you shall not put the lord your god to the test

At The Cross

Words and Music by Ben Fielding , Aodhan King , Josh ua Kpozehouen & Ben Tan


There are wounds that I have
That are deeper than flesh and blood
And the remedies here on earth
Won’t be enough
Thank God for the day
That He sent His only Son
So I’ll turn and I’ll trust
And I’ll run to the Father’s love


‘Cause I have decided
And I will follow
Lord I will give You the rest of my life

Here at the altar
I will surrender
I don’t have to carry my shame anymore

All of my sin
All my mistakes

I will leave buried in the grave
I have been forgiven at the cross


There are fears that can only be silenced
In perfect love
There’s a peace that is found
When you lose everything but God
Oh the weight of my debt
He has broken right off my life
So I hold to the hope that can only be
Found in Christ


There’s nothing I have done
There’s nothing I could do
I know that I am loved
And God it’s all because of You

I won’t waste a second
I won’t waste my praise
I give it all to Jesus
I surrender all my days


I give it all to Jesus
I surrender all my days


‘Cause I have decided
And I will follow
Lord I will give You the rest of my life

Here at the altar
I will surrender
I don’t have to carry my shame anymore

All of my past
All my regrets
I will leave buried with my debt
I have been forgiven at the cross

These are notes on the sermon, The Secret Of Obed-Edom’s Blessings, preached by Pastor Joseph Prince on Sunday, 16 January 2022, at The Star Performing Arts Centre, Singapore. We hope these sermon notes will be an encouragement to you!

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  1. Introduction: Say “yes” and “amen” to all of God’s promises
  2. Give Jesus center place in your family relationships and see restoration abound
  3. Follow God’s ways and see His blessings and favor follow after you
  4. It is by grace, not by effort, that you receive breakthroughs and win in life
  5. Rest in the Lord’s love for you and depend on His supply for everything you need
  6. The secret of Obed-Edom’s family blessings: valuing the blood of Jesus
  7. Value the person of Jesus and His finished work, and see God’s abundant blessings come upon your entire household
  8. Salvation prayer
  9. Closing prayer
  10. OWN THE WORD (life application)

Introduction: Say “yes” and “amen” to all of God’s promises

Every time we feed on God's Word, we are giving our spirits a feast and we get to experience great joy (Jer. 15:16). But God’s Word doesn’t stop there, it also ministers life and healing to all our flesh (Prov. 4:22)!

Pastor Prince shares a testimony from a lady, who after hearing about the theme of the year being Rest and Acceleration, trusted God for her newly-renovated apartment to be rented out to a good tenant. Shortly after, she received news that her apartment was rented out even without the tenant coming to view the place in person. This is a simple testimony of rest and acceleration!

The theme of the year video is played on screen.

This is the Year of Rest and Acceleration! The way God wants us to experience this special theme for the year is by living one day at a time, being present, and living in the now for now is the time of God’s favor (2 Cor. 6:2).

God is not the God of the future or past, but He is our very present help in time of need (Ps. 46:1). When Lazarus died, Martha said to Jesus, “If You had been here, my brother would not have died” (John 11:21). She was implying that Jesus was too late. However, Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25), and raised Lazarus from the dead. As we live out every moment of this year, let’s be reminded that Jesus is always with us in the present and ready to help.

Pastor Prince shares a word of wisdom for those concerned about growing older. Here is a promise from God that was prophesied over the tribe of Asher: “as thy days, so shall thy strength be” (Deut. 33:25 KJV). You can claim this same promise, for all the promises of God are yes and amen (2 Cor. 1:20)!

Naturally, our physical appearance and strength decline as we advance in age. However, God’s Word promises us that we shall experience the opposite—as our days progress, we shall have increased strength. What is impossible with man is possible with God (Luke 18:27).

We see this in the life of Caleb, who at the age of eighty-five, declared that he was physically strong and ready to claim the land that God had promised the Israelites (Josh. 14:11). In contrast, when the angel Gabriel appeared to Zacharias and prophesied that his wife, Elizabeth, would bear a child, he did not believe Gabriel’s words and became mute till the birth of their child (Luke 1:20). However, when Gabriel appeared to Mary and prophesied that she would carry Jesus in her womb, she believed the Word of God (Luke 1:38).

Whatever you say “amen” to will happen because you are proclaiming, “so shall it be” in your life. God’s promises are all yours to believe and receive!

“. . . These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness”
— Revelation 3:14 NKJV

Amen” — The word “Amen” in this verse is referring to the person of Jesus Himself.

By saying “amen,” we are expressing our faith. We can see this in the life of Abraham:

“And he believed (‘aman’) in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness.”
— Genesis 15:6 KJV

believed (‘aman’)” — The Hebrew word for “believed” is “aman.” The Hebrew word for “faith,” which is “emunah,” originates from “aman.” In this verse, Abraham was saying “amen” to the Lord’s promise of children, and this was a declaration of faith.

For all the promises of God you read in the Old or New Testament, you claim them by faith by saying, “Amen!”

Give Jesus center place in your family relationships and see restoration abound

“In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches (‘perez’) thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old.”
— Amos 9:11 KJV

breaches (‘perez’)” — The word “perez” in Hebrew means “breach.”

God calls Mount Zion His resting place (Ps. 132:14), and spoke of His love for that place (Ps. 78:68). David had a desire to bring the ark from a place where it was neglected and dishonored to the centrality of the heart of Israel—Mount Zion, the place of grace.

When David was a young man, he dreamed of bringing the ark to the center place of God’s people (Ps. 132:6), while King Saul who was in authority at that time had no interest in the ark at all.

Among all the furniture in the tabernacle, the ark of the covenant is the clearest representation of the person of Jesus and His presence. For example, when the ark is deconstructed and laid out flat, it forms the shape of a cross (a video of this illustration is shown on screen). The ark is also made of durable acacia wood, which speaks of Jesus’ incorruptible humanity. It is overlaid with gold, which represents His deity. Jesus is the God-man, completely God and completely man.

Today at the Father’s right hand, we have a perfect and glorified man representing us. As long as Jesus is there making intercession for us, we get to enjoy the blessings that He deserves.

It’s not about how good we are but about how good our representative is—and our representative is our Lord Jesus who is perfect in every way. As He is, so are we in this world (1 John 4:17).

David’s desire to bring the ark to Mount Zion is a message to the church today: bring Jesus back to the center of our lives (e.g. our marriage, parenting, career, ministry, etc.).

When Jesus is in the center of your life, everything works out for your good.

God has ordained Jesus to be the center of everything. One day, the whole world will see that He is the you shall not put the lord your god to the test and Lord of lords, reigning from Mount Zion, where all things revolve around Him.

Many times in the Bible, we read about Jesus being “in the midst” of people (Matt. 18:20, John 19:18, Luke 24:36, Rev. 5:6). And we know that where Jesus is, there is life (1 John 5:12)!

In the area of marriage, it’s not about husbands loving their wives with their own strength, but loving their wives “as Christ loved the church” (Eph. 5:25). And wives are called by God to submit themselves to their husbands “as unto the Lord” (Eph. 5:22). If there is strife or a breakdown in your marriage, God doesn’t want you to recover your marriage by trying to be nice or loving, for your human effort is limited and only produces the opposite results you desire. Focus on Jesus, and that’s when restoration begins. When you realize how much Jesus loves you and are freshly filled with His love, your spouse will be the beneficiary.

Everything good is based on the centrality of Christ. Restoration of broken things starts when you put Him back at the center.

