Eline Leising
Consultant Circular Economy at Rebel
Jakarta, Indonesia
Company (SME)
Rebels work on the issues that affect all our futures, from sustainability, transportation and urban development to healthcare and the social sector. We make an impact, not only as consultants but also as investors. After all, anyone who believes in their own advice should be prepared to invest in it. We are committed to bringing change, initiating and realizing our own projects.

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Registered on October 08, 2020
Marketplace Opportunities
Dybamic Carbon Footprint Calculator
Dynamic model that calculates the CO2 footprint of your products (e.g. packaging, electronics, clothing) compared to alternatives along its whole life cycle. Easy to navigate ans great help in advancing sustainability in your company. Previously applied for Coca-Cola, Vinted, OLX and governments.

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Waste managementCircular designCircular economyRecycling

October 25, 2020
Industrial Ecology
Science behind the circular economy including material flow mapping, CO2 footprint modelling and circular strategies


Circular designWaste managementCircular wasteRecyclingCircular Economy

October 25, 2020
Creative Facilitation
Facilitating the creation of new innovative ideas into concrete action plans and roadmaps


Circular designInnovation

October 25, 2020
Systems thinking
Optimizing a solution as such that it optimizes the whole value chain


InnovationCircular Economy

October 25, 2020
Project Cooperation
Circular Plastics Value Chain
The circular plastics value chain is a collaboration between Dutch and Indonesian partners along the whole plastics value chain. The program focuses on a demonstration of best practices around circular plastics in Indonesia, initiated by the Dutch and Indonesian governments.


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October 25, 2020