market in Indonesia, I can be your representative to open distribution/ marketing channels, take care of admin works, inquiries, matchmaking, etc. Product types: New machineries/ technology, new methods, fertilizers, post harvest, equipments, database management/ plantation management, opening a plantation. Network area in Indonesia: Bali, Jawa Barat, NTT, Sulawesi Selatan, Tenggara, Barat, Tengah.

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October 23, 2020
Indonesia produced in 2018: 115.2 million tons of palm oil (largest in the world); 83.0 million tons of rice (3rd in the world); 30.2 million tons of maize (6th in the world); 21.7 million tons of sugar cane (12th in the world); 18.5 million tons of coconut (largest in the world); 16.1 million tons of cassava (6th in the world); 7.2 million tons of banana (5th in the world); 3.6 million tons of natural rubber (2nd in the world); 3.0 million tons of mango (including mangosteen and guava) (4th largest in the world); 2.5 million tons of chili pepper (4th largest in the world); 2.5 million tons of orange (8th largest in the world); 1.8 million tons of pineapple (5th largest in the world); 1.8 million tons of sweet potato (6th largest in the world); 1.5 million tons of onion (14th largest in the world); 887 thousand tons of papaya (5th largest in the world); 722 thousand tons of coffee (3rd largest in the world); 593 thousand tons of cocoa (3rd largest in the world); 410 thousand tons of avocado (4th largest in the world); I have wide network of cooperatives and farmer groups from previous projects in Indonesia. It is my obligation to do market linkages for them. Commodities: Seaweed (Cottonii), Cocoa beans, coffee beans Toraja.

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October 23, 2020
Business Studies
I am a Business Development Consultant for more than 15 years in Indonesia. More focused on MSME developments, rural developments, Business Planning. I can do: - Business feasibility study; - Business Planning: - Market research.


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October 23, 2020