When it comes to putting Jesus at the center of our parenting, we do this by putting our faith in the Lord instead of trying to change our children with the law. This doesn’t mean we should not discipline them or guide them along the right path. It just means that instead of using words of demand on them, we can correct our children with words that bring supply. Instead of saying, “You should do this . . . you should do that . . .” which brings stress and pressure, say things like, “I believe you will do well for this exam. I believe you will have a heart to study. I believe you will glorify Jesus in your studies. I believe you will know the right time to study and the right time to play games.”

As you supply them with grace-filled, Jesus-centered words, believe that God will transform your children and cause them to want to do the right thing.

This year, God wants to repair the first breach, which is in the area of family blessings.

Follow God’s ways and see His blessings and favor follow after you

When David became king, he went to bring the ark from Kirjath Jearim to Jerusalem (Mount Zion), which he had desired to do for many years. While he had the right motive, he went about achieving it using the ways of the world. Though he had the power, resources, and manpower, he disobeyed God by thinking and acting like the world.

David followed the way the Philistines transported the ark back to Jerusalem after they had stolen it. The Philistines are a picture of the world; they did not know God’s ways. When the ark brought great destruction to many Philistine cities when it was passed around, the Philistines decided to send it back to Israel. Not knowing the proper order of how to transport the ark, they put the ark on a cart driven by two milk cows (in this way, the Philistines tested the ark: if the milk cows headed to the nearest Israeli city, Beth Shemesh, instead of following their natural instinct to stay with their calves, then the Philistines would know that it was the ark that brought about their destruction). The milk cows headed straight for Beth Shemesh (1 Sam. 6:11–12).

When it came to how to transport or treat the ark, the Philistines didn’t know better. But the Israelites should have known God’s ways, especially the people of Beth Shemesh (a Levitical city). However, the men of Beth Shemesh also did not follow the ordinances surrounding the ark, and they opened the ark and looked in at the law and the other symbols of man’s rebellion. As a result, they were struck dead (1 Sam. 6:19). No man can look at the law and remain alive. That is why God ordained for the law to be put under the mercy seat inside the ark and for the blood of the animal sacrifice to be applied on the mercy seat, covering the symbols of man’s sin underneath it.

Many believers today are committing the sin of Beth Shemesh by trying to justify themselves by the law. When you try to justify yourself by the law (e.g. you believe you will be blessed by God based on how well you keep the law), you have fallen from grace (Gal. 5:4). Grace is higher than the law, for the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (John 1:17).

“Then the anger of the LORD was aroused against Uzza, and He struck him because he put his hand to the ark; and he died there before God.”
— 1 Chronicles 13:10 NKJV

Uzza” — Every name in the Bible carries meaning, and “Uzza” means “power, man’s strength.”

“. . . Uzzah reached out his hand to steady the ark, because the oxen stumbled.”
— 1 Chronicles 13:9 NIV

the oxen stumbled” — The reason the oxen stumbled was that David had copied the ways of the world. God allowed the Philistines to move the ark on the oxen cart and none of them died because they weren’t God’s people and didn’t know any better. But God’s people should have known better—they should have known to honor the Lord by carrying the ark on their shoulders instead of moving it on the oxen cart. When Uzza (“man’s strength”) stretched his hand out to steady the ark, he died. This is a picture of how when we follow the ways of the world and trust in our own strength, the result is death.

Let us follow after God’s ways, and we will see His blessings and favor follow after us.

It is by grace, not by effort, that you receive breakthroughs and win in life

An example of how we trust in our own strength is by trying to keep the law to earn God’s blessings, to achieve our breakthroughs, or to overcome sinful habits.

The Bible tells us that sin shall not have dominion over us because we are not under the law but under grace (Rom. 6:14). God’s way is for us to trust His grace, not our own effort, strength, or willpower.

In fact, the more the law is preached, the worse sin gets because by the law is the knowledge of sin (Rom. 3:20). The more we try to keep the law, the more our sinful nature is aroused. Even those who look like they are keeping the law definitely have private struggles in their lives.

Grace is God’s unmerited, unearned, and undeserved favor. That’s why we qualify to receive God’s grace, and you only need to believe it in order to start walking in it!

The effect of God’s grace is amazing because we’ll see results we never thought possible. When you keep being conscious that by God’s unmerited, unearned, and undeserved favor, Jesus Christ took your place and died for your sins on the cross, and you have taken His place as the righteousness of God in Christ, you will start to see bad habits drop off. Sin will not have dominion over you. When you believe that by grace, you have this righteous identity in Christ, you will start walking in practical holiness. You will also develop a closer relationship with God because you know there is nothing separating you from Him. And the desire to change for years will suddenly become so easy through His grace.

Sin doesn’t stop revival from happening, rather, revival happens in the midst of sin (Rom. 5:20). Revival is only stopped when man’s effort comes in, when man tries to control the move of God with their own ways, bringing in their own laws.

Notice that everywhere Jesus went, sinners who touched Jesus were miraculously healed. But the Pharisees, who reckoned themselves righteous through the law and their own works, could not receive those miracles even though Jesus’ power was there for them too.

It’s our “Uzzah”—our self-effort—that stops us from receiving all that God has for us, not our sins. When you activate your strength, the result is sin. Before God gave Israel the Ten Commandments, the Israelites confidently said they would fulfill all the commandments the Lord would give them (Exod. 19:8). But the moment they came under the law, they broke the first commandment by making a golden calf to worship. It’s not that the Israelites weren’t sincere, but they didn’t realize how sinful they were in their flesh.

The law was given to show us that the law is holy, but it cannot make you holy. The law is righteous, but it cannot make you righteous. It was designed to reveal your sin. That’s why the strength of sin is the law (1 Cor. 15:56).

In Acts 15, during the time of the early church when the first Gentiles were saved, the Jewish believers gathered to discuss whether they needed to keep the law of Moses now that they were saved. Peter, whom God had used to preach to the Gentiles, stood up and said:

“Now therefore, why do you test God by putting a yoke on the neck of the disciples which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear?”
— Acts 15:10 NKJV

a yoke . . . which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear” — This yolk is referring to the law of Moses, which the Jewish forefathers were unable to keep.

James, who was pastoring the Jerusalem church at that time, agreed with Peter that the Gentiles should not be made to keep the law, for it is in line with what God said through Amos. James quoted Amos 9:11, in which Amos prophesied that God would raise the tabernacle of David in the last days, and the rest of mankind would seek the Lord, and souls would be saved (Acts 15:17).

Gentile believers (non-Jewish believers) are a fulfillment of Amos 9:11. The Tabernacle of David being rebuilt has got to do with us. God promises to repair all the ruins and broken areas.

“. . . that place is called Perez Uzza (breach of man’s strength) to this day.”
— 1 Chronicles 13:11 NKJV

Perez Uzza (breach of man’s strength)” — “Perez Uzza” refers to the point where something was broken because something destructive (man’s strength) came in and brought death.

This year, the Lord promises to repair all the perez (breaches) in your life. And the first area in your life where you may have breaches (broken parts) in that He wants to restore is your family.

Rest in the Lord’s love for you and depend on His supply for everything you need

When Uzzah died while transporting the ark, David didn’t ask God what went wrong. Instead of seeking the Lord and humbling himself to ask God where he missed the mark, David had a servile (slavish) fear of God. This type of fear brings bondage, and it is not the “fear of God” that God wants us to have. We are sons and daughters who have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but have received the Spirit of sonship through Jesus (Rom. 8:15).

True fear of the Lord is having a desire to please someone whom we know loves us. It is similar to the feeling a child has toward his loving parents. We are not like slaves who don’t want to displease their master in fear of being punished. But we are children who are deeply loved by our Father, and that is why we want to please Him. The fear of the Lord prolongs our days (Prov. 10:27). Jesus defined the fear of the Lord in Deuteronomy 6:13 as worship (Matt. 4:10).

Instead of seeking the Lord about what caused Uzzah’s death, David became fearful and temporarily put the ark in Obed-Edom’s house, which was likely nearby.

When the ark was in Obed-Edom’s house, the Lord blessed all that Obed-Edom had (1 Chron. 13:14), and it was so evident that everyone around him saw the Lord’s blessings on his household (2 Sam. 6:11). From here we can see that the first area of restoration that happened after the first breach (the death of Uzzah) is in the area of family life.

The first thing that God wants to do is to bless your household. The whole time David was afraid of God, Obed-Edom was being greatly blessed.

God wants to be good to us. We receive His blessings when we believe in His mercy, goodness, and love for us.

While God is holy, His holiness calls for us to realize we cannot meet His standard of holiness, but we can depend on His grace to deliver us, save us, and supply everything we need!

The secret of Obed-Edom’s family blessings: valuing the blood of Jesus

When Pastor Prince first studied the life of Obed-Edom in 2003, he found that Josephus, a Jewish historian who lived during the time of Jesus, described the blessings of Obed-Edom like this: When Obed-Edom first brought the ark into his house, he was a poor man. But the Lord began to prosper and enlarge him and his territories and bless him with every blessing.

“The ark of God remained with the family of Obed-Edom in his house three months. And the LORD blessed the house of Obed-Edom and all that he had.”
— 1 Chronicles 13:14 NKJV

“The ark of the LORD remained in the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite three months. And the LORD blessed Obed-Edom and all his household.”
— 2 Samuel 6:11 NKJV

all that he had . . . all his household” — There are two accounts of the ark in Obed-Edom’s house, and both accounts speak of the abundant blessings that came upon all that Obed-Edom had. Josephus also mentioned that Obed-Edom was so blessed that his neighbors envied him.

“Now it was told King David, saying, ‘The LORD has blessed the house of Obed-Edom and all that belongs to him, because of the ark of God.’ So David went and brought up the ark of God from the house of Obed-Edom to the City of David with gladness.”
— 2 Samuel 6:12 NKJV

The LORD has blessed the house of Obed-Edom and all that belongs to him, because of the ark of God” — The ark of God was the secret of Obed-Edom’s blessings.

Let’s look at the meaning of Obed-Edom’s name:

  • “Obed” means “servant.”
  • “Edom” means “red.”
  • “Edom” comes from the root word “dam,” which means “blood” (that’s why the name “Adam” means “red-blooded man”). So we can read Obed-Edom’s name to mean “servant of the blood.”

Obed-Edom was a man who understood the importance of the blood on the mercy seat. It is likely that while the ark was in his house, he gave burnt offerings to the Lord, and the Lord blessed Obed-Edom so that he could give more burnt offerings unto Him.

Because of the ark, Obed-Edom saw blessings everywhere in his family, on his crops, and everyone felt peace and joy in his house. When David came to retrieve the ark from Obed-Edom’s house, Obed-Edom knew that the reason he was so blessed was the ark.

Learn to value the blood of Jesus because it is the reason we can receive every good thing.

In ancient Israel, every year on the Day of Atonement, the high priest would sprinkle blood from the animal sacrifice on the mercy seat. Because of the blood on the mercy seat, all of Israel could expect blessings on their households and victory over their enemies to go on for another year. This is because the innocent blood on the mercy seat covered their sins. God saw the blood and not their sins. However, back then, the people had to offer sacrifices to renew their sanctification yearly. Today, because Jesus is the perfect offering, we have been sanctified through His sacrifice once and for all (Heb. 10:10)!

Without Jesus’ shed blood, there is no remission of sins (Heb. 9:22). We are justified and sanctified by His blood alone (Rom. 5:9, Heb. 13:12). It’s because of His blood that we are brought near to God (Heb. 10:22).

When Jesus took the cup of the Communion and said to His disciples, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me” (1 Cor. 11:25–26), He was showing us the importance of valuing His blood.

A practical way we value Jesus’ blood is by partaking of the Lord’s Supper.

During the first Passover, God instructed the Israelites to apply the lamb’s blood on their lintel and doorposts. When the Angel of Death came, the blood on their doorposts was what protected them from harm (Exod. 12:13).

It’s not any of our good works, good character, or good family names that save or protect us. It’s Jesus' blood alone that justifies, heals, protects, and sanctifies us. The more you esteem His blood, the more faith you’ll have in the Lord.

As a “servant of the blood,” Obed-Edom likely offered the blood of the sacrifice, and that’s why he stood in the place of a righteous man. God saw Obed-Edom in the righteousness of His Son. God blessed Obed-Edom just like how He would treat Jesus, His beloved Son. Today, we are in Christ Jesus, and we have His righteousness.

Jesus has already taken our place at the cross. All the bad we deserved, He took at the cross, and all the good He deserves, we get to enjoy today.

Some people think it is because of praise and worship that brought God’s blessing. But there was praise and worship before Uzzah died, and Uzzah still died.

The difference between life and death, the difference between blessings and curses, is the blood shed to cover sins.

This is what David did after he took the ark from Obed-Edom’s house:

“And so it was, when those bearing the ark of the LORD had gone six paces, that he sacrificed oxen and fatted sheep.”
— 2 Samuel 6:13 NKJV

he sacrificed oxen and fatted sheep” — For the first time in the journey of bringing the ark to Jerusalem, David sacrificed oxen and sheep. And every six paces, he offered another burnt offering unto the Lord. David knew the importance of the blood sacrifice since he was young (Lev. 17:11), but he likely only realized what was missing after learning from Obed-Edom. Sometimes, God uses the blessings on someone else to lead those who are backslidden back to him. May your family life be such a testimony that leads others back to the Lord and His grace.

Value the person of Jesus and His finished work, and see God’s abundant blessings come upon your entire household

Obed-Edom was a Gittite (1 Chron. 13:13), and “Gittite” means “belonging to the city of Gath.” Gath was one of the Philistine cities (where Goliath was from). This means that Obed-Edom was a Philistine from Gath.

Obed-Edom being a Gittite (Gentile, non-Jew) fulfills Amos’ prophecy, where the rebuilding of the Tabernacle of David will cause the Gentiles to come in (Amos 9:12). While Obed-Edom was probably not aware of God’s laws, he valued the ark and knew the importance of the shed blood, which was passed down from generation to generation from the time of the garden of Eden (it was God Himself who first shed the blood of an innocent animal to cover the sins of Adam and Eve). Obed-Edom is a picture of believers who are conscious of Jesus’ finished work and shed blood.

Before we see God’s blessings in our lives, we need to have an appreciation of what Jesus’ blood has done for us.

Obed-Edom was not sin-conscious, but Jesus-conscious. Whatever sin he had, he knew that the blood would take care of it, and that’s how the blessings of God came upon him and his family. Ultimately, Obed-Edom decided to follow the ark and eventually became the doorkeeper of the Tabernacle of David (1 Chron. 16:38).

Because Obed-Edom valued the ark (a picture of the person of Jesus), God blessed him with many sons that were of men of great ability (1 Chron. 26:4–6) and able men with strength for the work (1 Chron. 26:8).

When you are Jesus-conscious, your children will grow up blessed.

“The sons of Shemaiah were . . . able (‘chayil’) men.”
— 1 Chronicles 26:7 NKJV

able (‘chayil’) men” — The Hebrew word for “able” is “chayil,” which means “virtuous” and is the same Hebrew word used in Proverbs 31 to describe a virtuous woman (Prov. 31:10). Not only that, but “chayil” is also a picture of wealth.

“And you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you power (‘koach’) to get wealth (‘chayil’).”
— Deuteronomy 8:18 NKJV

wealth (‘chayil’)” — The Hebrew word, “chayil” is translated many times in the Bible for “wealth.” So not only will you and your children have moral strength, but you will also have wealth! We are not meant to love money, chase after it, and be ruled by it. But when we chase after Jesus, money will chase after us and we will be able to be a blessing to others.

This year, may these family blessings manifest so evidently in your family’s lives that people will talk about it. People talking about God’s blessings in your life is another way of spreading the good news so that others will be drawn to the God you serve.

Pastor Prince prays for people with these conditions/areas:

  • Bad news from the doctor regarding your stomach (intestine area)
  • Pain in the right shoulder/upper arm area
  • Growth under the neck area
  • Nerve in the right eye that is moving involuntarily
  • Restoration of a large sum of money that you’ve been cheated out of
  • Child being diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Concern over significant hair loss

Pastor Prince closes the service by emphasizing that God is repairing, restoring, recovering, and rebuilding all the breaches, especially in the area of family life. This is a promise for every household. Because we have Jesus’ blood, we will receive even greater blessings than those of Obed-Edom and David!

Salvation prayer

“Heavenly Father, I thank You for Jesus Christ, Your beloved Son. I receive Him. I accept Him into my life as my Savior, as my Lord, as my King. Thank You, Father God, that You raised Jesus from the dead. And I thank You, Father God, that Jesus Christ is my Lord, now and forever. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Closing prayer

“The Lord bless you and your families. Let the blessings that were on Obed-Edom and his household be upon you and your houses, upon your families, upon your little ones. And in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may that blessing be so manifested that people would talk about it, that you're someone to be envied, that they will desire the God that you serve—that wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ—that they will hunger after Him.

This coming week, may the blessings of God begin to manifest in an accelerated way, in the name of Jesus. And this coming week, the Lord grant to you and yours His wonderful shalom, wholeness, peace, and tranquility to lead and govern your lives. Amen. All is well this week for you and yours, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you.”

OWN THE WORD (life application)

In this year of Rest and Acceleration, God wants to accelerate His restoration in your family life.

As Pastor Prince shared in this sermon, the secret of Obed-Edom’s family blessings is that he valued the ark of the covenant (a picture of the person of Jesus) and he valued the blood that covers sin.

Friend, you do not need to use your own effort or willpower to see things change in your family life. You can see restoration simply by putting Jesus at the center of your family life and relationships and by being conscious of His blood that has removed your sins—making you righteous and deserving of all God’s blessings.

Whether you are hoping for a turnaround in your marriage, restoration in the lives of your children, or provision for your household, allow the Lord to supply you with all you need as you simply practice these two things:

  1. Focus on Jesus and His love for you. When you feel discouraged about your family situation and your first thought is, “What can I do to fix this?”, turn your eyes to the Lord instead. Don’t respond emotionally but take time to be with the Lord, receive His grace, and enjoy His love for you. When you realize how much Jesus loves you and you are freshly filled with His love, that love will flow into your family relationships, and your spouse and children will be the beneficiaries.
  2. Partake of the Communion often—discern the Lord’s body broken for you and His blood shed for the forgiveness of your sins. His blood has made you righteous. As you value the blood of Jesus, as you see your sins removed by His blood and see yourself righteous in Christ, your sinful habits will fall away. The things you can’t change about yourself with your own effort will fall away. The things that are eating away at the joy in your family relationships will end, and restoration will begin!

We hope these sermon notes blessed you! If they did, we encourage you to get the sermon and allow the Lord to speak to you personally as you watch or listen to it.

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have a great appreciation for our lord jesus

and get answered prayers in your life

i i'm gonna attempt by the grace of god to destroy every erroneous thinking in your mind

especially in the area of prayer

you know the church has suffered so much from prayerlessness

let alone have people in the church

in the christendom telling people all right well

the reason they gotta answer your prayer is because of this

and put so many burdens and

obstacles along the way that people just give up praying

because if god is gonna find fault with me when i pray

how can i get my prayer answered

might as well not pray so people have different different ideas you know

you also remember when i preach a message called why pray

why pray if god is all-knowing

why pray if god is all-knowing right and

the thing is this this kind of reasoning

this kind of wrong thinking wrong believing will cause you not to pray

because you say god knows all my needs anyway

in matthew 6 in the sermon on the mount jesus talked on prayer over here

he says therefore do not be like the gentiles people do not know god

for your father knows the things you have need of before you ask him

so because of this reasoning people say look my father knows god knows all my needs before i ask him

so why pray and

yet the next verse says in this manner therefore pray

because the father knows your needs in this manner therefore

he didn't say in this manner therefore don't pray or

he didn't say because of this don't pray

on the contrary he says because your father knows your needs before you ask him now ask

so that is right believing but

wrong believing in saying god knows all my needs anyway

you want to help me or help me

you must understand all right

if this was still the garden of eden and we are in paradise

you know on on earth and

that's what god's heart was for man

a garden where there is no sickness

no disease no death no one grows old

everyone has more than enough for their own needs and

families would grow in this beautiful garden

there'll be no hatred no murder no wars no strife

there'll be no jealousy because everyone will have everything

they want and more left over amen but

adam committed heights reason

now you say that well god could have stopped adam

i told you before if god made adam a robot

the world will still be a garden

there'll be no sin but

god didn't create robots

god made man in his image with a free choice now

if man is about to choose something evil and

god used his power to stop that

then god is playing around with man's free choice

so free choice for free choice

to be free choice God has to let man be and

not influence him in any way with His power and

that's why you must always remember

you can pray for someone to be your girlfriend or your boyfriend all right

to marry someone if that person's free choice comes into play

you can pray for someone to be safe yes you can pray and

your prayer will cause the right persuasive evangelists that the person can respond to

to come along his way he will hear something see something that

God knows his personality type what type that he likes to maybe he's a reader maybe he's a he's a listener whatever this

God will bring those circumstances

they'll be favorable for him to accept Christ but God

your prayers cannot cannot make God force that person to receive Christ or else

God will have forced adam not to take up that fruit all right

don't forget god gave the entire garden

everything good for men except for one tree and

that's the tree that man wanted

because satan came in and and

the same story today he will point to you one thing

he'll tell you that you don't have

he always point to you something you don't have

he doesn't remind you to count your blessings

I'm telling you you have so many things

now the fact you can come here today be alive and

let everyone that have breath praise the Lord all right

but you're thinking of something else amen

some young one might think of i don't have the latest you know psp or xbox or something like that on the next next better game and

they're unhappy with their parents or something or whatever we always

the adults are not happy about someone

my spouse did this today all right

don't hold on to it all the time

there are many good things about your spouse

count their many blessings

count their many good points amen church

so jesus didn't say because your father knows what you need don't pray

he says because your father knows pray

because we are in a fallen world and

because of our choice

in other words God says I have all these blessings right now

I'm about to bring into your life favor wisdom amen um

health wholeness amen but

I need something from your side what is it you must consent

you must agree for me to bless you

I cannot bless you beyond your free will

I cannot bless you beyond your violation

do you want this blessing

prayer is nothing more than an open heart

open mind open life open hands remember

this you bring nothing to God

we are all empty

God the source brings all his blessings and gifts into your life amen so

prayer is just an expression of here is my open hand

God cannot bless someone no matter how sincere the person is

it has a close mind close heart close hands and saying things like

if God want to bless me God bless me

God cannot do that

if He can force His way I mean

He can make you float like a butterfly if he wants to all right

He can hang you over grand canyon and then drop you

aren't you glad I'm not god amen

God can do anything He wants

He's sovereign but

God respects laws and

God gave man choice

so man must now express in this fallen earth all right

the bible tells us that all have sinned and

come short of the glory of God you cannot just say I choose sin but I don't choose the consequence

I choose to put my finger in the fire but I choose not to be burned

you cannot have that

when you choose sin you choose the consequence

God cannot do anything about it but to let the consequence flow but

God sent his Son without anyone asking

God sent the greatest gift of all

His own son because

god loved us amen

to take on so jesus will take on himself

all the consequences of all that we have done as well as

our sins become liable all right

as our substitute suffer under god's heavy judgment for our sins

he who did no sin became sin now that's god's initiative are you listening people

now even after jesus finished everything

he bought our diseases not only our sins he bought our diseases does that mean we walk in health

we must still consent with what jesus did

we must concern with the it is finished because

even after we become christians his children we still have a choice

we can choose to hold a grudge or we can choose to let go

even right now

you're not forced or compelled to just sit this service throughout

you can at any time step up walked out amen

you have a free choice

i got no power over your free choice and

you know something god will not not that he has not

he will not exert any power over your free choice

you must say father i consent to be blessed and

that's why amen is an expression of so be it

it's a prayer

it's the shortest prayer i know amen

which means if you hear the word of god being preached

you see our man got his angel that one wants

that lady wants it all right pour it on her

another one say amen all right angel this one wants it pour it on him

so the thing is that do you want it

if you want it you got to show god that you want it

open mouth open hands that's prayer

in 3 john 2 we saw this last week

john by now is an aged man

the man who leaned on jesus bosom when he was a teenager

one of jesus 12 disciples

the one that's called the disciple whom jesus loved all right

here he is an ancient man

he's one of those longest living disciples

he never was martyred

by the way he just died in old age

just went on to be with jesus

so as an ancient man he wrote the episodes of john all right

he wrote the gospel of john as well you all know that

but these are the episodes first john ii and third john

in third john all right he said his brink you can say that

the final one is the book of revelation

but at this point in time he knows what is god's will

he knows all right

because there are many voices in christendom

some people say you know it's not right for you to pray for prosperity

it's not right

john who is aged by now

who has walked with jesus for so many years

who knew the lord's heart because he leaned his year on the heart of jesus

he knew the ulrim and the tomin

the lights and perfections and

this is what he said beloved

he's calling us his right is talking to only believers not those in the world

beloved i pray that you may prosper in all things

not only that and be in health just as your soul prospers

now the ones that he's writing to are their souls prospering already yes

just as your soul prospers is present tense which means their souls are already prospering

now we have this notion don't have to pray as long your souls are prospering

you know you'll be healthy

you'll be prosperous yet john pray john prayed for those whose souls are prospering

that you'll be in health

he prayed that help will manifest

we know a lot of good people all right

who don't believe in healing

we know a lot of good people who don't believe in prosperity

but their souls are prospering because they love the lord their souls are prospering because

they read the bible more than you

they spend time with a lot more than you

their souls are prospering but they are not allowing health to manifest amen

so it's one thing for your souls to prosper

it is not automatic you gotta pray father caused me to prosper even as my soul prospers

cause me to be in health even as my soul prospers

can i pray that for you at the end

imagine their souls are already prospering yet he prayed

it's not automatic

he prayed that

i pray that you be in health just as your souls prosper

and notice health and prosperity in this one verse came from the lips of a man who knew the heartbeat of god

what does god wish for you above all things

it's not just i just want you to have spiritual things

disease in your body never mind endure it all right

after all one day you walk on streets of gold

it's not just for the here you know

in the in the sweet by and by okay one day in heaven the sweet vine

by it's for the sour now and now amen

doesn't have to remain sour pray

pray for your children

the pastor how long do i keep on praying

keep on praying

now why why keep on praying

why keep on praying

because there is an enemy

like i said if it's garden of eden and there's no enemy

there's no need to keep on praying

in fact you hardly have to pray you just think and and

god answers

but don't forget if we're in a fallen world

we need to show god our open hands and

that comes by prayer

even when jesus was here as a man

he would rise up early in the morning and

he would pray

if the son of god prays how much more you and i

the bible says you have not because you ask not

therefore you fight

therefore you are jealous

you are envy

you lust and

you cannot have

james chapter four

it says you lost

you covered because you cannot have and

then you you assassinate people's character

you say bad things and

all that because you are jealous of what they have and

then the bible says you have not because you ask not

if our marriage is no longer satisfactory to us we don't even want our spouse to know

talk to god talk to god

you know you never know how god will inspire changes in your spouse

pray pray if you're you think that your intimate intimacy in your marriage is not good enough ask god what can god do

do i never ask that never ask that it's a stupid question okay

let me take you by the hand go through the universe drop you then

you know what god can do you're afloat all right

let god be god a great theologian once said

i'm so glad there are things about god i cannot logic out

i need a god

i need to worship a god that cannot be confound confined by my logic

i'm glad i cannot understand god

there are some things i cannot understand god amen

because god is greater than my logic

he is greater than my intellect and

i'm glad i need to worship a god who is greater than my intellect

so here the the principle is this

the first thing i want to demolish in your mind is that if god knows about it why pray and

if my soul is prospering i'm attending church every sunday i'm listening to pastor prince sermons and

i'm reading his books and

all that my soul is prospering

yeah but sometimes there's a hindrance whatever it is but it's satanic

hindrance whatever it is pray

pray father in jesus name my soul is prospering thank you for that

now cause my health to prosper

cause me to prosper in all aspects of my life lord and

i pray for my children lord cause them to prosper a lot in jesus name

in their affairs of studies and

every other things that they do lord cause them to prosper

grant them wisdom lord

how often do i pray that pastor

pray and keep on praying it

the bible uses the word continue asking

jesus says in a seminal mound keep on asking

original great keep on asking and

you will receive keep on seeking and you are fine

keep on knocking the door will open

asking starts with a seeking

starts with s knocking starts with a k ask

you have not because you ask not

we look at the bible and the bible has many references all right

besides the fact that jesus prayed every day

rise up early in the morning

had a very busy day until late at night

in the evening people were still bringing those who were demon possessed and

those who were sick and

he healed them all

yet he would rise up early in the morning

priority number one he would pray

if jesus would pray all right how much more you and i

okay now i will come to another wrong thinking

we have apostle

prince are gonna pray long

we'll come to that okay you know what why don't we come to that now okay

it's interesting that jesus never condemned short prayers

but you have statement more than one statement in the bible where jesus actually condemned for a pretense he told the pharisees

you'll make long prayers so we have undocumented that he condemned pretentious long prayers

many a times the long prayers are done on your own

when you stand in public your prayers are very short

i can see disappointment in people sometimes when they meet me in the mall somewhere

upon supreme can you pray for me

i just touch my shoulder whatever whichever is decent a lady or a guy you know

and then you know i i because i believe in the laying on of hands all right

it must be appropriate and i'll pray a prayer

father in jesus name heal this person right now of this disease we smite this disease to its roots in jesus name

it's done amen

after that they're still down there

then i feel like you know they are disappointed

they look up there and there

they almost they don't say it but in their torso that's all

is that all

is that all

well the greatest prayers jesus prayed was at the tomb of lazarus and

he looked up before before lazarus was raised

he looked up his father

start counting one two okay

now father i thank you that you have heard me and that you hear me always

how long few seconds

then look into the tomb

lazarus comes off

by the way that is english

in hebrew aramaic is even shorter


one word okay

all the prayers of jesus are short

in fact the shorter we pray the bigger we make him

we're saying it's all you lord

people say thing you gotta pray oh this situation gotta pray hard gotta pray heart

i'm sorry man wow i tell you this one this time i spray hard

hey you better pray hard no

let me tell you this

you pray hard you pray soft it is not you okay

it is the one you are praying to and

of course now i've touched on some of the denominational people that

they come against prosperity or health or whatever all right now

i come to the to be fair charismatic people

there are charismatic people who have these thoughts that you gotta pray heart loud loud especially

be healed in jesus name you know it's coming out come out all seven of you in jesus name

now it's some of the most powerful prayers that i know of in my life that have healed people of diseases like cancer

and all that i pray soft

i'm not saying soft or soft is the thing no

it's not

i'm just telling you

he's the one amen

the one who loves us and

gave his life for us

the father who sent his son

he is the one that answers our prayers

so i understand the expression you say pray hard

i understand but i wonder whether you understand that is not your prayer

it is him amen amen

pray heart like they want to give birth

now there is a place

i understand spiritual warfare

i'm not my spiritual warfare here

i'm simply asking god which for the most part is our prayer okay amen

so the bible says jesus said in uh matthew 6 therefore do not be like them

we saw this

just now look at the context of this verses before this and

when you pray you shall not be like the hypocrites for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets

that they may be seen by men

assuredly jesus says i say to you they have their reward

but you when you pray go into your room and

when you have shut your door pray to your father who is in the secret place and

your father who sees in secret how will he reward you church

he will reward you also in secret

say shout it openly


and when you pray watch this and

when you pray do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do

don't use vain repetitions as the heathen do

for they think that they'll be heard for their many words

you know people have this idea that

there are many words finally will compel god


let me tell you this

god was compelled to give

to give us the greatest gift long before anybody ever asked him

to send his son okay and

that was the greatest gift

that was the greatest gift

greatest blessing

so you think for one moment that

god needs to be coaxed

you need to persuade

god huh nobody suffocated to god

to send his son

are you listening people

this amazing god okay now

it says here and when you pray

do not use vain repetitions for they think that they'll be heard for their many words

next verse therefore do not be like them

your father knows

so make your prayers simple

make it homely

you come to god

say father i need your help here

i do not know what's wrong with my child but

i know step back know his son

i know you love my boy more than i love my boy

i'm gonna lay my hands on him

i'm asking you father in jesus name heal him

heal him father and then

in jesus name don't

don't don't feel anymore his uh temperature whatever

just believe

it's done in jesus name

you can take his temperature later of course all right

you know but the thing is at the moment just thank god

look at god's heart and some

some parents do say things like you know

oh god you know i love my child so much

you know let me take his sickness

so the thing is that this is a form of self-righteousness

because there was one who took your child's sickness

instead of giving glory to him now you are saying you can take your son's sickness

by the way you make a lousy sacrifice

there is sin in your blood

the one who took your son's sickness has no sin tainting his blood

he's the only qualified one

so you know what

just tell the father it is paid for

tell the father what it is paid for

just because something is paid for it's not automatic

you got to pray

why because we are we we are in a place where god wants our free choice involved in this all right

another thing is that

we are in a place on earth

it's a place of conflict

satan hates us god loves us and

the arena of conflict with the powers of darkness is unearthed

god is not the one holding your answer back

if answer is not forthcoming perceive you in prayer

keep on asking god

but don't ask in a desperate way

as if god needs to be cooked

know that every obstruction every lack of manifestation all right

it's warfare going on keep on asking

because you know him can have a good amen church

do you remember the story of the children of israel during the time of uh king nebuchadnezzar

that came because for many many years what happened the king of judah began to worship idols and

god warned him rising early and

god sent prophet of the prophet and

god sent prophet jeremiah to the king of judah and

warned him about the dangers of of his hard-heartedness and worshipping of idols

and all that and finally god says enough is enough and

god sent the king of babylon which is nebuchadnezzar came into the land of israel and

took captive all the people of judah plus the king and

jeremiah prophesied

at the time jeremiah by the way is a young prophet

probably a teenager

one time god said to him don't say you're a youth

i've put my words in your mouth to plan and to uproot to build and to destroy

it is my words in your mouth and

not you not how or how young you are

all right that was prophet jeremiah and

prophet jeremiah prophesied that israel would a judge be taken to captivity for 70 years

well one of the captives that were taken captive he was a young boy at that time was a young man by the name of daniel

well daniel lived through many kings in captivity until the 70th year

daniel let's read daniel 9 in the first year of his reign darius

said this i daniel understood by the books now god didn't speak to him he was studying his bible

i mean one of the biggest ways god speak to you is through his word

that's the main way all right now

he was daniel was a prophet as well but god

god showed him by books the bible the

i understood by the books the number of the years specified by the word of the lord through jeremiah the prophet that god would accomplish 70 years in the desolations of jerusalem

you know which year was this now 70th year when he read jeremiah's when daniel read jeremiah's prophecy all right

it was the 70th year judah was in captivity so in other words what hallelujah it's a final year

we are going home right

but look at the next verse then daniel says i set my face towards the lord god to make requests by prayer and supplications with fasting sex love and ashes

in other words even though god promised the captivity is only for 70 years he didn't sit down at his rocking chair

and say god hey sarah sarah whatever will be will be no he prayed for it to happen


because god loves participation

god loves the hand that opens

and say god let it happen lord

let it happen amen

are you listening church

don't just say it's god's real one all right but

if there's a hindrance pray ask god for it yeah

there's some things that happen to us automatically

even those things that happened to us automatically somebody prayed for you

your grandmother prayed for you

your brother in christ was praying in tongues

praying in the spirit not knowing what he's praying but

he was praying for you everything that you and i received today

the fact that we are here

we are saved

we are listening to god's word amen

when the world don't even know how precious god's word is

god is imparting wisdom

it's because your eyes are open because

somebody prayed for you

it's a result when you are praying

you become literally you you in the realm of god where you can travel anywhere

you can be anywhere and you really become no more a natural earthbound person but

you become a person who can be praying here and influence circumstances and

individuals in china

you can be praying down here

going to fly there you can be influencing circumstances in turkey in india

you can be praying down here

in fact situations in america

amazing god takes your the wings of your prayer all right and

god sends the answers

are you with me okay now

he saw jeremiah's prophecy

by the way if you look at jeremiah's prophecy

this the book of jeremiah this whole land shall be a desolation and astonishment and

this nation shall serve the king of babylon 70 years

this is where daniel got it from okay

the next verse it will come to pass after 70 years

god says i'll punish the king of babylon

so he knows that the end is coming

yet he prayed

he prayed that what god said would happen

will happen not because it will not happen but

because he wants to be part of it open hands

are you with me so

why do we take communion every sunday

because there's a crazy spirit out there and

i mean it's a crazy spirit

if you can kill you in an instant he will kill you

that's how much he hates you

the fact that he cannot kill you just like that tells us about how protected we all are

we take communion to remember what our lord did

because communion is actually like in the heavenly courts is is

is evidence and disputable evidence that even though we don't deserve the healing in and of ourselves

it was paid for by the blood of god's son

so every time we partake we enforce it

because satan is a lawyer

but so is jesus the bible says it's an advocate for us so

these things are legal you got to fight for it

even though someone violates your your your rights and all that okay

doesn't mean you can sit down there and play dead

someone stole something from you

it's gone what do you do

you sit on them play day no

you enforce it you take your place as god's covenant child

you don't just cry you take your place

two nights ago my wife and i thought we're gonna spend some time with jessica so we took some time with her and

uh had a good time went to little india had to say

that's like a pancake guys pancake indian pancake curry all right so we ate it

and uh you know we had a good time together fellowshipping and

all that and after that we were going shopping together at mustafa not too far away okay

and jessica at that time opposite me she's now having this uh plastic retainers for her teeth all right

so every time she eats she has to remove it okay

so she remove it she put it in front on a piece of tissue and for some reason

i said do a double layer i said you know because she forgot to bring her casing all right

so i put a double layer of tissue all right it's more protected that way i told her so

she put another layer all right wrap it up nicely and

told her mom because she didn't bring her you know her the box and

she said can you keep this for me

the mom the tissue and everything put it in her hand back

at the end before we leave we made a mess of the table all right

so as our customers we don't like to leave things messy you know

you learn this in japan when you go to japan right so you did everything and just arranged nicely for them okay and

then we took all the tissues down there

somehow wendy was in autopilot because remember this all right this kind of scenario styling happened where jessica passed her the tissue

and she was talking talking and then she i guess

she threw the tissue so only after we left almost in mustafa some time has passed we were you

just realized where is it

she asked then mother looked for it

i'll look for it

they said oh no because it all looks at tissue paper most likely you know and and

that tulsa shop is a busy shop and right

now more than an hour has passed all right

it's even busier

so she was a little bit sad and and you know

i was walking with them and

i was thinking when this is uh i said

shall i go back

she says it's gone

you know for sure it's gone so i

i just felt something in my heart that uh i am not

it's like a voice telling me are you willing to let it go

it's more than an hour and

it's a restaurant in a restaurant they take things and throw into what big garbage

it's a dump dump garbage huge garbage

can i think it's inside there so

i took the the vehicle and i went down

i received a call from my wife halfway

darling come back like okay just be with us

you know just let it go

somehow in my heart i hear like i hear a voice are you willing to let it go

so along the way i prayed and

i told god father all right you said in your word the things which are impossible with men are possible with you

so right now it is an impossible with men to find it

i say even my wife says it's impossible all right i said

it so in the natural you tell anyone all right

they'll say it's impossible and

i'm telling you lord in the natural is impossible but

i'm your covenant child and

father i'm asking you restore that retainer

restore it father i don't know how

i depart the thoughts come how he's already gone

if you go by logic you never ask amen

you know our biggest problem is this one so i said i don't know how lord

i saw the big garbage can

i don't know how long and who's gonna help

you just because he's lost down there no one's gonna dig for you

so anyway i went down there quite some time and

by now it's about nearly two hours has gone and and

the whole place is nighttime now

the whole place is filled up with people and

i spoke to the guy who who served us earlier and

he says oh i'm sorry you just booked me real fast and because he was serving

and he had you know a lot of orders and

the whole place seems packed in the natural it looks bleak

i waited down there for a while then he came

he told one of the helpers the cleaner lady all right

to look into my case and she asked me what was it

i said that you know explained to her wrap up you know it's a wrap up in the tissue

say money she said no no no no

she was quite excited i said no i need to tell her the truth

i know that money might motivate her even more

everything you know but but she will not be able to feel it you know what i'm saying so i

i said uh um it's a plastic

you can feel it's wrapped up in tissue she open up church

god is my witness

by now a lot of junk already all right but

two hours or two hours plus have passed

the place is packed

it's friday night

we went in friday evening

we went friday evening nice friday night the whole place jam-packed

even when we were there it was quite packed

we had to look for a seat

she took one tissue on top

it's a huge garbage can and

i look inside curry everything the indian shop bro

this is an indian shop and

i thought that i i

i really got a dick

you know asking am i prepared to do that

you know then

she took the first one

she pressed it nothing

tissue do the second one press nothing

i said it cannot be on top because on top

is all those who just ate

you know whatever and

she took the third one she pressed she said something

then i took it from her

it was well wrapped okay and

i open up it was jessica's retainer

now wait wait wait

how in the world did something most likely it was somewhere in between

if i go by logic

thank god when i come when you ask god you cannot go by logic all right

how the whole thing flowed to the top

i don't know how come more than two hours

if you jam packed on friday night all right that thing can be on top i don't know

one thing i know is that god the things we qualify because the things which are impossible with men are possible with god

it's just possible if man god says okay you let men do it but

the things which are impossible with men are possible

because that's why i told god again and again while i was driving there and

i said i'm your covenant child i'm not willing to let this go but

god by now is somebody no i can go by logic but

now he's like no that one Marta told jesus by now he stings four days already

he did her brother lazarus so

we cannot go by logic when it comes to wonderful omnipotent all-powerful god who flung the galaxies into place

who loves us with infinite love and

i believe he loves it when we take our place so those times when i took my place

i'm showing you a testimony where i took my place all right and

this was only it's the freshest testimony i have for you so

i wash it thoroughly and

i'm so glad it was the only time i thought jessica wrap it twice

and another thing is that

i didn't have to dig

somebody ducked for me

you know i appreciated her for that imagine first touch second touch third touch what's the touch

i mean it's like wow it's like i'm still reeling from it

are you willing to sit down and let it go when you've been stolen from or

even is your mistake all right remember this about god

he's a good god all right and

one of the things you can ask god is wisdom all right

look at this if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of god

you do not know what to pray for this one prayer

god tells you if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of god

now some of you will never pray this prayer

because you know you got it i can see that some of you act like you've got it already all right

but this word us is constant all right present active imperative by the way that means it's imperative

god didn't say if you lack wisdom

it's up to you whether you ask

it's imperative if any of you like wisdom

let him ask of god

you see i'm this one prayer

i pray all the time some of you i know

you pray this prayer because you are praying this prayer every day because

we had a serious last time on wisdom and

i taught you to pray this prayer every time but

what has become sometimes i'm afraid is this

you pray a cliche prayer

father to give me favor

father and give me wisdom and

give my cheering wisdom in jesus name amen okay cover it

it's not that kind of like you know when i was driving there's

father i'm your covenant child

father the things that are impossible it's impossible with men now it's possible with you

all right they kind of in your heart is in it

it's not that kind of i just pray wisdom

you know i just cover everything ah everything cover it

it's not that kind of thing in the church

not asking for wisdom god has a wisdom for every situation

it doesn't come because someone has degrees to their name

someone has you know they they they they are they are ceos or this of various companies

wisdom doesn't come by experience

wisdom doesn't come by accumulation of knowledge

pharaoh dreamed the dream

pharaoh had the knowledge of the dream but

joseph had the wisdom to interpret the dream

and i'm telling you

it's amazing when you ask for wisdom god makes you see what you need to see

we are inundated in this world today with myriads of information

and you know that's why you never prepare your sermon through the internet

you got to go by the old time way sit on the chair the open bible and ask god to speak to you

if you try to see what other people are preaching and that kind of thing and all that is one of the coldest

and and and and

a legalistic way to prepare a message

now you can get information here and there all right nothing wrong with that but

you don't prepare through it

there are myriads of information out there a lot of it but

you know what god will cost you to see

he will cause you to see what you need to see amen

experience is not wisdom

the lord giveth wisdom amen

there are all people holding grudges until now

just growing old does not make you wise

getting knocked in the same area for many many years ought to say hey something wrong with this area all right

but growing old does not make you wise

wisdom comes from god

so if any of you like wisdom let him what ask of god

let him what ask god

not your pastor us

let him ask of god that who gives to all liberally

and without reproach

and it will be given to him now liberally without reproach

liberally without reproach

i want to give you real quick okay i i think i don't use the present all that kind of thing in the greek anymore

just tell you what the greek says real quick here

it says god who gives to all liberally

the word gives this present active participle which means constantly giving

god is constantly giving

i'm telling you god is giving more than you are receiving

many of us just sort of wasted in our lives because we have no open hands

we are busy trying to perform with our stress

and our our straining

and our greater teeth to accomplish the very thing that god is giving for free

okay so god is constantly giving

you must have the picture of god when you come to god

it's not like god is his hands are folded and says try try

try harder no that's not god

god doesn't have to be persuaded okay

he gives constantly to all

how does he give liberally

god is a liberal god

i'm telling you god is a liberal god

you know that are you listening i said god is liberal

and the word without reproach

he gives to all constantly

and it gives liberally and without reproach

this is one word in the greek without reproach

is reproach there's one word in the greek

that means without fault finding

and by the way without reproach here in the in the greek is also present active participle which means constantly not false finding

god is a god that constantly gives

and gives liberally and constantly never finds fault

is that the god that you have in your mind

is that the god that you grew up with

god is a god who constantly does not find fault

and we come to god this week i could just destroy this number one

we just destroyed the first one why pray all right all right

god knows everything why should i pray

number two all right if i pray longer i hear my prayer we will destroy that right

number three this third one is that well if i come to god know you as god knows me he can see a lot of his perfect eyes he can see a lot of faults in me

i'm telling you god constantly does not find fault with you

why because all your thoughts got imputed to jesus christ when he carried your sins at the cross

and all the goodness and merits and worthiness and righteousness of christ god imputes to your account

this is the gospel this is not religion this is the gospel amen

we'll close with one verse are you with me people are you learning yes all right

can i give two more two more two more all right

we'll do an experiment okay all right the first one is romans 8 verse 32

it's a verse that you can meditate and meditate and every time you meditate you will squeeze some heavenly nutrient and juice out of this verse

and he will bless you

i'm telling you church all right

to help you meditate real fast because we're only only about few minutes left

i'm going to give you real fast okay i'm going to meditate

but if you meditate this verse is not tara even after i give you you can still meditate on it until one day you just scream man

i'm telling you you are screaming because there's so much in this verse

look at this verse he who did not spare his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things

number one the first part he who did not spare his own son

who is the he the father he did not spare his own son

who is this son the son that he loves

twice the bible tells us god open up the river jordan and say this is my beloved son in whom i am well pleased

god said that when jesus was baptized

and then we have the highest place mount hermon when the father says this is my beloved son in whom i am pleased

hear him

jesus please the father like no other man ever did

because he lived as a man he pleased god as a man

though he is fully god

and the father says this is my beloved son who did god give up

who did god not spare so that we can be spared

the son that he loved

in hebrew 11. you know what god said to backsliding

is israel god calls him ephraim there god says how shall i give you up ephraim

because god loves ephraim god love israel

and he called israel by his one tribal name ephraim

there in hozier 11 god says how shall i give you up if right but

he gave up his son

he's the father all right change your image

wrong believing will give you wrong living

a wrong thinking will bring you to bondage

right believing will give you right living

and right results so believe right about god can you trust a god

who gave up the best heaven has

the son that he loved

he will not spare his heart the pain

don't forget there's nothing as sensitive as love

and god is love how he must have pain

god's heart to give up that son

and delivered him to what to what

to glory to fame no delivered him up to shame

and spitting persecution hatred and finally death for us all

can we trust this god then

he goes on to say how shall he not with him

don't forget with him is there with jesus also freely give us all things

how shall he not with him the holy spirit is arguing with you

his wisdom he wants you to see this divine logic

that will bring you to a place of robust faith

and have a right perspective of god

let's reason together the holy spirit is an amazing

uh a disputer he argues with you like this

he argues from the greater to the lesser if god gave us the greater gift how much more the lesser gives you

see pastor prince i want healing

why would god hold with whole healing from you

is healing greater than his son that he gave up for that he gave us give us his son no

if god withhold healing

healing is greater than jesus

no healing providence is all lesser

hey listen jesus is grace if god gave us the greater blessing of grace

how will he not give us the lesser blessing of providence of healing abundant life the good life

see you're worth god's son

that's how you're worked that god didn't want to let you go

because you're worth something stones you can just throw stones away all right

they are worthless but gold is not

you're not willing to part with

gold it falls into into garbage you still pick it up thank god

god spared me from that

you know but friend don't measure yourself by your looks

or by your money or

your income shaky foundation

and you become very small when you do that so actually god considers providence health family blessings

that's lesser everything must be lesser than that one great gift another thing all this if you meditate through you

you see the beauty of this verse

you can squeeze and squeeze

and it would be inexhaustible and it's no chance another thing was realized is this god gave that one great gift and

asked no one asked if god gave him the greatest gift and

asked how will he not give the lesser gifts for the asking amen

are you following the holy spirit's reasoning here number three

it cost god so much to give his son

we know it cost god

god is love is his own ly begotten son

it cost god so much it cost god so much for that one great gift

will he not give us the lesser gifts that cost him nothing

but only for the pleasure of giving it the other geese don't cost anything

i have one flower dies he makes another flower

fourth if when did god give us his son when the church was around worshiping him there was no church when god gave his son

when the whole world didn't even care

even the pharisees god's chosen people on earth did not welcome him

he was born in a manger when god gave us his son the bible says we were all enemies of god so think of this if god gave us that one great gift when we were enemies now that we are reconciled wow now that we are reconciled and have become like abraham friends of god how will he not give us the lesser gifts amen are you with me people yes can we squeeze some more look at the word freely the word freely tells us what the way god gives the man in which god gives it's without price it's without charge now if god was obliged to give he won't use the word freely if some of you deserve the gifts and the blessings god cannot use the word freely god will have to do it obligingly god will have to do it all right grudgingly but no god owes no one anything he's free to give whoever he wants to give amen and then how you receive it without price if you see but you must be obedient we all want to be obedient but it doesn't wait for you to be obedient because if obedience is the criteria it's no more freely all the people that came to jesus not even safe they got healed freely freely everyone is touching true power superman can never come close everyone got healed i'm telling you people power went out of him and healed them all freely freely now it does not say all right in the past tense how shall he not uh how can he not with him also free have given us freely all things let's tell you the past tense okay it does not say past tense it doesn't say um has he not has he not with him also freely given but stance doesn't say human right even though it's true god has given us everything when he gave us jesus but this is not what the verse is saying this verse is saying how shall say shall you know what shall present tense and future things from now on god gave us his son i'm telling you from now on how will he not present and in the future the forever and ever god will always show and manifest himself as the one great giver it gives us hope for now and the future it is not a past tense yes he has given us free even past tense yes yes but this is not this is what this verse is saying he's talking about the future whatever exigencies you might be faced with there's that thing okay two verses only all right two verses because you know why it's together look at this verse first chronicles four two verses okay are you ready say j bass say jay bass his name means pain what a name to name your son okay in those days when they give birth all right they will name the sun based on events that happen during that time or some significance in the family all right so obviously the mother bought him in pain he tells us that and jabez was more honorable than his brethren and his mother called him his name jabez in hebrew yabes which means pain saying because i bore him with sorrow or pain poor boy grew up being called hey pain should probably la hey guys i'm with pain look how guys pain is coming he was more honorable than his brethren there are people who tell us and are close with this you will find friends that will dispute this sermon because they come from backgrounds that tell you it's selfish to ask things for yourself how can you ask god to prosper you how can you ask god to protect you from evil evil is there some people get it some people don't you know it's like the draw in the casino no one knows christine's [ __ ] like that you never know you never know you never know health depends on your dna no more the lord christians are talking like that so they are saying you have no right and anyway those who pray only for themselves for their health for their prosperity for their family they are all selfish people is it true watch this this is the prayer jay best and the holy spirit deem it fit to record this down we'll close with this and jabez called on the god of israel saying oh that thou would have blessed me indeed can't harm me okay me i the personal pronoun oh that that word has blessed me indeed